sex tip 101 aka freaky friday – friday 19th July

Here’s the first of my many sex tips and tricks.
Remember; with great power comes great responsibility *naughty smile*

Counting climax (0-100): Lay your partner down on the bed (put a towel under her bum – you’ll need it) Make her spread her legs then get an ice cube and circle her clit and make her count out loud each rotation around her clit (its vital she counts out loud). See how far she can go without cumming/make her count to 100. Each rotation should at least 1-2 seconds – ie should be as slow as possible. Have plenty ice cubes on hand as they might melt. To add to the tension ensure that she mustn’t stop – if she does you stop.This game can work very well over the phone. You can also add to this by including a blindfold or hand restraints so they can’t move.

Ladies: you can do the same for you fella just focus around the head/tip of his penis.

Diary of DeeDee Walker: Night Nurse

Hospitals, I know for many people are unpleasant and don’t evoke thoughts of happiness, joy and most of all pleasure. The only positive to visiting a hospital is when a loved one has just had a baby – anything else is serious illness, sickness and often sadly death. They occupy our cities and our towns and while they help to heal, restore health and offer hope they are a place you don’t want to rush to be in. Plus they have a particular smell which isn’t the most welcoming. As for ER room it is the most stressful of places in the four walls of these buildings – people with all sorts of cuts, injuries, rashes, coughing. It’s like you can go into hospital to get treated for one thing and catch something else while you’re in there. However, I have to say my personal view of hospitals all changed because of a gentleman by the name of Glenmore Michaels. Glenmore was dubbed GM because he had a third leg that looked like it was truly Genetically Modified – it was thick with a capital T. You ever go to the supermarket and see the ‘organic’ products then you seem the monstrous GM ones that are like twice the size – that was Glenmore’s dick. Continue reading

Diary of DeeDee Walker: 18 April – body part pt2

Body party pt2

…My nukki was soaked in her own wetness. I could feel my damp knickers against my nukki’s folds and it was making me even hornier. I wanted to fuck Adrian there and then. Wanted to throw him down on the table, on top of the food, and ride his dick – fuck him hard and wild. Fuck him like I wanted to break the 10 foot long solid oak table we were seated at. It was taking all my strength to restrain myself from raping him there and then. I had calmed down from my pending orgasm but was still breathing slightly heavy. My nipples were hard and I felt flush and hot; it’s a good thing I’m black because otherwise my flushed cheeks would have shown. I looked at Adrian who was still talking to Jerome and acting like nothing didn’t happen. I gazed at him and was torn between astonishment and frustration; he was so calm that I wanting to slap him for almost making me cum. Maybe he felt my eyes in the back of his head because he turned around and smiled at me. He still had that smug look on his face. I wanted to know what he was thinking, how he managed to remain so calm and act like nothing had happened. Actually, I wanted to do the same to him in some way. Tease him, play with him, bring him to the brink of bussin’ a nut and then stop. Make the fucker hard and weak at the same time. However, I knew that revenge is a dish best served cold so I’ll wait to strike back; wait until he wasn’t expecting. Continue reading

Ask Mr E – the Q&A session

Over the last few months I’ve been ask by followers of my blog and via my BB (pin:280f671C) for advice, tips and suggestions relating to their sex lives.

Some of the questions have ranged from what sex toy to recommend, to best position for orgasm and of course how to make a woman squirt. So, I’ve finally decided to open up a ‘surgery’ to offer whatever knowledge and insight I can impart.

How it’ll work is you’ll ask a question(s) and i’ll post it (minus personal details) and my response on the blog. The ‘surgery’ will be open 24/7, however responses will (unless totally urgent) be posted Wednesday-Friday.

I should say that first and foremost that all question will be kept totally anonymous and privacy totally respected. Secondly, and this is my little disclaimer, the advice I give is just that … advice. It’s not the gospel or testimony.

Now that i’ve got that out the way please feel free to ask me any quesitons you may have via
leave a message below
via BBM: pin:280F671C

here’s one question answered:


I will take your strength without your permission
Leave you limp like cooked spaghetti
Steal your focus
Slip it out of your pocket of concentration Continue reading

I want my words to …

I want my words to
Kiss you on the neck of your yearning
Their lips are full of mature wisdom
Plumb with delicate understanding
Soft with gentle consideration
Let them converse with your desires
Listen to the confessions of your fantasies
Make the nipples of your attention hard

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Story: Opportunity knocks – pt2

Nkechi looked at her phone tapping the screen with her thumb.
‘mmmmmm’. She thought to herself as she mulled over the prospect of meeting Eroticnoire and most of all the prospect of squirting. Before her logic had time to catch up with her fingers she was typing on her BB.
‘Well, if you think you can make me squirt, if it your best shot (or should that be best suck). She pressed send and looked at the screen. Her logic had finally caught up with her and was gasping and panting trying to catch its breath.
Er … what the fuck are you doing Nkechi? Are you out of your mind?
Her logic has huffing and puffing after the Usain Bolt sprint it had to do to catch up with her quick and irrational message.

Nkechi could hear her logic very well as she was busy watching her BB screen. She was waiting as the ‘d’ had changed to ‘r’ signifying Eroticnoire had read her message; and was waiting for his reply. There was nothing. She looked at the screen and her heart began to thumb in her chest and echo in her ears.
Shit! I’ve upset and offended him. Shit, shit!!
Nkechi glared at her phone’s screen as her heart pounded in her chest. Her logic stood in front of her, arms folded kissing her teeth saying
‘see!! If you wasn’t so fast and waited for me none of this would have happened.’
Just then Eroticnoire’s status changed to ‘writing a message’. A momentary relief washed over Nkechi as she thought ‘phew’ he’s writing back was replaced by ‘shit, what if he’s about to cuss me’.
Nkechi’s logic smirked at her, giving her the ‘I told you so look’. Continue reading

eroticnoire visuals pt2

Here are some more visuals for you. Simply right click on the words and save 😉

and the first collection is here

view pt3 here

mr e bb I LOVE_1

mr e bb WRITE_1

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