Our lust is a rhetorical question
No need to ask if it exists
It would make more sense to ask if fire burns
We touch with eyes
Kiss through dialogue
Banter is how we slow dance
Flirt with philosophical debate
Jovial wit is the wine we sip on
32 teeth shine as we converse in silent words
Desire hangs in the air
Thick and sweet
We can taste it
Lick lips
Let the sticky sweetness of anticipation serenade our tongues
Urges fly supersonic
Break the sound barrier of want
We soar high
Stratospheric longing takes us out of this world
Gravity of self restraint does not apply in this space
We float in weightless longing
Innuendos cloaked in long gazes
Offered in close proximity
Neurons spark and crackle
Blood cells stampede through veins
Senses giggle
Craving longs to submit to the will power of unbridled passion
Erotic chess
We make moves
Strategic taunting
We are fluent in body language
Allow finger tips to float over each others form
Whisper to skin
But don’t touch
Embark on a silent war of restraint
We plot to break down the walls of each others self control
Coat ourselves with the amour of self discipline
Battle within
Battle with each other
A bitter-sweet conflict of tit for tat teasing
This confrontation is delicious torture
Delectable torment
Inducement of surrender is the game we play
Push boundaries of resistance
We shall see who will break
We shall see who will surrender and give in

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