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Squirting 101. So I’ve been asked numerous times what is the technique to making a woman squirt. I’ve decided to take it to school and share my knowledge… First things first. The woman must empty her bladder. This is because when a woman is about to squirt it feels like she is gonna pee herself (squirting uses the same muscles as peeing) most times a woman will have this sensation and stop/make the partner stop. She needs to ‘push’ pass this and let her body go. The man/woman needs to make a hook shape with their middle two fingers and slide them inside. The gspot is located in the front wall of the woman about 2-3 inches in. Its behind her pelvic bone/below her belly button. (see below diagram) The trick is to gently but firmly pressing against her gspot. Her gspot is a bumpy/rough/ridged area inside her. Its about an inch wide (but can vary from woman to woman) he/she must stroke her spot using small circular motions NO FINGER FUCKING!! and no in-out motion. He’s/her fingers stay inside her always touching/stroking her spot. Pace should be steady and smooth – even if her movement increases in pace/tempo. I find the most pleasurable way to add to making a woman squirt is to suck on her clit while stroking her gspot. Now … The art of clit sucking is a whole different lesson but we’ll assume he/she knows how to suck skillfully. For those that don’t do oral they can use their thumb to stimulate the clit at the same time (see diagram below) Sucking of her clit should mirror the smooth pace of finger motion. Soft, deep, long sucking motions on the clit along with good finger strokes. As she reaches orgasm its important to keep both finger and sucking steady. You may increase sucking pace BUT it must be soft and rhythmic – you’re not trying to extract her clit from her body. As she’s about to cum the man/woman may want to keep their mouth over her clit. As she orgasms its also important to keep fingers still pressed against her gspot and not to pull them out suddenly – it can be uncomfortable, disrupt the orgasm and your liable to receive a slap to the top of your head. Now I feel I should add a disclaimer here. Squirting may not happen immediately, it may not even be a full on gush of female juice. However, I can say, if done right and over time the orgasm WILL be different and intense. Remember it can take time to get pass the peeing sensation. Oh, and you may want to put a towel under her just in case. She will get extremely wet. Happy squirting…

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Notice: Have a read of my other post ‘Staying power 101’ – a blog to help men last longer in bed. click here


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also check out pt2 which is all about using the right toys to help you squirt: squirting 101 pt 2 Posted by eroticnoire


      1. Getting a women to let loose & squirt should be every man’s primary goal. Not only do I suck & lick on her clit while hitting her Gspot but I also ( if she’s ok with anal) will slide my pinky in her ass. Having her clit sucked,licked on, her Gspot getting rubbed & giving her DP filling her vagina & ass with clit sucking pleasure, have had squirts across the room and more then 12 feet.. Key is, when u have the ok on entree of her firm ass, Everytime u pull ur fingers back from her Gspot, u need to push finger deeper in the booty all while sucking on the clit and rubbing on her nipples. I named this the ” Soul check ” & if u do it correctly you’ll hear why I named it the Soul check. Happy tasting to all..

  1. I’ll share with you my experiences of squirting… The first time it happened I had no idea what was going on. His hands were down there fiddling around when he pressed something and KABOOM! The best orgasm ever and a huge puddle underneath me. We had no idea what happened or how to make it happen again, much to my dismay. I did loads of research, bought G spot vibes but nothing worked. Fast forward three years (and a new guy) I was determined to make it happen again. This time I knew what to do and gave him precise instructions (although he didn’t want me squirting in his face lol) when he finally made me squirt it was HEAVEN. fireworks, ticker tape parade, with a marching band! Afterwards we both looked at each other and said WOW. his hand was soaked and so was the bed. Ever since that nite he loves making me squirt and I love doing it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL GUYS LEARN TO DO THIS ASAP!

    1. lol … “fireworks, ticker tape parade, with a marching band!” love it. so … the question is does my ‘lesson’ sound like it’ll have the desire out-cum?

