#TasteHerTuesday – pt1

moments of indulgence and flashbacks. its #TasteHerTuesday

Can I long lick you. Press my tongue flat against the base of your woman lips. Put your hand on my head. Pull my mouth into your wetness. Be selfish. Greedy. Open your legs wide. Invite my tongue inside you. Slow whine. Grind. Thrust your hips. Let me tongue fuck you. Wrap your legs around my neck. Feel my tongue slip between your lips. Feel it sink into your soft wetness. Listen to the sloppy sound of juices. How your stream trickles down between your ass cheeks. Feel your walls spasm. Shudder. As I French kiss your entrance. Pause. Nuzzle my nose up and down between her lips. Rotate my head as I suck on you. Causes her senses to dance. Taste your essential oil. Its purity. Unrefined. Organic. Concentrated essence. Slide my tongue deep inside you. Until you buck with involuntary convulsions. Unacceptable heated emotion. Audibly war sound of hard moans. Then suck on you with sudden and urgent want. So you voice explodes. conveys surprise. Is laces with disbelief. Compressed with sudden shock…

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