The chronicles of DeeDee Walker: 1st March – tongueologist

The chronicles & thoughts of DeeDee Walker pt2: 1st March – tongueologist

TGIF … for some it means it means ‘thank God it’s Friday’ for others who are freakier it means ‘Tongue goes in first’. Me, I say yes to both … my phrase is: ‘TGIFTGIF’ (copyrights apply – so remember where you saw this first).

I do love a man that likes to use his tongue. I’m not talking bout the basic skills – you know, just stick his tongue and wiggle it. Nah, I’m talking that good tongue that makes you wet in the middle of the day. The kind that makes you watch his mouth when he’s talking bout not hear a word he’s saying – you just watching his mouth and imagining his tongue on your clit. I believe every woman should have a tongueologist on speed dial. One that would come at the drop of a hat (or your knickers) and service the clit with A+ rated skills.

Definition: tongueologist – person who has oral skills that surpasses not just all but several of your previous partners combined. They are able to make you cum in seconds, cum multiple times, taste you for prolonged periods of time. They can do tongue tricks that make you feel you’re in love in though you know its just sex. Most of all they are happy, able and addicted to orally servicing you and not want/need the gesture returned.

Chinedu Ajuru was my recent tongueologist and believe me he was skilled beyond skilled. He was like a tongue magician; I was hooked. I’d try getting tongue from other guys but I’d have to cuss them and send them home. I got to the point were I swear I hated him cause of the way he’d taste me. I’d have dreams of things he would do. Wake up so wet I’d have to get out of bed and change my knickers. Try go back to sleep feeling pissed and frustrated. I’d turn up at his house and he wouldn’t say anything; he knew what I wanted. He had think, full juicy lips and one long ass tongue. I’d turn up with just a coat on or a short skirt and no knickers and he’d taste me up against his front door. He had a narrow hall way so I’d just rest my leg on the wall, lean back on the other and let him go to work. He’d then take me into his bedroom and then really go at it. There was one summer day and we were both horny (I think the sun does something to people … well, that’s my excuse). Anyway I was laying on the edge of his bed and he was kneeling on the floor between my legs. I was butt naked and he was licking my nukku slow and long – like it was a nukku ice cream cone. I was the middle of the day and I moaning loud and hard. I didn’t give a fuck who could hear I was flying. He was just licking my slow and steady. Soft. Slow. Delicately. I wanted him to suck my clit but he was just licking, teasing my clit. Then all of a sudden he pushed his tongue inside me. OMG. I couldn’t breath. My toes curled up instantly and it felt like I had pins and needles down the back of my legs. He wiggle his tongue inside and my whole body froze, tensed up and it felt like I was going to explode.
Wait a sec … having flashbacks. *wipe brow*

Ok, I’m back.
My clit is jumping right now – might have to break out Roger (my rampant rabbit) in a bit.
The only other person that could match him (if not better him) was Isaiah Sinclear. That brudda had me buying him gifts the tongue was that good – but that’s a whole next story. Anyway back to Mr Ajuru. He would send me messages at work and have me moaning at my desk. I’d be biting my bottom lip and breathing heavy as I read his messages. Colleagues at work must have thought I was possessed; I suppose technically I was. Chinedu was 6’3 and built like a house. So I don’t know what madness took over my little 5’6 (and ½) self to tease him for 2 weeks – I was either drunk, high or lost my mind because I tortured him bad. I’d send him pics of my nukku while I played with myself. I did voice recordings of me cumming and callin his name, asking him to come taste me. I’d send detailed messages of how I want to sit on his face. Call him and talk some freaky things about how I want him to fuck me with his tongue. I’d ask him if he wants to taste my pussy. Call him and tell him I’m playing with my clit. Send him links to porn. I even went as far as to take a pic of my nukku and slide it under his door one night. Personally I thought that was a stroke of teasing genius but he didn’t find it funny.

It was a Saturday when I finally turned up at his house wearing a skin tight, thin until its see-through, short black backless dress and 6 inch heels. My nipples were hard and poking through the dress, I was knickerless and ready to see the look of lust on his face. He opened the door, grunted, kissed his teeth, turned and walked back to his living room. I’m not going lie. At that point I thought he was vex with me and I’d have to beg for the tongue (which I would have done if need be). My brain was doing 100mph as I walked into his living room were he was playing Call of Duty on his PS2. All I kept thinking about was had I pushed him too far and how can I get this guy to not be pissed at me and taste me. We sat in silence for about 20 mins while he shot, stabbed and broke the necks of a good 30 enemy soldiers. He didn’t even look at me when I eventually asked me if I wanted a drink. I tried to break the ice and say I had some juice he could taste. If you ever saw the look he shot me. If I didn’t know him and he gave me that look on road I’d think he was a bout to knock me out. He got up and went to the kitchen to get my drink. He came back with a 3 glasses, 2 with juice in them, 1 with just ice. Normally I’m all cocky and confident but this time I was as shy as a church mouse. My first attempt failed so I thought of plan B quick sharp. He had a little low level coffee table next to his TV with some photos on them of his family. Now I’ve been to this guy’s house more times that a chef’s had hot dinners and never paid those pics any mind. However, today they were of high interest to me. I got up, drink in hand, and slowly walked over to the table. With my back to him I deliberately bent over and pretended to look at the photos. My ass was up in the air, my dress had ridden up the back of my legs and my nukku was peaking out from under the hem of my dress. I could hear he’d stop frantically tapping on his game control and his breathing change. I was smiling as my game play was working. I turned around and he was looking at me. I could see him bulging in his tracksuit bottoms. It was leaning to one side and pulsing and pulsing. He cut his eye at me and returned his focus back to his game.
Shit! I thought. Time for plan C

