There are times…

There are times when I want you to feel the warm of my mouth on your wetness
Its faint presence
Slight movement
Feel me whisper my desires to your nib while I taste you
Make you feel my words
As I converse with your nerve endings
Taste you with gently-powerful pleasure
Fluid tongue swirls
Use my tongue and place it on the tip of your entrance
Teases you
Dip my tongue
In …
Out …
In …
Out …
In …
Let your entrance swim in the sensation
Slide my tongue inside you long
French kiss you with delicate passion
Make love to your centre
Cause you to lose your balance
Tilt the axis of your world
Touch all your senses
Caress your ears with sound of your wetness as I slurp
Create sloppy audio frequencies of your wetness
Stroke your eyes with the pleasure of my head between your thighs
Cup your vision in the sight of my tongue dancing across your mound
Touch your nose with the aroma of your essence
Hold it in the palm of my mouth
Touch you with my mouth
So you can feel the gentle pressure of my tongue
Cause you to taste your moans
Experience the flavour of your sweet bliss fill your mouth and burst
I want you to watch me seduce your nib
Coax it from its hiding place
Cause it to swell with excitement
Look up into your eyes as my mouth moves, turns, rolls side-to-side
I want to offer you my power
Submit my masculinity to your pleasures
Place you on a pedestal and worship the deity of your tingles
Cause you to become submissive
Surrender to the silent authority of my tongue
Make my tongue swirl around my nib
Let you feel the softness of my mouth
Feel your nib roll side-to-side as I trace circles around it
Make you become lost
Become a different person
Set you free
Find yourself
Loss your identity
Cause you to become wild with soothing calm
Make you float
Become scared
Overwhelmed by the tingles
By your body becoming tense
Afraid of your short breaths
Fearful of the intensity that holds your body
Afraid of your moans
Comforted by them
Struggle with your tremors
Fight your shudders
Battle with how your body shakes
Revel in the powerful-surrender of your bliss
Taste you with erratic staccato motion
Fast …
Slow …
Fast …
Slow …
pause …
Become amazed
Let go of yourself
Whine against my tongue
Rotate your hips
Use your motion to place my tongue on the spot that makes you shudder
Feel my tongue inside you
Clench your walls
Feel butterflies in your stomach
Inhale deep
And let yourself cum on my tongue
There are times when I want you to feel the warm of my mouth on your wetness


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