I’m a black UK based poet and lover of all things sensual, erotic and alluring. I believe that the biggest erogenous zone in the body is the mind. It’s with words you can soft suck on a person’s imagination, give butterfly kisses to their curiosity, long lick their thoughts and use the tongue of your creativity and slide it into the wetness of their pleasure; it’s with words you can make someone orgasm new thoughts.

I’ve been writing for about 7-8 years on and off (more off than on) but never put anything online. I’ve played with the idea for a while and finally I’m currently putting a book together. It’s all well overdue but hey, I guess everything has its time and it’s time to publicly indulge (and I hope you’ll join me).

For me and my writing, particularly my poems I try to avoid them rhyming style and prefer to create images within the poem. A fellow poet once told me its important to “show, not tell” …  this has stuck with me.

To be honest I’m stuck on what else to write (ironic I know) but until I come up with some more info enjoy my work …

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twitter: @eroticnoire
whatsapp: +44 07931 054 900