  2. Well written, and factual. Take it from someone who’s been married almost 53 years, one ejaculation is only a good beginning. A good lover can make a woman multiple orgasm 15 times in 90 minutes to 2 hours. She will literally approach a fainting stage and be unable to stand. Let’s just say I read it in a book. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks again
      15 times huh? My … Er, friend managed 9 times in one session. But I’m a virgin so wouldn’t know about such things. My knowledge is all best on books; I’m an erotic nerd πŸ™‚

      1. Being a virgin and writing erotica must be very hard on you. (No pun intended, although it would make a good one.) Sincere congratulations on your virginity, but if you play with fire, you’ll eventually get burned.

    2. I have done this with most of my girlfriends. I gave my current girlfriend about 10-15 regular orgasms and 10 g spot orgasms. I thought she was having a seizure. …lol. She couldn’t stand or move for a good while, she said she thought she passed out. She didn’t squirt though. I have known about g spot orgasms since I was like 20, I’m now 30. I didn’t know that the female feels like she is going to urinate though. I’m going to have her empty her bladder and explain to her that she may feel the urge to pee but not to fight it. Most females I have been with stop me very quickly telling me that they can’t take no more. Very good information here…..from what females tell me most guys don’t know this or much of any techniques to pleasure a woman. The bright side of not many guys knowing this and other techniques is that I and guys that do seem like gods….lol. Most of the time I do this to a woman she gets very clingy and doesn’t want me to ever leave. Learning how to give your partner an orgasm from vaginal sexy is good also. I can give my girlfriend multiple (around 3-8) vaginal orgasms before I cum, depending how worked up she gets me. This took me a little time to learn to control myself and by being very observant of what she likes. I found that she likes it slow and for me to be deep inside her while she is on top and I grab her hips, slowly and with good pressure I pull her towards my stomach while deep inside until I feel my penis sliding inside her. Than I lift her up while I’m sliding her forward than when she is at the top of my penis I push her hips back towards my feet and slide her down my penis. This is a circular motion front to back, up and down. This usually can get her to orgasm in only a few minutes but at times a minute or less. I don’t have a large penis, but I am often told that I am amazing at what I do. Guys just be observant of what your female likes, all woman are different so experiment and watch her reactions to see what she likes best. No one ever told me this stuff I just kinda figured it out along the way. I was always very observant wanting to amaze and pleasure woman. Good luck fellas, and remember if you are a giver and not a taker you will me much happier in the end.

    3. I know from experience that there is so much truth to that. My husband of 19 years was a terrible lover selfish and I had never had an orgasm before. I just turned 40 this year. Met a man who not only can make me cum over 20 times he can make me squirt on command. Fainted 2x

  3. For some reason, I always imagine it being quite painful, so I’m afraid to let this happen. I’ve had partners attempt this but I’m just too afraid that it will hurt so I try not to allow that. I am familiar with the need to urinate sensation, though.

    1. From one lady to another, I promise you there is nothing painful about it. It is absolutely the most satisfying, stress relieving, leg quivering, life changing orgasm you’ll ever have. If you can find a partner that’s willing to put in the effort, and that you’re comfortable enough with…please please please give it a go. I promise you won’t regret it!

    2. It made me very uncomfortable the first time because it did feel like I was peeing (even though I went before) and it made me worried I was going to pee on his face. Now when I cum I squirt nearly every time and it leaves me shaking by the time we stop πŸ˜‰
      Erotic noire, I vote you write an article to guide men to multiple orgasms, if possible.

  4. Great, detailed and easy to understand piece. Loved part 1 and 2! I’ve passed it on!

    I was told once either you can or can’t squirt, knew that was wrong! : )

  5. Awesome blog…. My issue is I just can’t seem to convince myself to push. I think I’m just to afraid of peeing on him lol. How do i get over this?

    1. Hi Kelly,

      one of the best things to do is empty your bladder before you get busy. That way you know you shouldn’t want/need to pee.

      another idea is to not ‘push’ but rather than have him stop, just let him keep going.

