wide awake (moonlight)

The sun has long gone to sleep
Moon is wide awake
Hangs high in curtain of black velvet sky
Peaks through our window
Wonders why we are not asleep
Its unblinking gaze questions us
Our nocturnal behaviour
Candles stand tall
Halo of yellow-orange crown them
They push the darkness up towards the ceiling
Chase them into corners
We are as silent as their flames
You lay on your stomach
I’m straddle over where your thighs meet your ass
Back straight
Sit tall
And stand erect
You push your rounded flesh up into me
Arch your back upwards to the ceiling
My stomach muscles contract
Tilt my pelvis into your motion
I am high
Look down from rooftop of heaven
Hold your ass
Your coco flesh
Spread them
They melt in my hands
Yet stay firm to the touch
Symmetrical moulds of mass
With a centre of wetness
I push in deep
Watch as you grab bed sheets
Grip pillows
Push back hard
Recoil from my force
Release sounds of vowels
You vocals break the night’s silence
Shatter the glass of late night stillness
This is our sleep
Our rest
How we recharge
When the sun returns to the sky
We shall be asleep
Our bodies waiting
Waiting to awaken when the moon returns

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