Kemi’s choice pt2 – interactive erotica

Kemi went to get herself a glass of water and was mulling over her options … new experience or dick (albeit unconfirmed dick). Tongue or dick? new or unconfirmed? A bird in my bush is worth more than two balls that might end up in my mouth. Kemi’s thoughts swirled around in her head and sent her off into a dream state as she walked having fantasies about her options. As she turned the corner to the staff kitchen she bumped chest to breast into Moses. She had never touched Moses and his body felt as solid as it looked and almost knocked her backwards off her feet. Moses reached for Kemi and grabbed her arm pulling her into his body so she didn’t fall over. Her clit started to stomp and kick as they stood in shock from their
body-to-body head-on collision.
‘shit! sorry Kemi. You ok?’ Moses asked
Kemi wanted to say ‘No, my pussy is hurt, can you kiss it better please?’ but decided against such blunt crudeness.
‘yeah, im fine. I should apologies I was in my own little world.’ She replied. Continue reading

Thoughts of DeeDee Walker: 28th March – R.A.T.I.D

I was randomly scrolling through facebook the other day and began to wonder about the funny the names people give themselves. It’s not just on facebook, it’s on twitter, instagram, whatsapp and most of all BBM. I began to wonder on the way people like to describe themselves and how often that name, that description doesn’t match the reality of their being. I began to wonder if some of these women have what I call Reality Adjustment Thoughts of Image Disorder. (RATID). You know the names, you know the people – ‘Summer body Stacy’, ‘Dainty Davina’, ‘Barbie Doll Shanika’, ‘Bless pussy Pamela’.
Yet, Continue reading