Diary of DeeDee Walker: 27 March – body party pt1

Body party pt1

I’m like most women; I like to be pampered, surprised and taken out. And if all three are combined then that’s extra brownie points as far as I’m concerned. Adrian, the guy I met at the wedding, called me out the blue and invited me out last week. We had seen each other a good few times … ok, we had fucked a good times but hadn’t spoken for about a month or so. So when he invited me out to a birthday dinner and to his boy’s club night I was surprised. One of the things that is cool about Adrian was that he was never overbearing or nukki hungry. Even though it was a straight sex flex between us we could still hang out and it was cool. It was kind of odd really; we weren’t friends, so can’t classify it as ‘friends with benefits’ and we weren’t straight ‘booty call’ i.e. we didn’t just call each other up say we wanted to fuck and have no dialogue. I’ve had couple of those bootycall flings and it’s good and intense but I like to know just a little about who I’m fucking. Plus it’s good to know them and where their head is at at all times. With all my partners I do my 50 questions, my 90 evaluation and trial period but still feel it’s good to talk (even if it’s a little). Adrian was on point and then some, in fact we actually would go out every once in a while on ‘dates’. I say it with inverted commas because as I said we were both clear it was just sex yet did things together – normally a big no-no for a fuck buddy.

So anyway, Adrian called me on the Wednesday asking me if I wanted to go to his friend’s birthday dinner and then on to his boy’s club night after. It was like he must have heard my bitching about how I need to reach a good rave real soon. It has been at least three months since I reached a club night let alone a good one. Adrian had manners (one of my top prerequisites for a fuck buddy) and even though I didn’t ask for it he apologised for not calling me in so long. Yes, I could have called him but he was old school like me and believed that a man should do the chasing – at least do more chasing than the woman. He told me that the dinner would be at The Ledbury in Nottinghill. I never heard of it but as Adrian was a consultant, earning good money and carried himself well I knew it wasn’t a local takeaway. To be honest I was a bit stumped what to wear; how do you go from what would be a fancy, classy, exclusive restaurant to black folk club night. I was all ready to go shopping (any excuse) to look for something then thought to myself I’ve got over 3 pieces of clothing with labels still on them (I know I’m not the only woman that still has clothing in their wardrobe with labels still on them). I had a little black dress that would be perfect; short, but not too short, tight but not hoochie momma tight and minimal but not everything outta road.

He picked me up at mine and was looking mighty fine. Fresh trim, clean shave, had on Paco Rabanne 1 Million, was wearing slick Armani suit and spanking new shoes (I do love a man that is on point with his footwear, it says a lot). As we got to the car he opened the door for me and I don’t know why but I wanted to fuck him right there and then. On the way to the restaurant we caught up and spoke about his latest client and how they wanted to fly him to Dubai for a project starting in two months. It was always nice talking with Adrian; he was articulate, educated (academically, socially and culturally), witty and most of all didn’t finish every other sentence with ‘ya get me’, ‘innit’, ‘nah fam!’ Or ‘skeen’. Sounds snobbish but I deal with directors, managing directors and even CEO’s on a daily basis, I can’t and don’t use such terms and think it shows a lack of vocabulary. Don’t get it twist, I’m as ghetto as the next chick but in context and with reason.

When we got to the Ledbury I had to double check my purse to make sure I had my credit card with me; the place was plush. I got introduced to Adrian’s friend who’s birthday it was Carl, along with Nana, Simone, Olive, Jerome, Steven, Kevin, Kennisha and Joshua. I was glad I wore my little black dress and as everyone looked the part. I smiled as we took our seats; 11 black folk, well dressed, well spoken in a posh restaurant confusing the fuck out of all the other white folks up in the place. It was funny seeing the looks of confusing, shock and in some cases disgust as we invaded their little eatery. However, all my smugness almost backfired as when I picked up the menu I almost chocked. The starters cost as much as a main in most places I’d eaten in and let’s not talk about the price of the main courses. I didn’t and have an issue paying my way but I was just taken aback. We all ordered and while the food was being prepared spoke about all sorts of things; politics, the current economy, music, the state of our respective home countries (we came from JA, Trinidad, St Lucia, Ghana, Nigeria and Congo). I could see people peaking over at us as spat rhetoric and philosophy. When the food came silence fell on the table like a blanket. It wasn’t because we were hungry but because the food look and tasted amazing. I had Roast Sea Bass with Broccoli Stem, Crab and Black Quinoa, Adrian had Loin and Neck of Lamb with Fresh Curd, Roast Artichokes and Rosemary.