      1. I’ve tried and tried but for some reaaon I just can’t squirt 😞😞😞 maybe I’m one of the few who just can’t do it I’ve tried toys and my husband tries but it doesn’t work

      2. This MIGHT be more due to mental barriers. 1. Try not to think about it. Just enjoy the pleasure. 2. Have hubby find a pace and pressure he can maintain for a few mins using his fingers. Please feel free to drop me an email and I’ll give you some more tips.

  6. Another key factor to this experience is her comfortability with her partner. The more she trusts you the better and productive the experience will be. I find that patience is a definite factor as well.

  7. I’ve found that you don’t even necessarily need Gspot stimulation.. I never knew I could do it and we weren’t trying to do it at all. Life changing. And 15 in 90 minutes, I’ve had more than 15 in less than 40 mins and I nearly passed out!

  8. So this is the best info ever frfr like I made myself squirt 1time before play with a dildo;and thought that I peed on myself lol now I know I Wasn’t. So this is helpful can’t wait to try this with my partner

    1. Hi jack. Not a stupid question at all. If you don’t know ask and learn I say.

      To answer your question – yes. But it’s also about her mental state and easy. She also needs to feel secure, at ease and assured. Plus free in her sexuality and it’s expression. It sounds like a lot bu her body will – the first time she squirted – do and experience things she’s not use to eg feel like she’s gonna pee. So she has to be comfortable to let go and push passed that feeling.

    2. Although I definitely agree with what you are trying to do and her mental state will definitely be a factor, medically speaking some people just cant and some can, to say its all about her mental state could make some people feel like its their fault when in reality it cant be helped

      1. Hi Matt,

        maybe that didn’t come out right. i’d never say or suggest that a if a woman can’t squirt its down to her mental state/blocks. What i’m saying there are several factors, one of which MIGHT be that. it could be the man – his technique, approach etc. it could anything.

      1. Personally i have issues with letting a man make me climax at all. Let alone squirt lol….i am with a partner of 6 months and he has learnt i wont let him make me climax so he is quite forcefull and wont stop when i tell him to (we have a safe word so if he is hurting or anything i can make him stop) i have only been able to climax with two of my sexual partners :-/ help!!!

      2. Although I definitely agree with what you are trying to do and her mental state will definitely be a factor, medically speaking some people just cant and some can, to say its all about her mental state could make some people feel like its their fault when in reality it cant be helped.

    1. I’ve squirted numerous times with my current partner, although we usually did it in a more vigorous way before. After reading this we tried it this way and it worked. My only problem is, even though I can squirt and feel pleasure playing with my clit I still don’t feel like I reach an orgasm. I’ve never felt like I’ve reached a proper climax, have I just hyped it up too much to realise I get there or is there something wrong?

      1. I have this happen occasionally as well, I’ve always been able to squirt since I first started having sex, however sometimes if I’m feeling rushed I’ll tense up a bit and it pushes me to squirt before fully experiencing the climax. So I take it slow, wait for the climax to build, and control the urge to squirt until the intensity of the climax forces me to let go. Hopefully this helps and you can have the best of both worlds πŸ™‚

  9. Send me more I’m about pleasin my woman n there was one thing in ur message that was a big tip. Everything else I came to know naturally. Want I’m saying is I can learn Much more and up my woman’s intense sex experience with me…a thank you I would very much so appreciate it!

  10. I actually have a few questions.. I can make myself squirt, without inserting my fingers, am I really urinating? ( I empty my bladder before hand).. How do I bring up to my Husband that I want him to make me do it in the least awkward way possible…

  11. With me it first became an obsession. It was something I had to experience. I’ve tried n he’s tried the best way he’s willing to try. I gave up. Now it’s more frustrating than anything else. Nvmd squirting, I can’t even orgasm. The sensation is there but I somehow can make it or let it happen. It’s prob a combination of all sorts of reasons. Frustrated right now just thinking abt it. Blah!