I stood there and racking my brains while he tapped away at his controls. I walked over to him and stood right in front of him my nukku in his face. I couldn’t believe it when the little shit used the back of his hand a nudged me to one side, leaned over and continued to play the game. Now I was vex! Ok, I know I made him wait, I know I tortured him but that little move was uncalled for. Again, maybe it was the tongue magic that got to me but I kissed me teeth and mumbled bastard. He dropped the controller, stood up and towered over me. The only other time I felt so scared was when I was 16 and my mum as about to beat me after finding out I lied to her about staying at a Stacy’s house. I stayed a Bucher’s house and just my luck that was the night his house got raided and I got arrest along with his whole family. Chinedu flung me down onto the sofa and before I could blink my man’s had my legs folded around the neck and tongue was deep inside me. He held my ankles together and pressed them into the sofa above my head and tongue fucked me quick and deep. I was pinned down and had nowhere to go. My nukku was exposed, vulnerable and wet. He pressed his face into my pussy and was French kissing my nukku like it was my mouth. It was wild, deep, passionate kissing. The emotion of fear, panic and lust had me so confused, so lost, so turned on. The emotion, the intensity, the lust was so new, so unreal. He glided his two middle fingers into my pussy and curled them up into my gspot. I thought I was going to split in two the pleasure was so intense. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but he held me down; ankles still over my head. He began to suck on my clit swift and fast; short rapid sucks as his fingers slowly stroked my spot. I could feel my self cumming, could feel myself about to squirt. Pressure was building up deep inside my walls, inside my stomach. My legs wanted to shake but Chinedu’s hand was holding them still. It was like him holding them still made it more intense. My clit was beating so hard I could feel its thud in my belly. I could feel my pulse pounding in my neck, in my head. I was cumming and he wasn’t stopping, wasn’t slowing down. I beg him to stop, told him I couldn’t take it; I told him my nukku couldn’t handle it any more. He didn’t stop. As I was cumming he pulled back his mouth but kept my ankles above my head. I came and squirted so hard it sprayed across his living room and hit the TV. I didn’t moan; I wailed like a demon witch. My orgasm changed my voice for those few moments. I was shaking, twitching, convulsing and shuddering.

I thought it was over, thought he was done and that he felt I’d learnt my lesson. He then reached into the glass with the ice and put two ice cubes in his mouth and started to suck on my again. I’m a proud woman but I begged like a bitch. The coldness of the ice and the warmth of his mouth turned me mad. My clit was still throbbing and hadn’t recovered yet. He was swirling the ice around in his mouth and over my clit. It was melting all over my nukku making extra wet, extra slippery. I felt weak. Dizzy. Mystified. I was feeling so many different things at once yet only feeling the pleasure of his mouth on my clit. He put his fingers in me again and I tried to kick out of his grip because I know he was going to make me squirt again. When I say the dude is strong, he is like hulk to me. I was his prisoner. I was wiggling and trying to break free but it made it worse as I was rubbing against his mouth, pressing my clit against his motion. I could feel myself cumming again and just dug my nails into the sofa and braced myself. I was expecting him to pull his fingers and move away like he did before but he didn’t this time. He kept his mouth over my clit as I squirted, kept sucking as my juices sprayed all over his mouth and face. Some of it even sprayed up onto me. I screamed. I screamed hard and long. I had never had anyone suck on my while I squirt and it is out of this fucking world – it is out of this galaxy. He eventually let go of my ankles and leg me collapse off the sofa and on to the floor.

The shit started to laugh as I was shaking in a pile on the floor trying to catch my breath back. All he said to me was ‘next time you wanna play games, make sure you’re ready. He then sat on the sofa, picked up his controls and continued playing his game. I have to say I deserved it; but I also loved it. I ranks up there my all time great orgasms (and I’ve had some goooood ones). So, I guess if there is a moral to my story, a lesson to learn. Next time I’m going to tease and torment a man, particularly Chinedu, best be ready.

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