it begins … (foreplay)

It begins.

It begins when the sunlight washes the sky in its light and chases away the nights darkness
We wake and you tell me our sex still echoes in your body

It begins when you walk your hand down my back
Talk in the language of finger tip touches.
Dialogue of silent words. Continue reading


Ride me ..
Ride me in slow time motion
Take in my circumference
Let me slip the letter of my passion into your envelope
Stamp it and send you first class recorded delivery to PO Box O Continue reading

call me selfish

Call me selfish

Cause all I wanna do is please you
Have you feel the knot of tension fade away as we kiss
have you feel my tongue slow walk across bodylandscape
Wonder along the meadow of your neck
Ramble down your chest
Explore the rise and falling hills of your breast
Stroll across the flat planes of your stomach
Before it walks slowly down into the valley of your thighs Continue reading

late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room
The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by our bed
Moonlight silently cascades through our window
All is tranquil
Wrapped in sleeping spoon shapes
Human origami
We fold into each other
My chest against your back
Knees folded onto the hollow of yours
you stir
press your back against me
Crumbled sheets
A sea of white linen waves
Skin soft flint sparks the midnight flame of half awake passion
Body to body contact generates heat Continue reading

In that moment

In that moment of release

The pinnacle of tension

That point of internal explosion

Time stands still

I become paralyzed


Suffocated by confusion

Smothered in a think layer of submission

I am reduced to the one sensation of feeling

My brain is coloured in a spectrum of urgently violent passive surrender

I expel an ocean of sound

A rainstorm of thunderous frequency

Reduced to four letter expletive

And blasphemous praise

I spin



And become static all in one


Move me

Staccato co-ordination

I endure this each time

You make me cum

Let’s make music

I wanna hear u sing
Reach vocal high notes
Shatter glass
My groans
They will be soprano, tenor, alto

Sink into your jazz
Make jazz blue note sounds
Flow free
Make saxophone sound float down your legs

Slow dance inside you
Create vocal harmonies of pleasure sound
Sensual desires

Want you to ride me hard like drum and bass
A frantic tempo
Perspire lustful effort

Fuck me hard like soca
Move your waistline to energetic tempo
Create a carnival of pleasure

Moan gospel praises
Call out the Lord’s name
Be born again into a world of heavenly pleasures
Make angels envious

Let’s make music …

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You crawl onto the bed

Wearing nothing but desire

Look at me

Silent mouth

Vocal eyes

Place your head on the pillow

Hips still reaching for the ceiling Continue reading

she’s my number cum fan (voice notes)

so you can imagine my delight when i get a bbm from a fan today who says my work inspires her. i was cuffed and flattered as you can imagine. she said she was gonna send me a bbm voice note (vn) to show me how much she was inspired. I was smiling when i got her VM. I had to make it into a video clip … check the link below