Diary of DeeDee Walker: Night Nurse

Hospitals, I know for many people are unpleasant and don’t evoke thoughts of happiness, joy and most of all pleasure. The only positive to visiting a hospital is when a loved one has just had a baby – anything else is serious illness, sickness and often sadly death. They occupy our cities and our towns and while they help to heal, restore health and offer hope they are a place you don’t want to rush to be in. Plus they have a particular smell which isn’t the most welcoming. As for ER room it is the most stressful of places in the four walls of these buildings – people with all sorts of cuts, injuries, rashes, coughing. It’s like you can go into hospital to get treated for one thing and catch something else while you’re in there. However, I have to say my personal view of hospitals all changed because of a gentleman by the name of Glenmore Michaels. Glenmore was dubbed GM because he had a third leg that looked like it was truly Genetically Modified – it was thick with a capital T. You ever go to the supermarket and see the ‘organic’ products then you seem the monstrous GM ones that are like twice the size – that was Glenmore’s dick. Let me put it like this; the average man would have a banana for a dick, Glenmore had a plantain and believe me it was just as hard and just as curved. It was actually the thickness and the curve that had me weak. When hard it would curve upwards so that the tip would rest on his belly but the shaft wouldn’t. Not only that but it leaned to the right so when I was riding him I could feel it glide along one side of my walls – it was weird but soooo fucking good. I remember once when we were fucking and he put me on my left side and lifted my right leg onto his shoulder. My man went in slow and deep and because of his ‘lean’ he was hitting my gspot constantly. I was moaning like I had the voice of 3 women in one. He wrapped his arms around my raised leg and held me and just started to push … and thrust … and pound …and pump … and ram so deep, so fast that I sounded like I was crying – shit, I probably was but it was because it felt so sweet. I could feel myself about to squirt and begging him to pull out as the pressure inside my walls was too intense. The fucker didn’t listen and when I say I release a flood, I release the mother of all floods. I was spraying as he continued to fuck me; it was overwhelming – I thought I was going to pass out.

Anyway … I digress – hospitals. So … My cousin, Stacy-Ann was pregnant and due to have her baby at the end of the month and I was her birth partner as her mum was working overseas. Stacy-Ann is a nympho like me and even though she was pregnant she still was having sex … hard! As it goes she was trying to have her last minute of fun before baby arrived and it all went pair shaped. I don’t know what they were up to but I’d just arrived at work and I got a call saying they’re rushing to the hospital. I’m not going to lie I panicked thinking it was some complication. When she told me she was fucking and some how managed to induce herself I was ready to cuss her. If it wasn’t for her contractions I would have given her a piece of my mind – and my ghetto mouth. I shut down my computer and rushed to the hospital. She lives in Camberwell so they took her to King’s hospital just up the road and luckily doesn’t take long to get to from my city office. I rushed to the Nightingale Birth Centre on the fourth floor of the Golden Jubilee Wing at the hospital and can hear her screaming from down the corridor. She was calling the midwife all sorts of names; telling her she looks like what body part of which animal, how the nurse must give her epidural now! She was screaming for gas and air like she was possessed.
When I got into the room I’m not going to lie I was scared, not because of the birth, but the look Stacy-Ann gave me. If I didn’t know her and she gave me that look on road I would have thought I was about to get beat down. I took her hand and try to comfort her – big mistake. As I took her hand she had a contraction and squeezed my hand … OMG! I thought she was going to crush all 27 bones in my hand. I tried to wriggle my hand free but she just squeeze harder. To be honest I shouldn’t complain because for the next 12 hours Stacy-Ann was in labour. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone cuss they way she did. I’m not going to lie being there with her made me think twice about having children. It must have been around 9pm when the nurse checked Stacy-Ann and practically 10cm dilated and ready to drop. Before I knew it they were telling her to push, they could see the babies crown and ‘pop’ little Kayan was born. She was a healthy 8lbs, 3oz and the spiting image of her mum.

