DeeDee Walker: 6th Aug – Public Display of Affection

DeeDee Walker – PDA: 29th July

I don’t know about anyone else but the topic of PDA (public displays of affection) is, when you’re with a FB, a no-no. In fact being seen together generally is a no-no; it’s strictly late nights and behind closed downs. However … there was this one guy – Bola Isaiah Green or as I called him Mr BIG (and not just because of his initials) that I more often than not broke this rule. He was half Jamaica, half Nigerian. I know, I know … a combination of two of the fieriest, argumentative, overly confident, boastful and horniest people on the planet. Bola was a temp at my work place and from day one my man was on my case. He wasn’t crass or crude with his approach, just relentless – a trait of both Jamaican and Nigerian men. I do have to hand it to him; he was a gentleman … a horny beast but a gentleman. Every Monday I’d be my coffee and doughnut – if I’ve got the Monday blues I’d need the caffeine and sugar rush to kick start my day. Anyway, Bola must have picked up on this and all of a sudden I’d come into the office and he’d have coffee and doughnuts waiting for me. I knew what he wanted; he knew that I knew what he wanted. I’d be blatant with him and tell him he doesn’t get any brownie points but he still continued to supply my Monday fix. He did become my Monday pusher man giving me my Monday morning drugs, it was sweet I have to say. He’d invite me out for lunch, after work drinks, dinner, movies, theatre the works. Now don’t get me wrong its not that I wasn’t interested, I was. Bola was about 5’9, dressed slick, kissable lips, cheeky smile and had a tick chest – he was most fuckable indeed. Maybe it was the JA/9ja blend but he was funny, confident, charming and sexy. However, 1.we worked together – which in the DeeDee Walker book of rules is in the top 10 of no-nos. 2. He was blatant with his approach and everyone in the office was watching us and this little ‘office chase, come romance’. I wasn’t about to be the topic of conversation in the staff room or at the water fountain. Different time, different place I would have fucked him til I moaned like a bitch. His compliments made me laugh … and sometimes wet. Point in case when he said.
‘DeeDee Walker, you look so good today I’d turn down mummy’s Sunday dinner just to feast on you.’
Now coming from a man of his heritage turning down your mother’s Sunday dinner is practically blasphemy – you might as well slap your pastor. Bola had lyrics for days … actually days, weeks, months and years. Anyway, and I know this sounds bad, but his contract had come to an end and he was leaving. Some people from work were going out for his leaving drinks so I eventually decided I’d attend – after all the coffee, doughnuts and compliments it’s the least I could do. It was a Friday so as usual over 30 of us descended on the local bar. As usual Bola was on my case but as he was leaving I decided to give him a bly and gave him my number (discreetly – still didn’t want anyone at work knowing my business).

We hooked up the next evening and Bola wanted to take me to the theatre. To be honest I was half expecting cinema or nandoes (I know I’m not the only one who’s been out dates that have no imagination or creativity). We went to see the ‘Body Guard’ play in the west and it was a really good show. Afterwards we decided to walk through soho and find a bar for a late night drink. Maybe it was the drinks or the fact that I was horny or Bola was looking sharp and had on some sexy smelling aftershave. Whatever the reason I wanted to fuck him and fuck him good. I knew Bola wouldn’t have any objections to my wants but I didn’t want it to be drunken sex – at least not on the first night. I certainly didn’t want him to think I’m just so girl that gets drunk and fucks whoever. So anyway, we were in the bar and it was packed – human sardines come to mind. As it was so packed I used the situation to my advantage kept brushing and pressing up on him at every opportunity – when someone went passed, when he said something funny, pretending I couldn’t hear him and had to get close. Each time I got close he’d subtly rest his hand on my waist, on my hip, on the dip at the base of my back. The sound of surrendering conversations was loud, the music louder yet all I could hear was the silence lust in his eyes. The intensity of our eye contact was ridiculous. We were having an intellectual conversation but our eyes where engaged in their own dialogue – we didn’t have to speak; our eyes did all the talking. I don’t know what we must have looked like but I do know that some horny lustful gazes where being exchanged between us. My nukku was pulsating to the overly loud music – It’s probably a good thing the music was loud because the way my nukku was throbbing I reckon the whole bar would have heard it if not for the music. Eventually we abandoned pretence and just ended up front pressing against front. He leaned to his right which meant I could feel him against my left thigh. Trust me when I say I was happy and say that I worn my maxi dress. I was happy because it was light and thin so I could feel all of his hardness, sad cause I had on no knickers and was worried my nukku was release a flood down my legs. Bola had his hand on the base of my spine and talking in my ear. He pulled me into him as he spoke and let his lips brush against my ears. My ears are one of my weak spots and couldn’t help but close my eyes and let my self drift off. Without even realising it my hand was gripping the side of his shirt and pulling him into me. To be honest I don’t recall what he was saying all I remember was feeling his hardness against me and his lips brushing against my ears – the man could have been telling me the world was about to end and I wouldn’t care. It took a while for my mind to register that I was slowly, subtly slow whining against him as we stood in the bar. It took me a while to realise that music was still pumping loud, that people where still around us; that we were in public. Bola started kissing on my neck and that was it, I was ready to rape him right there on the spot. I couldn’t help let out a soft moan. Somehow it was like Bola heard because I could feel his lips curl up as he smiled against my neck. I might have only been tipsy but my nukku was drunk with lust – actually she was paralytic. As I’ve said before I have a rule about being seen with a fuck buddy let alone getting physical with one in public. However, we were in a bar in Soho and I knew the likelihood of someone I know being there would be like a million to one. We weren’t all over each other like you see some people and you have to cuss them and tell them to get a room. Bola and I were subtle, slow, unhurried and sensual with our indulgence of each other. We didn’t actually kiss, Bola just sucked on my neck, whispered in my ears, stroked the base of my back, pulled me into him. My nipples were hard as diamond, my nukku was now swimming in her own juices, I had a stream trickling down my inside thigh. I know we were being watched and it turned me on even more, being so sensual in such a crowed place took me to a next level of arousal – I swear, had Bola touch my nukku I probably would have cum right there on the spot I was that on heat.