  12. im a squiter but it’s strange when it happeneds to me I do feel the peeing sensation but I hardly ever have an orgasm when my boyfriend makes me squirt it something I know is coming because of the peeing sensation but after that I have no idea when it’s coming or how much is going to come out lol honestly it’s more of a pleasure for my man then me I like seeing the look on his face though! But when I’m getting oral sex and I squirt an orgasm comes shorty afterwords of its done rite but really never from just sex… All women are different some are more senseative in the vaginal area as some are more sensetive in the clitoris area I guess u have to know what ur girl likes !!!

  13. So a couple months ago I could squirt fine but now when I try it just doesn’t work out… I don’t know what to do to “fix” that problem Cus my boyfriend really wants me to squirt but I’m scared I’ll pee

  14. I am curious, can i make myself squirt? Ive only done it using a bullet on my clit after a few orgasms. I would love some advice id like to orgasm from my gspot, by myself.

  15. i am what u call a natural squirter….I don’t have to force it…it’s the only way I cum….I keep the fact that I am a squirter to myself bcuz I’ve learned that when guys find out..they focus more so on tryna make u do that than trying to please you…plus everybody can’t make me do it….it’s funny to b tho bcuz my friend tell me I have a gift but I honestly don’t want it…I wish I could cum the regular way that everybody else do…bcuz squirting drains me:..and once I start I can’t really stop tell we finish having sex…I hate it but it’s nuthin I can do to stop it cuz it’s me *shrugs*

    1. Enony. I understand why you keep it to yourself. Your logic and reason is beye true; some men will focus on that rather than actually pleasuring the woman (you).

  16. Love that lesson…some people think its just happens, you have to work it … So penetration does not get it squirting?

  17. I’ve been with my husband for awhile he was my first and my only we have been together since we were 16 and were 23 &24 now he has tried and tried and tried there’s a lot of days in those years of sex and I have never been able to no gush no squirt nothing we have asked sex doctors bought all the books used google we have tried everything… I’m sure I’m one of the few who cant… O never get the pee feeling don’t get me wrong it feels awesome but I don’t squirt :/

  18. I can’t even orgasm with a partner. Regardless of them being a partner or casual. It’s not that I’m not comfortable or anything, because I am. I just have no idea how to come to an orgasm.

    1. I was like that for a while but I found getting into a position that was more comfortable and relaxing so you can enjoy it more worked for me!

      Try getting your partner to go fast and slow but when he goes slow make sure he pushes right up!

      I hope this helps x

    2. Its not u its the partner most men just fuck and forget about the woman. It may take more to make u orgasm just have to meet theright man who knows what he is doing.

  19. But how do you know if you’re peeing or not? It does feel like it!
    I did this once with my partner and it was the best feeling ever. Only thing was, she was convinced I’d peed and I was mortified!

  20. Hello
    I came across this ability in my wife by accident and o my the look on her face was more than worth the effort and time
    would like to reinforce a steady firm rhythm is key. Also don’t set squinting as a target as if It does not happen you will only be disappointed. Please all partners should try this . The urge to pee soon passes.

  21. Hi,
    I have just read your blog on squirting. Me and my boyfriend have tried it loads, i have tried it myself, but nothing ever happens, I don’t think I can squirt. I have got to a point feeling like I am going to wee myself but nothing happened, I don’t know what to do, have you got any tips on squirting and better sex tips in general?


    1. Louise, if you feel the urge to pee, you’re RIGHT there. Stop being worried about peeing. I know that sounds weird, because you sound like a lady who isn’t to potty play, but you’re probably mind blocking yourself. That feeling is exactly what you’re supposed to feel right before. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE πŸ˜‰ lol

  22. So, my husband doesn’t have to touch my g-spot. he plays with my clit, and i have to stop him really quick, cause it feels like I’m going to pee. its uncomfortable, i haven’t squirt yet, I’m scared to. i seriously feel like I’m going to pee.

  23. i really want y boyfriend to be able to do this to me but I’m too self co copy’s to say anything about going down there let alone tell him what to do im too embarrassed even though I shouldn’t be any advise?

  24. A lot of women don’t squirt but I made my ex squirt one time doing something close to this and it led to the best sex ever. Then stayed up most the night laughing and talking. Perfect evening.