It was then that I pulled out my phone to take the obligatory first photos and saw the missed calls and messages from Glenmore. I had totally forgotten we had a date that evening – I say a date, it was more like a fuck session planned. I quickly took the photo’s, sent texts and excused myself to call him. As the phone rang all I kept thinking was how I’m going to make it up to him. I know how men and their egos can be easily bruised and they can get the wrong end of the stick so easily. Eventually he answered the phone and to my surprised the first thing he asked was if I was ok and that he was worried. I was all ready to half apologise, half cuss if he was going to go off on one about standing him up. The fact he was genuinely concerned made me want to fuck him even more – its not every day you get a brother that is mature, caring and a good fuck. I explained what happened and that I was still at the hospital with cousin. He suggestion he com pick me up from the hospital and take me home. He quickly added that it wasn’t so we could go back to mine and fuck but he just wanted to make sure I got home ok and not too late – again, extra ‘fuck him good’ points right there. It was minutes to 10 so I would have been kicked out soon so took him up on his offer. I couldn’t help it but I had a smile on my face when I got back to my cousin and little Kayan. Instantly Stacey-Ann knew the smile and asked if I was going to get some dick that night. I just laughed and told her not to make her child her such language just hours after she was born. For the next 30 mins I became totally absorbed in baby Keyan and her gorgeous face – she was gonna be a looker when she gets older. Glenmore called and told me he was parked outside and I should come down when I’m ready. I don’t know why but I told him to come up and get me and come see the new family addition. Under normal circumstances introducing to any family was a major no-no but he had been such a gentleman I figured he’d be around for a while. Plus, Stacy-Ann was going on about seeing the piece of timber that had me skinning my teet so much she knew that my pussy was wet. Again I cussed her about making baby Kayann hearing such vulgarity. Eventually Glenmore appeared and I introduced him to Stacy-Ann. She had that look ‘I’d fuck him if I was single’ so I quickly said my goodbyes and we left. As I was leaving he room I looked back at Stacy-Ann and she made a circle with the left hand and pumped her middle fingers on her right hand into it – I simply shocked my head and gave her the middle finger. She burst into laughter and Glenmore looked at me and raised his eyebrow.
‘She knows we’re fucking doesn’t she?’ he asked.
I couldn’t even deny it. ‘yes, I didn’t tell her but we not just family, we’re feathers of the same bird.’
He laughed ‘I see …’

We walked along the corridor and I was telling him about the labour and pain that Stacy-Ann was in. Somehow in our conversation we took a wrong turning and ended up on this deserted endless corridor. Glenmore made a joke about we’d just stepped into a horror movie and any second we’ll see a little girl in a white dressing gown and long black hair appear in front of us. I hated that he put that thought in my head and grabbed his arm. Maybe that was his plan because from that point I was shook, I’m not going to lie. It was crazy; there was nobody around at all. Without warning Glenmore pulled me into one of the rooms and began kissing on me. For a few seconds I was still having thoughts of a horror scene playing in my head. However, the way he was kissing me made me forget any horror movie and I began to think about fucking him. I managed to open my eyes and realise we were in a room which had four empty beds in it. Glenmore pushed me backwards until I bumped into the bed and fell onto it. He grabbed my legs and hoisted them upwards causing me to lay flat. He took one hand and wrapped it around my ankles locking them together.
‘Call me doctor Glenmore and you are my patient. I feel you’re running a fever and I need to take your temperature.’
I bend my knees and managed to open my legs so I could see his face.
‘Why Doctor Glenmore, how do you propose to do that?’ my nukki was already pulsing but I was trying to act all calm.
Glenmore tilted his head to the side and smiled, his eyes smiled. His silence bellowed lust. With his free hand he reached under my skirt and tucked his fingers into the waist of my knickers and began to pull them off. I lifted my hips to make it easier for him. As they came away from my nukki I could feel her wetness, she was humming with anticipation. Glenmore pulled my knickers upwards towards my ankles still hoisted up in the air. I could feel my racing pulse throbbing in my clit. The hospital bed creaked as my waist began to involuntarily rotate with want. Glenmore held my knickers around my ankles making them form handcuff like restraints around my ankles. He pushed my legs back towards my chest and bent over leaned his mouth towards my nukki.
‘Now, let me use my tongue thermometer to take your temperature. He said as his mouth drew closer to my wetness. He gently placed his lips on my nukki and let them rest their, just ever so lightly resting on her. He paused, waited. I wanted him to taste me so bad but he just let his lips rest motionless on my nukki. I couldn’t take it.
‘Please, please taste me.’
I could feel his lips curl up as he smiled. My nukki clenched and flexed at the subtle movement of his lips on my nukki.
‘Well, my patient I feel you’ll have to learn to have patience.’
As he spoke I could feel his warm breath, feel the soft air of his words on my nukki.
Then without warning he slipped his tongue inside me. He pushed his mouth against my lips until his nose nuzzled against my clit. He held it there then quickly pull his tongue back out. I gasped and shuddered as my body reeled with shock, amazement and want from Glenmore’s sudden motion.
He licked his lips.
‘hmmmmm, I do believe your pussy is running a high temperature madam. I think I need to do further investigation to assess your condition.’
Glenmore slipped his two middle fingers inside me so slow and deep I thought I was going to cum. My nukki started to tighten and grip his fingers and he let out a low groan. I could hear him inhale deep and say
‘Why, I do believe I’ve found the cause of your pussy’s complaint, its called nonclitsucked-culosis. Let me give you a dosage of my medicine.’
And with that … Glenmore clasped my nib between his lips and began to suck on it.
Slow … then fast … then slow … then fast … then faster … and faster and then stop.
I didn’t realise my body had become so tense with pleasure until he stopped and it went limp on the bed. I was breathing hard and fast as the echo of tingles reverberated from my clit and bounced of the walls of my body.

