Thoughts of DeeDee Walker: 28th March – R.A.T.I.D

I was randomly scrolling through facebook the other day and began to wonder about the funny the names people give themselves. It’s not just on facebook, it’s on twitter, instagram, whatsapp and most of all BBM. I began to wonder on the way people like to describe themselves and how often that name, that description doesn’t match the reality of their being. I began to wonder if some of these women have what I call Reality Adjustment Thoughts of Image Disorder. (RATID). You know the names, you know the people – ‘Summer body Stacy’, ‘Dainty Davina’, ‘Barbie Doll Shanika’, ‘Bless pussy Pamela’.
Yet, when you see the pictures of these women to say that they are aesthetically challenged is putting it politely. Point in case – Barbie Doll Shanika; its no exaggeration to say she look like Coco the clown on crack meets dancehall artist Ninja man dressed up in drag. Now, I understand that not everyone has super model looks or can look like they ought to be in latest black flick from America BUT I do expect people to have a realistic perception of self – I don’t think it’s that hard.

When you look at the TV, pick up a magazine, watch a music video and ask yourself ‘Do I really look like her/him?’ If you’re looking at a picture of buffy the body and you’re a size 16 and haven’t see your toes in the last 3 years – unless you’re looking in mirror – and your ego tells you ‘yes, you look like her, you’re hot like her’. You need to check yourself. Sistergirl, you cannot be calling yourself summer body, not unless your experiencing summer in Antarctica and thus require some additional layers of fat. Now… please, please, please don’t get wrong. I’m not saying fuller figured women aren’t attractive or beautiful; I’m not even saying they shouldn’t show of their bodies or flaunt their sexuality. Look at Jennifer Hudson (before she lost the weight), look at America’s next top model finalist Toccara, look at Queen Latifah, look at Jill Scott … all plus size, all beautiful, all sexy women. However, they don’t shy away from their size and most certainly don’t call themselves ‘summer body’ or ‘dainty’.

Another point I’d like to raise, but only briefly as my stomach isn’t that strong, is why such women wear the skimpiest of outfits. If a woman is size 20+ and wearing lycra hot pants and a bra top. I can only come to 2 conclusions either she 1. has no real friends. 2. she has a severe case of R.A.T.I.D. either way she needs to be put in check. Like all things fashion related, certain things don’t fit everybody and every body. I know I must sound like a bitch but I don’t think I’m being unrealistic. Besides, its just MY opinion nobody has to agree with me … just as I don’t have to agree with theirs. All I ask is said women take into consideration the views of others and the view others have to bare witness to.

Rhetoric over…
I am DeeDee Walker


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