I had an orgasm in my mouth the food was that good. Plus Adrian was feeling on my legs which didn’t help. It was a good thing I put the napkin over my lap as I could feel my nukku getting wet as he slyly stroked his hand up and down my inner thigh at the table. It was exciting and scary but I loved it; the thought of being seen by others at the table, other people in the restaurant was turning me on even more. He was sitting on my right so couldn’t return the gesture as I’m right handed. I had to just sit there, keep a straight face and let his hands glide up towards my nukki and taste her with his little finger. At one point I moaned as his pressed his little finger against my nukki and some how found my clit. I tried to cover it up by adding ‘hmmmm, this food is so good, I’m having a carnival on my tongue’. Luckily Nana echoed my thoughts and agreed. Adrian pressed against my nukki again making me twitch in my sit. Olive was sitting on my left and asked if I was ok. I was about to tell her my nukki is being played with but decided that wouldn’t be a good way for Adrian’s people to remember me. I lied and said I was fine and just got a chill. Adrian managed to somehow slide his little finger under the elastic on the side of my knickers and glide it across my wetness. I tried to resist but my legs just opened wider so he had more access. My now my clit was throbbing hard and my knickers were becoming more wet; which was actually turning me on even more. Adrian slipped his ring finger into my knickers and his two fingers softly caressed my clit. I had to bit down on my fork when I put food in my mouth to stop myself from moaning. My left had was clenching on to my napkin as he traced slow, soft circles around my clit while others around us ate their food. My nipples were hard and I was fighting not to twitch or jerk again in case someone caught on to what we were up to. I could feel the tingles building up started to gentle rock back and forth against Adrian’s fingers. I wanted to fuck him so bad. My nukki was swimming in her juices and was aching with want. Adrian moved his fingers down from my clit to the top of my entrance and pressed against softness.

Just then Olive asked me if I was going to Adrian’s friend’s party afterwards. Adrian slid his fingers inside me just as I was about to answer causing me to inhale sharply. Olive looked confused and asked me if I’d forgotten something. Again I lied and said yes to cover up the sudden pleasure of Adrian’s fingers dipping in and out of my entrance. I couldn’t focus and was trying to think of what I could say I forgotten but Adrian’s fingers were sliding in and out my entrance making me tingle. I could feel myself open and wrap around his fingers as he dipped the tip of them inside me. He was dipping them slow, then fast, then slow. I managed to gather my thoughts for a millisecond and make up the excuse that I’d forgotten I was invited to another party that night. Adrian was talking to Jerome who was sitting on his right about football and the finals which were coming up soon. Adrian heard me mention another party and glided his fingers back up to my clit and started to circle my clit fast and swift. My toes instantly curled as my stomach began to clench up and I could feel myself beginning to cum. I began panic as I knew I wouldn’t be able to conceal my orgasm if Adrian intended to make me cum. Olive gave me an odd look as my eyes glazed over and I could feel the heat build up inside my walls. I wanted to cum but knew I couldn’t, knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it – and so did Adrian. I wanted to close my legs tight around his hand and stop him but couldn’t move. Adrian suddenly stopped, took his fingers out of my knickers and lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked off my juices.
‘hmmmm, you’re right DeeDee, this food is too delicious, its finger licking good.’
Jerome laughed and said that Adrian was too black.
My body melted with relief but was turned on and shocked by what Adrian had just done. I cleared my throat and looked at Adrian who had a smug look on his face. I knew, just as he did that it wasn’t over yet, not by a long shot …

read part two here


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