A-B-C (bashment style)

Yo gyal mi tings
Slide up inside yuh punani
Mek yuh bawl out ah di top ah yuh voice o-m-g
Yuh body confuse cah da fuck hot
But don’t wah it stop cah it
Mek yuh moan inna mi ears
Baby, baby di fuck ah sweet mi
Mi wah yuh fi push it
Mr E dis yah pussy ah fi yuh own
Fuck mi like yuh wah hurt mi
Tek control ah mi punani
Uh cocky sweet like
tek it out ah pumpum an
Put it inna yuh mouth
Mek suck pun it good, good mek it
Den mek yuh tun round and over tell yuh fi
Mi slap up yuh batty two time
Den inna yuh tightness mi push shubbi
Mek yuh puddung ah piece bawlin
Ah cry mi mercy
When it come to puniani mi nuh play
Kiss yuh sof’
Fuck yuh like mi
Put yuh pun yuh back leg inna di
So di fuck fi nice yuh feel like airplane yuh just ah fly
yuh friend dem nuh fi ask why yuh a smile so
Dem know seh mi stitch up yuh neegle eye
Ah nuh joke, ah nuh lie
Come test mi an’ yuh ah go find out
It nuh complicated it simple like

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