it begins … (foreplay)

It begins.

It begins when the sunlight washes the sky in its light and chases away the nights darkness
We wake and you tell me our sex still echoes in your body

It begins when you walk your hand down my back
Talk in the language of finger tip touches.
Dialogue of silent words.

It begins when look into my eyes as get ready for work
slide into your clothes
Dress yourself with sensual allure

It begins when we kiss and you gently bite my bottom lip
Press your body hard against mine and pull me into you

It begins when you call
tell me that you’re wet
And hang up

It begins when you get home
We talk
You smile at me with your eyes
Share a silent bath
Bathe each other in kisses

It begins long before we sex
Before we begin to build up

It begins…

copyright Eroticnoire | twitter: @eroticnoire |

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