  25. thanks for this i showed my girlfriend it and she agreed to trying it and it was the best thing ever for the both of us (we are both girls) you have made my relationship alot more fun with this espically if we are in the mood πŸ™‚

  26. I have a question, it might sound stupid but do women squirt the same or different? because when i do legs on shoulders with my boyfriend i have the best orgasm ever!! the bed always ends up soaked and so do we but i never no if iv squirted or not because when you see it on porns it comes out like pee if you get what i mean?

  27. I have to try this on my girlfriend:) we are together for about 10month and no mather what I do to her she doesn’t cum. She said that had sex with 6 men before me and no one gave her an orgazm and she was looking on the internet that some women never cum in life so she was satisfied with that but I’m not. so thanks for this tips if it helps or not I’m gona try this every time:)
    And she has to read this because I think that she holds the orgazm. She says almost every time that i make her to pee and to stop doing that and I was telling her to relax and let her pass this (I heard somewhere that it’s the same felling befor the orgazm) but she always want me to stop. So now I have a prove so I hope she agreed with that:) So thank you:)
    Sorry for bad english but I’m not good at it;)
    And someone can tell me if this is meybe the problem at her never orgazming?

  28. Omg i had an ex do this with me.he knew exactly what to do and wouldnt give up until i was begging him to stop haha. He always says everytime it rains he thinks of me. The best multiple orgasms (double digits some nights)of my life and it happened everytime we made love. Who ever ends up with him is one very lucky lady. Boys you need to try this if you want to satisfy your woman.

      1. Is cum and Urine different in Men … No.. when you cum you don’t urinate and neither do women. It will be purely cum just like in a Man.

    1. Nobody needs it ! But it is fun ,but remember if you are trying to hard its not going to happen !just relax and enjoy ..my advice is for he/she to watch out it is addicting !! Good luck

      1. That is very true … it is addictive feeling. The part of the brain get so stimulate by it. The brain is the largest organ in our bodies; its gives such a rush and the pleasure point is so captivating.

  29. i try it once with my boyfriend and i was so close to doing it,but he then say if it was my ex girlfriend and call out her name to her.she would have done it for him..i got piss off and it never happens

  30. Men really should try this on their ladies, far too many who don’t seem to bother with the womans pleasure…wham bam, thank you mam and all that. Some don’t even seem to care about actually touching us with fingers let alone there mouths or tongues !! but expect us to do it to them !! Please read it gentlemen and be educated.

  31. Funny bc Someone just explained this to me. He says every woman can squirt! Of course I didn’t believe this bc i don’t cum from intercourse only clit stimulation. I love this article! He told me the same thing but this explains in better detail. I bought some toys Saturday and I’m excited! πŸ†πŸ’§πŸŒŠ

    1. No this is very true iv done this act to meny women the only difference is that some squirt more then others and some are very hard to make them squirt only because they don’t know thir body that we’ll or thir too embarrassed to squirt because maybe they don’t believe me and think that it will be pee but if you keep working at it soon you will find out that it is true maybe have your boyfriend try it on you several times and then go from there.

  32. I’ve only squirted during oral and I have to be really turned on or I can’t do it..however I know what an orgasm is and feels like but I don’t have one while I squirt in fact if I don’t get oral or use a vibrator I dont have them..I’ve never had one during actual sexual intercourse -:(

    1. I can only cum during oral sex too, I’ve never once done it during intercourse, so unless we do oral i’m left wanting when my boyfriend is done!

    2. I’m the same exact way. I squirt but I don’t orgasm at that point. It happens later usually. Lol. I knew my man knew what he was doing..lol.

  33. It work for me or should I say my partner.
    by me going down on her and liking her clit while fingering her with my 2 middle fingers I make sure she reaches orgasam.
    then with everything nice and wet after and sex starts I can have her squirting in mid flow of sex, it’s really sexy…..

