Oh Fuck Yes!

The first word conveys surprise
It is laces with disbelief
Compressed with sudden shock
Wrapped in astonishment
Carved from Incredulity
Sparkles with incomprehension
Obese with perplexity
Glazed with panic
Draped in disbelief

The second is urgent
It is inflated with demand
Pronounced with pressing command
It’s a weighted exclamation
An abrupt Interjection
The bursting of an announcement
An aggressive expletive
Harsh plea
It is a joyful proclamation

The last word
It is an echo
A stuttered mantra
Serrated confirmation
Excavated approval
Detonated endorsement
Stumbling vocal ratification
Harmonic corroboration of pleasure
A sanctified validation

It is these three words
I love to hear you say
When we sex


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