In my swirling rivers of bliss I think Bola asked if I if I wanted us to leave and I must have said yet; because next thing I knew we were walking through the busy streets of Soho. The fresh cool air of the summer’s night sobered me up and I managed to regain my composure. Bola led me through streets littered with people out enjoying the night. We went to the Soho Book Shop which one of my favourite places – upstairs is a legitimate book store (which sells general but loads of erotica books but still sells some really good ‘general’ books) and downstairs is a certified sex shop. I this shop as I always felt like a kid in a candy shop whenever I was in there. Walls papered with toys, plastered with accessories, splattered with videos – wall-to-wall indulgence offerings. We went over to a wall that had the toys on it. Bola stood behind me and I could feel his hardness up against my ass cheeks. He leaned over my shoulder and asked which one I had. I kissed my teeth and acted offended and asked him what made him think I had one. Ok he was right I did have one – I had several – but that’s not the point, it’s still a bold assumption. We stood in the shop looking at the wall and my nukku was just singing, I mean she was hitting high notes, doing riffs, all sorts of vocal tricks just at the sight of those toys. Bola reached round in front of me and rested his hands on my nukku. I swear it’s like she passed out when his finger pressed against her. I had fight not to spread my legs so he could get better access. We stared at the wall as he whispered in my ear, told me to imagine how it feel to have one of the toys vibrating against my clit, feel it making it tingle. His finger was making small circular motion against my clothes but I could feel it so clearly on my clit. Nukku was dribbling wetness; it was spilling over and pouring down the inside of my legs. There were several men in the shop that kept stealing glances at us. You’d think that being in a sex shop with porno showing in all four corners they’d be happy but no, they wanted to watch us – even though we were clothed and not doing anything overtly sexual. But I have to tell you that it was turning me on big time – the whole situation made me moan softly as Bola kissed on my neck and continued to tell me how he’d like to use the toy on me while sucking my nukku. In between my eyes rolling backwards, being closed and visualising I would open them and catch the eyes of one of the men in the shop. I would stare at them, but my lip, moan and just stare died into their eyes. It’s not that Bola wasn’t making me wet but having these men watch us was taking me to a new place. Bola and I facing the wall, them trying to act as if they were casually browsing, looking a magazines – it was all relaxed yet violently intense. I whispered to Bola that we’re being watch and he said he didn’t care, that he wanted to them to see us, wanted them to see my face and hear me moan. Now I don’t know what happened but images of us being watched by people made me shudder and I almost cum right there. It was this situation that kick off a new ‘game’ for Bola and I – a game of PDA.

From that night onwards we’d go out and not just indulge in public indulgences but I mean we’d go all the way whenever possible. We’d go to bars, clubs (non black one’s of course – don’t wanna bump into anyone we knew), theatres, pubs, alley ways, street corners, train station – on trains. Bola and I just wondered around London finding places we could be exhibitioners for anyone that would watch. We had a thing for places were the men wouldn’t usually see a young couple let alone a young black one. I remember us going into one in Chelsea one Friday. I was old fashioned, relatively quite and kind of musty – It looked like the Old Vic from Eastenders. Bola and I stepped in and you could hear the ‘wtf?’ thoughts coming from a couple of the men who were all over 40s sitting in the corner. We just played it cool and went to the bar and ordered some drinks. Bola and I talked, giggled and did our usual stroking, holding and pressing up against each other. I was periodically glanced over at the men sitting in the corner and they’d all be transfixed on us. One had his pint of beer mid sip and it was just suspended there. I looked at him and just then Bola pushed me some my back was against the bar. He started kissing on my neck and lifted up my leg so it rested on the nearby bar stool. I deliberately wore a short skirt as to show of as much flesh as possible. He was standing between my legs and pushing up against me and all while he was doing this I didn’t take my eyes of the men in the corner. What was funny about those with, how can I say – less melaline in their system – is that they go bright red when embarrassed. Well, these men where fire engine red; it was hilarious to see and yet sexy. Even the woman behind the bar stopped what she was doing to watch us. Maybe it was all in my head but it’s like I could hear them willing us on, urging us to continue. Bola grabbed my breast and I watched as one of them men choked on his drink. Bola’s plump lips on my neck, his hardness pressing against my nukku, people watching it was a new experience, a new direction for me and I was loving it. Eventually the manager, who actually did look like Peggy Mitchell which propelled me into fits of laughter even before she said anything. She old us to pack it in or leave so we left but not before I walked over to the table of men and said: ‘I know you want some black pussy, but you’re not ready.’ I turned and Bola and I left.