  34. Like you say, every girl is different. My current girlfriend taught me how to do it one night. I was downstairs anyway and she just said “do you want me to come in your face?”, I just said if you want to but I wasn’t expecting what came next. She told me to keep licking and pop in my fingers and gradually build up to a really fast finger fuck, then boom! I almost drowned! It was amazing though and I felt great knowing I’d well and truly pleasured her. I then asked why it had taken a year for her to share this with me and she told me every time I did oral she would come close to doing it but would always hold back and tell me to stop as she didn’t want to put me off going down there. Now though, it’s a regular thing and once she squirts once it’s never ending, she just carries on going through fucking and all.

  35. also, please be aware that there are several different types of orgasms that are possible from a woman. I.E: “squirting”, clitorial, deeply vaginal, sub vaginal, simultanous clit and G play, anal, and titilation. If you know more, please share with the world πŸ™‚

  36. Just make sure you don’t have to sleep in the wet patch. A towel doesnt always soak it all up either. The shower is the best way to practise. Even using the shower spray works for this if u want to do it by yourself before teaching your partner. Its very intense. When yr knees start to shake. Carry on !

  37. much easier when girl is in doggy style position. Arch back up and have man use two fingers in a “come here” motion.

  38. I knew this already I find it very hot just to watch her as I’m performing this act sometimes she will squirt constantly or repeatedly as long as you keep going I like to give her little brakes in between but sometimes she will only want it ones if it’s very intense that’s only if she gets a good hard cum….lol and other times I like to get her worked up so much that all I have to do is give her some pinis slaps and she will squirt.

  39. I squirt a few different ways but that is totally one of them. Glad someone put the word out. Euphoric feeling, people should get comfortable with theirselves.

  40. There’s a typo in the sentence, “The trick is to gently but firmly pressing against her gspot”.Thought you should know

  41. Some women can squirt without touching themselves, me on the other hand squirted while receiving anal phucked. It was the best shit I ever seen my bottom half do in all my 30 something years of living. I can now even squirt while phucking doggy style, das the best shit everrrrrr!!!!

  42. I squirt all the time! Once I start I can’t stop. It started with oral but I can now I can do it to sex. It usually goes up when he pulls out but if he stays in it just builds up. But sometime it smells like urine.

  43. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to know this. I’ve gotten to the “I’m about to pee” stage, but didn’t know that I could squirt. And trust me, lots of men don’t know how to do this!!

  44. My girlfriend is 23 and never had an orgasm we have been together for about 3 and a half months but every time we do it she gets the peeing sensation then gets up to go to the toilet ive been reasercjing abput orgasms and squirting and i have found 5 different websites that have the exact same way u have written about but have never had time to try it (incase she is loud as theres usually other people in the house) but we look forward to giving it a try.

    1. Hi Elle,

      every woman is different. some it can be less than 30 secs, others it can be a slow build up last up to and over 2 mins. I’d always suggest not thinking about the time, the end goal or the ‘need to pee’ factor – simply enjoy and let your self go – give yourself permission to be in that moment.

  45. been able to bring my partner to orgasm multiple times (most of the time quite awhile before me, which i am more than happy with) and often i am able her make her squirt with both digital and penile penetration, but the other night i was able to get her to get her to squirt while i was going down on her. OH… MY… GOD!!!!!!! and then later i was able to do it again while she was sitting on my face, both times she just absolutely drenched my face, more so the second time because my entire face was covered in her come. It was the best experience of my life and i would recommend that all males learn how to accomplish the same, she will most definately appreciate it. Because the best sex happens when you put in the effort in, and the enjoyment you will have when she’s properly aroused is well worth the effort.

  46. My husband has been trying to do this for years it would make him so happy if I could squirt , I think I’m the one that has a problem not him 😦 is there any tips to help a lady make this happen for both of us ???

  47. You need to be aware it’s slightly different for each person. I’ve had the pleasure of being with two separate ‘ladies’ who squireted and both would climax to entirely different internal and external stimulation.

  48. Great read this is the second one I have read, but I admit I been round block few times lol but still have not found someone who can do this to me lol more men need to get reading , I watched a friend do it with a guy ones wow it was a water fountain (jelouse much) lol x

  49. Discovered this by fluke when I was 20 but didn’t really master it until years later. Haven’t met a women since that isn’t capable of squirting. First timers are in for a real treat. Yeah, and make sure the bladder is empty… but a little golden shower never killed anyone, lol.

