Eva Okah’s story: submission pt3

It was 10:30 in the evening and Eva was working on her talk show. She was playing over her conversation with Bookie.
‘You’re fucking lying!? You serious? But you don’t know what he looks like; you don’t know who he is.’ Bookie blurted down the phone.
‘I know, I know! But it’s just so fucking sexy. It’s crazy I know but he just makes my pussy so wet; it’s not normal but so natural.’ Eva replied.
Bookie was silent for a moment and Eva could hear her brain ticking over down the phone line.
‘Well, you and I are the same so if true be told I’m fucking jealous; you need to find me one of my own. Having someone control me like that is making my pussy get wet just at the thought.’ Bookie said breaking the silence.
The two girls burst into laughter. Bookie asked Eva to make sure she filled her in on ALL the details after she met Marcus.
‘It’s been a little while since I’ve had me some outlandish fun so right now I’m living vicariously through you girlfriend.
Another eruption of laughter before the girls conversation drifted onto work, life, family and then back to Marcus.
‘Are you going to see what he looks like?’ Bookie asked
‘He said I can’t look at him. He said that I’ll work it so I can’t see his face.’ Eva replied.
Eva’s thoughts swam around as to whether or not she’ll be able to resist the temptation to look. Curiosity was killing her but she was becoming addicted to this game, addicted to his power over her and she didn’t want to jeopardise it. She wondered how far this game could go, where it would lead. She imagined being tied up, blindfolded and Marcus tasting her; she shuddered at the thought and let out a soft moan down the phone line.
‘Someone’s having a moment’ Bookie teased.
Eva laughed
‘Yeah, my mind wondered. It often does with him. I can’t lie I feel like I’m becoming addicted. I want to explore, experience, push boundaries, discover new things.’ Eva’s confession flowed out her mouth and took her by surprise.
‘You realise this situation sounds like some erotic novel shit don’t you?’ Bookie said
‘Tell me about it, I do feel like I’m in some erotic book. The only thing is I don’t think this shit is ‘normal’ for black folk, this isn’t no 50 Shades of Grey but this thrill is exciting me, makes me want to see where this ‘story’ goes.
Eva smiled to herself; she was entering a world of indulgent pleasure, mystery, submission, power and sexual lust that was becoming ingrained into her life.
‘Listen Books I got to finish up this work for the show, I’ll shout you tomorrow. If it goes pair shaped you’ll get a call. However, I feel I’ll be fine, don’t know why but I do.’
‘Ok hun, have fun … bitch!’
The girls laughed and hung up.