Glenmore let go of my ankles and took a step back and looked at me slumped on the hospital bed. I managed to lift my head and saw him smiling. I didn’t want him to stop – “that couldn’t have been it?!” was all that was running through my mind. Since he wanted to play doctor and patient I figured if I wanted more I’d have to play along.
‘Doctor Glenmore, I’m still feeling sick, please cure me of my aliment.’ I tried to sound innocent but my nukki wasn’t having it and I sounded like a bitch on heat.
Glenmore bent over and lifted up my legs once again but this time took my knickers completely off.
‘Stand up and turn around.’ He instructed.
I swear to you right here and now; just the sound of his voice, the authority, the powerful command made a rush of wetness flow from deep inside me. I got up and stood with my back to him waiting for his instruction – I was hoping, expecting … praying for him to say bend over. God answered my prayers (I know, I know … I’m about to fuck in a hospital and praying for some dick, if that isn’t blasphemy then I don’t know what is). Anyway, I could hear him undo his belt, hear the metallic sound of his buckle and grew more wet as he undid his zip.
‘Spread your legs and bend over patient let me examine you properly’
He lifted up my skirt so I fell onto my back and placed one hand on my left ass cheek. Then he took his dick and began to glide his tip up and down between my nukki’s lips – I was so wet that his tip slipped and glided up and down with smooth ease.
He pressed the tip against my entrance and I could feel myself open, feel my lips part welcoming his hardness. His size, his thickness always got me both exicted and scared. I could myself squeezing, pulsing. Then he paused and asked me.
‘Do you want my medicine?’
‘Yes please doctor Glenmore, make me better, make my nukki feel better, please doctor.’
With one long stroke Glenmore pushed his hardness inside me. His size made me grip the bed digging my nails into it. I wanted to scream, moan out loud but couldn’t as we didn’t know if anyone was around. I grit my teeth as he pulled back and pushed deep inside me again. If felt like he went deeper the second time around. The soft cotton sheets got crushed in my clenched fists, crumpled as I curled my fingers into a ball trying not to make a sound. He pulled out and my body flopped flat onto the bed.
‘Would you like some more medicine?’
His dick resting at my entrance, pulsing, swelling and contracting as his blood pumped into his length.
‘Doctor, please’ I begged. ‘Give me an overdose!’
Glenmore placed hands on both of my cheeks, spread them causing my nukki to open and sunk himself into me.
He hit the roof of my nukki making me and her sing a silent harmony of pleasurable-pain. My body, my brain, my senses were confused. The pain; the sharp sting of him hitting my roof; his size stretching me. The sweet tingling, nukki spasming, pleasure of him inside me was swirling together. It was delicious. I was fighting back the moans. I even started to bite the bedsheets to muffle my sounds. Who told me to ask for and ‘overdose’? Glenmore squeeze my ass and started to pump hard and deep, strong and long. If my body wasn’t confused it was on another level now. My muffled moans became whimpers, borderline cries and gasps of pleasure. His pace picked up, became more frantic, more aggressive. The front of my thighs pressed against the bed pinning me against the bed, against the cold metal frame. I could hear the breaks of the beds wheels squeak and strain from his thrusting. My head was jerking back and forth from the impacted. The sound of his skin clapping against mine echoed across the empty room. My nukki was bubbling up, increasing heat expanded inside me. My moans turned into deep from the depth of my belly groans – I was about to cum. Glenmore knew my body, knew her language and stopped pulling himself out of me completely. I hadn’t realised I stopped breathing until he pulled out of me and I gasped for air. My body was shuddering from head to toe and I was still gripping the bedsheets. The room was silent apart from the ragged sound of me trying to catch my breath.

