Anticipation – written by Eroticnoire

Lay down
Inhale deep
Fill your lungs
Let me take my hardness
Hold it firm
Press against the gentle resistance of you nib
Become Moses
Part your waters
Glide my tip along the coastline of your ocean
Cause waves
There is no rush
I intend to prolong this pleasure
Dance around that moment of first entrance
Skim over your wetness
Surf on the waves of your woman lips
Circumnavigate your sea
Explore the lagoons of your delicate folds
Let my rounded tip
Rest silent on your surface
With tranquil urgency
Feel your waist begin to roll
Waning to become sea storm
Crash on the rock of my hardness
But I tell you to be still
Not to rock this boat of unhurried indulgence
You plead
Your waters an overflowing river
I slide along the bank of your estuary
Hush you
Comfort you with crown of resolution
Tap you pearl
Splatter your raising tide
Listen to you whisper
Your pulse whirlpool
Heartbeat a roaring sea
Tsunami of wetness between your thighs
I wait
Press slowly in
Hardness becoming submerged
Sinking slow
Legs open wider
Then I pull back
And say
‘Thats all you’re getting today’ | Twitter: @eroticnoire | BBM: 7c205b89 Instagram: @eroticnoire_2 | | |
#eroticpoet #eroticwriter #eroticauthor #blackerotica


  1. Love this!

    The last line caused me to burst out laughing 🙂 So funny and so very naughty. I have had a similar experience and threw the man out of my house ignoring his pleads of ‘I was joking – just a bit of fun – baaaaby let me back in…everywhere’!!! 🙂 I did, eventually, with a smile.

    The theme is most apt as well considering the downpours and flooding of late…

    You continue to assault and massage my favorite sexual organ – the brain!


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