I was just gone 10:30pm and Eva had spent the last hour looking at her phone every 15 mins. She was in just her oversized t-shirt sitting on her bed working on her chat show.
‘Eva Okah what you doing? Check yourself. You’re coming like so horny beast.’ Eva said out aloud to herself.
Just then the phone rang and Eva gasped. Her heart rate instantly tripled and was thumping in her chest – it was Marcus. She tried to play cool and let it ring a few more times but her body wasn’t interested in playing games; it instantly reached for the phone.
‘Hello sir.’ She said smiling as she held the phone to her ear.
‘Good evening Miss Okah, how are you doing this evening?’
‘You’re pussy is wet sir.’ Eva blurted out
Eva couldn’t believe she what had just come out her mouth. ‘Fuck!’ she thought to herself.
Marcus chuckled. ‘Good, I like that. I like it when what I own is wet. Get your rabbit. I want to hear how wet she is.’
Eva leaned over and scrabbled in her bedside draw for her rabbit.
‘What do you want me to do sir? She asked already breathing heavy with anticipation, her pussy already humming with want, her body already wanting to submit to Marcus. Without being told Eva had plugged in her ear piece and was sitting with her back against the bed head waiting for instructions
‘Turn on your toy, open your legs, pull back the skin covering your clit.’ Marcus said with a tone that was smooth and calm. Eva moaned at his voice.
‘Now, I want you to place the ears just above your clit – don’t make it touch it – just hold it above your clit.
Eva could hear the buzzing of the ears as they vibrated close to her clit. She gasped and moaned as her hips involuntarily tilted forward to meet the vibrating ears hovering close to her clit. Eva leaned her head back against the bed head and closed her eyes.
‘Don’t let it touch your clit. Hold it still.’ Marcus’ voice grabbed Eva and pulled her back.
‘Yes sir.’ She moaned
‘Imagine my tongue is your toy; hovering, floating above your clit. Imagine feeling the warmth of my breath on your clit.’ Marcus said painting a teasing image in Eva’s mind.
Marcus continued his directions
‘Move your toy back and forth, don’t make it touch your clit, do you understand? Move it back and forth and slow whine for me.’
Eva slide down from her seated position until she was lying on her back. She opened her legs wide and did as she was told. Her wetness streamed from her pussy and down between her ass cheeks and onto her bed. She could feel the wet patch on her ass.
‘oooh shit!’ Eva’s body stuttered as she began to slowly rotate her hips. Her imagination conjured up the image of Marcus’ tongue hovering close to her clit. It was pulsating deep and hard.
‘Sir, your pussy is so wet sir, she wants to cum.’ Eva moaned as she jerked and twitched trying to keep a steady motion of her waistline rotation.
‘Tell me who owns your pussy.’ Marcus asked
Eva’s body shuddered at the question, began to convulse at the authority being imposed on her by Marcus.
‘You do sir, you own my pussy.’
Eva’s body stammered as she said the words. Her waist motions becaming more intense; her circles wider, her spine twisting, hips gyrating in slow rotations, the toy still floating close to her clit, still vibrating, still rocking back and forth over her throbbing nib.
‘Do you want to cum?’
‘Yes … yes sir!’
‘Tell me how much you want to cum.’
‘I wanna cum so bad, my pussy … you’re pussy is begging. She needs to release.’
Although the toy hadn’t touched her yet Eva was moaning with every rotation of her hips. She could feel it close to her clit, hear the vibration of its ears. Her pussy was clenching, spasming was she continued to hold the toy close to her throbbing nib.
‘Please sir, please … please.’
Eva’s body was tense with anticipation, tight with want. Her back was arched and her head pushed backwards into her pillow.
Marcus hummed briefly
‘Put it on your clit and hold it still – and don’t move. Do it slowly.’
Eva sighed with relief and gently let the quivering ears of her toy touch the tip of her clit. The ears enveloped her clit resting either side of it and vibrating with violently sweet tremors as they pulsated against her small pink nib.
‘FUCK! oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK! … arrrgh!’ Eva’s voice burst out from inside her and sprayed and splattered the walls of her room with her sound. She inhaled deep and sharp trying to hold back her orgasm. ‘SHIT! … oh YES’
Marcus’ voice gripped Eva
‘STOP! Take it off your clit now!’
Eva took the ears away from her clit and slumped limp limbed on her bed her breathing coarse, hard and quick. She gulped as she try to take in air into her lungs.
‘Sir … ‘ Her breath still to quick and shallow for her to speak
‘Please …’ gulped again as she took another breath.
‘Can …’ Eva was struggling to calm her body down.
‘Can I cum’ she spurted out