For the next couple of summer months we toured London getting stares, causing mouths to drop to the floor, getting kicked out of venues. It was addictive I can’t lie and it eventually lead to the ultimate PDA when Bola and I were in making our way back to the car after being ejected from yet another local pub. As we walked down the little side road Bola put around my waist and started to gently spank my behind. It wasn’t the usual intense spanking I like but as we just left the bar it felt good. I thought he was going to do something in the alley but we kept on walking, he’s hand tapping my ass as I walked making my nukku vibrate from the impact. As we reached the car he walked me round to the passenger side and made like he was bout to open the door, but more fool me. Instead of opening the door he pushed me up against the side of the car so my stomach was resting on it and started to spank me hard. The sudden sensation, the sting, the sweet tingle caused me to moan without any consideration for who might be around. He pressed his left hand on the base of my back and pressed me against the car so I couldn’t move and spanked me with his other hand. All I could to was spread my arms wide over the roof of the car and let him have his way – all I wanted him to do was have his way. Bola then lifted up my dress and slipped his thumb inside me and pressed it against my gspot.
‘OMG!’ the way my legs started to instantly shake took me by surprise. I was stumbling trying to stay balanced in my heels. Bola then wrapped his left arm around my waist to hold me up and continue to push and press his thumb deep inside my nukku – it was bliss on top of bliss. Just then I saw something move in the corner of my eye and spun my head around – I saw black woman walking through the car park. I tried to push Bola’s hand away but he wasn’t having it, he was determined to make me cum right there against his car. I wasn’t exactly breathing normally and just about managed to get the words out that someone was there. Bola looked up and saw the woman standing in the between two cars watching us. Bola released a deep, low and sinister chuckle and started to work my spot even more. He hooked his thumb, pressed it against my soft spot and vibrated it. I could feel it explode inside my nukku and just boom up into my stomach and downwards towards my toes. It felt so good I lost all care about the woman and wanted to cum. My head was rock back and forth and the waves of pleasure splashed around inside my body. I managed to see the woman walking slowly towards us. She had on a little black dress and gold heels and locs in her hair – she did look hot. She got to the front of the car and sat on the bonnet and just watched us. She watched as Bola kissed on the back of my neck and thumb fucked me until I could hear the wet sound of my nukku. I rested my head on the car and stared at this sister watching me get thumb fucked, looked at her as she bit her lip and began to slowly stroke her own nukku through her dress. Our eyes remained lock on each other as my legs began to wobble and my stomach clenched and I moaned deep and hard. Then without warning this woman, this stranger, this guest to my pleasure said
‘make her cum, I wanna see her cum’.
Her voice was kind of horse, ruff and sexy and somehow made me tingle even more. Bola whispered to me ‘come on DeeDee, you heard the woman cum, cum for US’
And it was then I realised I was practically having three-some, practically fucking this woman in the car park and letting her watch me get thumb fucked. She got of the bonnet and took two steps closer to us, her eyes never leaving mine – totally ignoring Bola. She spoke again.
‘I wanna see you cum’
Her proximity, Bola’s thumb nuzzling my gspot, my juices streaming out my nukku and into the palm of his hand took me over and my orgasm felt like torturous-heaven. My back froze and became stiff as my nukku spasmed and shuddered against Bola’s thumb. My stomach muscles contracted, clenched and tensed up as my body was overtaken by tingles. I tried to keep eye contact but was too much and my head just flew backwards and I ended up looking into the night sky and the stars – I did actually feel as if I was in space. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t hear anything, I was floating. Bola pulled out his thumb and my nukku release her squirt all over his hand, his forearm and against his car. My legs totally gave way and Bola had to hold me up and my waters rushed down my legs and into my shoes. I was just shaking and juddering for a good minute or so. When I eventually regained composure the woman was still there smiling at me. Her eyes danced with pleasure and amazement. She eventually looked at Bola, then back at me and said ‘Thank you for such a beautiful show of public display of affection.’ Turned and walked away. Bola and I watched as she walked to her car, turned on the engine and drove off. Bola helped me get into the car and we sat there for a good 10 mins while I clamed my body down.

As I’ve said before, I’ve never been one for PDAs but the games Bola and I played and that woman in the car park is my own version of it and I now love it.


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