  50. Loved the article and the comments. Just want to add a couple add-ons… Standing against a wall and bending your knees will help with getting easy access to g-spot, hold onto each other during the session, use a lot of lube between squirts to avoid getting sore and to keep squirting repeatedly, drink lots of water in between squirts.

  51. Good read but I have never squirted in my life. I don’t think I have that ability.. I have had intense orgasms but never squirted ;( My ex bf always tried to getme to but I cant.. Maybe I’m just dysfunctional.

  52. So i seen this article in my history on my phone and now know why my husband has been so good down there. πŸ˜‰ i haven’t had that powerful “squirting” orgasm yet. i was wondering when i get that peeing sensation when you say push past it do you mean i should try to go with that feeling and try to release it like im trying to pee? Of course being i used the bathroom prior to the session i have hurd you cant pee while having sex though it is uncomfortable when i get that peeing sensation but if i can figure out how to use it as an orgasm i deff want to know how. Everytime my man gets me to that point i beg for him to stop. Now atleast i know its normal and to not make him stop

  53. My man loves when I squirt, every time we have sex I do it and it feels good. At first I thought I was peeing on my self. Until I read up on it.

  54. Thanks for posting this. I remember an ex telling me that I peed all over him. I’m the kind of squirter that gushes out. Thanks for informing all the idiots guys out there!

  55. I’ve never squirted..i think lol
    But would you have this available in Spanish for my husband to read I would love to experience this!

  56. I’ve never squirted..i think..but would love to experience this..would you have this in Spanish for my husband to read. If you do I’d love to show it to him 😊

  57. Its the best feeling in the world… It feel the build up but u gotta remember its not pee especially go before n was before trying it. I can go on n on with my toy and my husband loves it…he says it has a sugar smell and sweet taste. But u do need to put that towel down or its everywhere but smells sweet like its hard to explain.

  58. I never squirted but I sure would love to do this for my boyfriend and I bet he would love me to do this for him all the time and I always wanted to learn how to squirt so this is going to be fun to try tonight and on Valentine’s day…….

  59. what you have is good, but for one the G spot can be as close as an inch and a half in. Second it can be anywhere from 10 to 2 o’clock. What you want to feel for is what feels like a bunch a little tiny tiny pebbles. Third the woman needs to be already thoroughly stimulated. And last thing is that not all women are capable of squirting. The point is to have some fun if you’re spending too much time trying to achieve a goal all you are going to do is frustrating yourself and the woman.

  60. I love your input on squirting. Let me add that your partner must be comfortable and must reassure her because sometimes it doesn’t happen at the first go around. And I have personally found out that there is technic, practice makes perfect. Damn I love to practice. It is best when you can sing, rain drops keep falling on my face.

  61. Hello,
    Thank you for writing this article. I wonder, what gender were you born as? Which gender do you identify with right now?
    Thank you for saying not to change the hand motion even tho her hips may be swinging different.
    Rachel Tacky Fresh

  62. Hi, I can say that it does actually work, it is incredible to see, and it makes you feel really close more closer to your partner, it is a special experience when it happens, and it is very intense on both parts, and yes it tastes sweet it is not unpleasant at all, it is very very sexy!! so do try it you will not be disappointed, cheers

  63. I must say. I’ve made girls cum before, but only one actually squirted. It wasn’t through fingering or sucking, but from sex. She came multiple times! Needless to say, she had a hard time walking afterwards. But i will definitely try this technique this weekend

  64. Hi, I discoverd that i could squirt when I was playing with myself as a teen. I don’t always need fingers to squirt, only playing with my clit is enough. And all my female friends can’t do it with or without fingers. I think i’m just super weird and my boyfriend likes it xD so i’ll share this with them so they can experience the most amazing thing in the world!