I could sense Glenmore behind me, knew he was looking at me. I knew he wasn’t finished and there was more to come, I just didn’t know what he had in mind. My pondering was answered when his tongue slipped into me from behind. I’m not sure which made me jump more, the pleasure or the surprise of it. I let out a moan and quickly covered my mouth with my hands. He had gotten down on his knees and was nose deep inside my nukki. His fore and index fingers had clasped my clit and circling it as his tongue dip in … and out … and in … and out … and oh it was so good. The combination of tongue and finger magic took me over the edge and my nukki simply exploded. She let out one almighty spray of a squirt and my legs started to buckle. My whole body was jittering from the wave of tingles. It was then that Glenmore stood up and sunk his hardness in me. Can you imagine? I’m having an orgasm and my man decides to push up inside me. When I say I went mad it’s not joke. I just buried my face into the bed and screamed out. My nukki, my poor little nukki erupted and let go of the longest, hardest, most intense squirting spasm filled orgasms I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t take it and was swinging my hand back to try and push him off but he wasn’t having any of it. He held me down and just pounded me. I felt like I had done him something bad the way he was fucking me so hard. He was grunting and growling which was adding to my own overload of pleasure. My head was spinning – no, I tell a lie; my head, my body wasn’t my own. It’s like I couldn’t register anything except overwhelming pleasure. Glenmore tensed up, growled and released in me and I could feel the warmth of his fluid melt inside my nukki. After he calmed down he pulled out of me and let my body recover. My body was so weak I had to lay face down on the bed for a minute to recover and get my strength back.

Eventually I managed to stand up and sit on the bed and put back on my knickers while Glenmore sorted himself out. My legs were still a bit shaky so I had to lean against him was we walked out the corridor. Just then a nurse came around the corner. She saw me leaning against Glenmore and asked if I was ok. I so wanted to tell her I just got some good dick but decided to just say I was fine. She looked at me, looked at Glenmore, realised we were in a quite part of the hospital and said we needed to leave the section. It wasn’t until we got out of the hospital and into Glenmore’s car that I felt as if my body had fully recovered. I quickly checked my phone and Stacy-Ann had sent me a message saying she hopes we weren’t fucking up in the people’s hospital. I laughed out loud and asked Glenmore if we could go back to his to continue the game. He looked at me and smiled … I called in sick the next day because I couldn’t walk properly. So, you see, for me hospitals offer a very pleasant memory and association. I would suggest everyone create a ‘positive’ memory in a hospital so its not just all about illness and sick people 😉

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  1. Quite possibly the sexiest and most erotic thing I have ever read. Deedee has the sexual escapades I dream of. Well done mr.eroticnoire

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