#TasteHerTuesday – pt2


Fold back the delicate wrinkles over your clit. Blow gently on your clit. Unhurried. Slowly slide my tongue upwards from the base of your wetness. Have my tongue slow slide into your folds. Sink into your silk sheets. The waves of your woman ocean flesh. How they splash against my tongue. Ripple over it. Feel your temperature rise. The heat from your centre envelope my tongue. Smothers it in a blanket of silk soft warmth. Wraps around it Lets it snuggle up inside your wet cocoon. Become encased inside. Hum your favourite song. Create a rhythmic melody while my lips rest on your clit. Trace letters with the tip of my tongue. Outline shapes. Write my name in your wetness. Tease you. Make you expect Want. Beg for me to slip my tongue into your velvet folds. Let my tongue float over your opening. Make you count each time I lick you. Repeat it. Until you can’t count. Wrap my lips over your nub. Suck on you with lazy pace. Patient calm. Pull on it until you feel it swell. Flick. Wiggle. Twist my tongue on the top of your clit …

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