  65. Yo this is bullshit!!! I’ve always been soooo jealous of girls who could come like this. Well i’ve tried alot of times but it just won’t happen. But I thought maybe to day was the day! So i got down to business, and i remembered what i had read about it and it started to feel reeeeally good and i thought i was about to come so i just relaxed and “let it happen” and i fucking pissed myself and no orgasm. Very glad i was in the shower! cleaned myself up and tried again and same thing happened. And yes a went to pee before!! I give up on this, i am turning in to a real bitter young lady.

    1. ok it wasnt piss… i decided not to give up and tried some more and now i just want more!! haha. the first time it kinda smelled a little like pee but the other times it was smell free! yayy! Still not really reaching orgasm at the same time thou but i’ll keep practicing! hehehehe

  66. i have done a lot of reading on this and a ” lot” of trying.. i am very excited to experience it however the more i try the more disappointed in my self i get.. i CAN NOT accomplish this. i have had a full hysterectomy could that have anything to do with the fact that i can not seem to do this?

  67. Lol I never took that much effort to squirt … But I can’t wait to try the Gspot thing out. Thanks! Definitely showing my boyfriend this tonight

  68. Brilliant! This certainly hits the spot! Works so well I need a beach towel and no it’s not pee that I squirt!

  69. I am squirter, I have this when i was 19 my male partner doesn’t like it, but i love to cum with my clitoral orgasm plus my squirt orgasm its really intense i felt like am High from drugs, my moan was really different when i squirt, its really loud with sexy tone haha just like that every time we had sex he keeps asking “Did you pee?” I said “NO why would I?” i saw his face like he really disgust me so I broke up with him never see him, I felt like am really disappointed plus he cheated on me so its okay. I suggest to Male partner don’t be like this be Happy and Contented.

    To woman with woman partner i can give an advice how to give a real pleasure to you woman partner πŸ™‚ bcoz i have woman partner we do this vice versa πŸ™‚ email to bigirlsparty@post.com

  70. why would a guy want to taste it , eww I know my hubby would nt ,I wont let him put it that way….nasty I had a tiny bit of water come out during anal I fell over shaking bad but once is good enough I don’t care to after once I’m done..it’s to sensitive to continue…….how can anyone do it 10 or more times i’ wont. I can’t…………..but once maybe twice is good enough..thats all I want..its the best, and I’m done lol

  71. Being the fact I’m going to be 25 & I’ve never had an this experience is making me depressed LMAO I think it’s time to try this.

  72. This I’ll definitely have to try !! But I think I “almost” experienced this … The feeling was so intense … I had NEVER felt that feeling before but he moved wrong && it was OVER !!! I couldn’t find that spot again to save my life… so I hope these tips work !!! Thank you !!

  73. I used to squirt but have had a band on my bladder. Do you think this is stopping me. Hate the fact I can’t do it anymore

  74. As a squirter (thank goodness) there are many methods, some of my best are during sex and me being on top β™‘β™‘β™‘. Once my boyfriend actually “broke” me and I went the whole day with constant orgasms. Squirting is a beautiful thing every woman deserves this:)

    1. I have been married for 15 years and I have always wanted to experience squirting however it never happens, we’ve went to extreme measures to try to make it happen playing for hours toys Exedra different positions nothing works really actually bummed out about it I’m wondering because I’ve had a hysterectomy if this is the reason I cannot get this to happen?

      1. Hi Sara,

        Tbh it’s a hard one. I find that many times both or one party focuses on the outcome rather than the pleasure. I’d say just enjoy it. Enjoy the orgasm.

  75. Ok I’ve bring with this lad 11 years and id rather 4play but when he’s fingers are down there after awhile of us having Four play its luke my waters just busted what were they

  76. I love squirting, and boy do I let it gush when I let loose… Having a man that loves seeing this happen is even more of a turn on… sometimes I can not stop, very wet and slippery time lol…Every man needs to learn this so woman can experience squirting.

  77. Well written! The only thing that I would add is that you can do this over and over. Just wait 20-30 seconds and work it again. She will tell you when she can’t handle any more…then give her one more!!

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