#FreestyleFriday pt2: 16 May: Amethyst, dark, chocolate, feel, lust

FreestyleFriday: Amethyst, dark, chocolate, feel, lust

The absence of illumination
Yet the create sparks the shine bright
Yet they glow from their indulgence
But the sunshine of their bliss radiates
Muted shades
Yet the they create a spectrum of colourful sounds

Created from God’s coco pods
Earthy tones
They melt from each other’s heat
Become smeared across each other
Sticky sugar stains of delight
Melt in mouths
The consume each other

This is what all their senses do
Eyes touch skins
Ears embrace sounds
Nose takes hold of sexual perfume
Mouth caresses flavour
Fingers …
They read body Braille

Their intense want is thick and heavy
It is a deadly sin
One of six they embrace
Greedily feast on each other
Sex with wrathful desire
Taste with each other unsatisfied gluttony
Sex in slow slothful motion
Cause neighbours to envy their moans
Become full of pride in the satisfaction they give each other

Is how they feel
Clouded pale purple haze
Weighted with exhaustion
Light with delight
Pinned to the ground
A haze
they never grow bored of repeating

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