Marcus was silent. He was listening to Eva’s breathing, taking in her words. Eva was preoccupied trying to still her spluttering body as the unreleased orgasm charged around her body fighting for release. Eva lay on her bed legs wide open, eyes closed, and her arms flung either side of her with her toy still buzzing in her right hand.
‘Put the toy back on your clit.’ Marcus said in a low and soft voice
Eva’s head was spinning. She was lost in the bitter-sweetness of the torture and submission. Her mind was telling her to forget it and make herself cum; her body was telling her to submit to his power. Logic and lust clashed in her head, tussled around her body. Pulling her one way, pushing her another way. a flicker of compromise sparked through the thurnderstorm inside her – maybe if I beg, if a plead he’ll let me cum.
‘Please sir, I beg you to let me cum, let your pussy release for you, please.’
Marcus grunted.
‘Did I say you could cum?’
‘No sir … but please I need to release’
‘Are you challenging my authority!?’
‘No sir.’
‘Right! Put the toy on your clit and hold it there. Don’t move, don’t whine just hold it there and don’t you DARE cum! You hear me?’
Eva moaned at the dominating sound in Marcus’s voice, her pussy flinched at the masculine authority in his words. She took a deep breath and put the rabbit ears back on her clit.
‘Oh my God! Fuck!’ Eva grabbed her bed sheets as the ears press against her clit; vibrating on either side of her rose bud. She threw her head back into her pillow and greet her teeth hard. The intensity of the tingles from her toy caused her body to shake with pleasure. She snarled down the phone
‘You fuckin! Oooh you! oh shit. fuck you! FUCK YOU!
Eva cussed Marcus drawing out the vowels of
‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuu!!’
Eva grabbed the pillow next to her head and stuffed it into her mouth. The muffled mumbles of her moans were still loud, still raw with angry passion.
Eva screamed and torn the pillow out of her mouth and threw it across the room.
‘FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU, FUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUU!’ Eva roared down the phone at Marcus as the sensations stung her body with vicious tingles, deep throbbing pounding beat between her legs until the bucked and kicked. Tremors whipped her back until it arched pushing her stomach to the ceiling.
‘Why wont you let me come?!’
Marcus sighed deep and long.
‘If you ever … and I mean EVER take that tone with me young lady I will punish you so severe I’ll make your pussy cry for mercy. Do you hear me? Marcus’ voice was soft, calm, cold and level.
Eva knew he was serious, knew that even though she had endured this torture already if she crossed the line it would double. Eva was banging her head backwards into her pillow trying to take her mind away from the fire that blazed inside her.
‘I’m sorry sir, please forgive me, I only want to please you, be obedient to you sir.’
‘Good, well know your place.’
Marcus paused for a moment and continued.
‘I shall allow you to cum tomorrow but it’ll be as I say; when I say and WHERE I say. Do you understand?’
‘Yes sir I do.’
‘Good. Tomorrow we shall play a game of ‘hide and go freak’. I shall email you several clues throughout the day. Each clue shall lead you to a prize. Once you’ve collected all 3 prizes we shall celebrate your achievement with drinks.’
Eva’s mind raced with images of what the prizes will be, the locations, how and where he’ll make her come. After her little outburst she thought she dare not ask any questions and just take orders.
‘I’ll send you an email shortly so you’ll have the first clue. Good night Miss Okah.’
‘Good night sir.’
Eva’s body was still calming down and distracting her from thinking clearly about tomorrow’s game. What will the prizes be? where will they lead her? What does he have planned? Were and how is he going to make her cum?
Thoughts whizzed around Eva’s body bumping and crashing with the echos of her fading pent up tension. Just then her phone pinged and she saw an email from Marcus

“Hello Miss Okah,

Here are you instructions for this evenings ‘Hide and go freak meets treasure hunt’

You’ll find your treasure here.


– 7 letter word for the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear.
– location (oxford st) : 678 – 69 + 9 ÷ 6 =

I’m presuming you’ll have a bank card with you – you’ll need it to collect you’re ‘treasure’

Once you’ve collected it call me and I’ll send you the next clue. You’ll need to take a photo of your prize and send it to me via whatsapp so I know you have it. I hope this is clear, if not please let me know.’


Eva read the email three times before she accepted that this game was about to take a bold step into a place she didn’t know. She was excited and scared. She was worried unashamedly wanting to pursue this new adventure. She quickly worked out the first clue and smiled to herself as she turned off her the bedside lamp and went to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a new adventure for her and she couldn’t wait…


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