Freestyle Friday – 5th April

It’s here once again … Freestyle Friday.

You know the rules. submit any 5 words of your choice (the more random and non-sex related the better) and i’ll create a poem from your words. leave them in the comments box below. Lets have some fun
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Mr E

Diary of DeeDee Walker: 27 March – body party pt1

Body party pt1

I’m like most women; I like to be pampered, surprised and taken out. And if all three are combined then that’s extra brownie points as far as I’m concerned. Adrian, the guy I met at the wedding, called me out the blue and invited me out last week. We had seen each other a good few times … ok, we had fucked a good times but hadn’t spoken for about a month or so. So when he invited me out to a birthday dinner and to his boy’s club night I was surprised. One of the things that is cool about Adrian was that he was never overbearing or nukki hungry. Even though it was a straight sex flex between us we could still hang out and it was cool. It was kind of odd really; we weren’t friends, so can’t classify it as ‘friends with benefits’ and we weren’t straight ‘booty call’ i.e. we didn’t just call each other up say we wanted to fuck and have no dialogue. I’ve had couple of those bootycall flings and it’s good and intense but I like to know just a little about who I’m fucking. Plus it’s good to know them and where their head is at at all times. With all my partners I do my 50 questions, my 90 evaluation and trial period but still feel it’s good to talk (even if it’s a little). Adrian was on point and then some, in fact we actually would go out every once in a while on ‘dates’. I say it with inverted commas because as I said we were both clear it was just sex yet did things together – normally a big no-no for a fuck buddy.

So anyway, Adrian called me on the Wednesday asking me if I wanted to go to his friend’s birthday dinner and then on to his boy’s club night after. It was like he must have heard my bitching about how I need to reach a good rave real soon. It has been at least three months since I reached a club night let alone a good one. Adrian had manners (one of my top prerequisites for a fuck buddy) and even though I didn’t ask for it he apologised for not calling me in so long. Yes, I could have called him but he was old school like me and believed that a man should do the chasing – at least do more chasing than the woman. He told me that the dinner would be at The Ledbury in Nottinghill. Continue reading

Freestyle Friday

I haven’t done a ‘creative corner’ post for a little while so thought i’d do one today …

As like with the old ‘creative corners’ its 5 words of your choice – the more random the better. Simply leave them in the comments box below. Lets have some fun

Mr E

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The chronicles of DeeDee Walker: 12 March – the multi-tasker

My job as a project manager requires that I manage several aspects of several projects at once. My days are filled with preparing top-down structured project plans, comprising product breakdown structures, Gantt charts and endless meetings. In short I multitask like a mo’fo! So, I need a man that can do the same in the bedroom; no one trick ponies up in my stable. He can have a forte but that cannot … I repeat cannot be his only trick. I need a man that is an all-rounder but a good all-rounder. Let me explain: Marcus thought he was the Mr Marcus of the porn world. He’d talk how he was going to beat up the pussy, make me cum and deal wid da case – I’d give him that he was long like a porn star and could fuck like one – but could not do foreplay if he’s life depended on it. He’s idea of foreplay was to whip out my titties, suck on my nipple, stick his hands in my knickers, finger me, try to get some head for 20 mins, spend 1 min giving my nukku attention and then fuck. After a while, and numerous encounters, Marcus became my DOB (Dick Only Buddy). I knew with Marcus I wasn’t going to get any foreplay, no seduction, no build up and certainly no nukku trembling oral – just straight dick. Now, I know for some sisters that’s a dream but I have sex with my whole body not just my nukku. A man needs to fuck my mind, body and soul; move me and please me from head to toe and back again. Continue reading

Fan mail – 27.2.13

I jus wrote this “Role play”:

I’m the fugitive. You are the cop. You don’t have to chase me, I’m turning myself into you. I love being a bad girl, so I want you to lock me up and give me the punishment I want. Sexual punishment. Tie me up! Handcuff me. Better yet, use a rope, no! Use my panties instead. I like it better that way. Mmmm. Can’t wait for you to start beating me with your baton. Laying all sorts of charges on me. Continue reading

This is how it should be done

I want to long lick you
Press my tongue flat against the base of your woman lips
Slowly slide my tongue upwards from the base of your wetness
Move slow
Slide upwards so you can feel your lips part around my tongue
Wrap around it
Then meet again as my tongue slides upwards
Glide my tongue over your entrance
Pause Continue reading

Untitled – 20.2.13

I will have you caught in a matrix of tingles
Do I take the blue pill of lust or the red pill of desire?
Bend the rules
We mould its principles
Bend its laws
Shape them into alternate realities
Seismic impact
Earthquake vibrations inside your walls
Spin the earth centre
Make you dizzy
G-force of rotating hips move you
Make your eyes roll back
The collision of deep motions creates ripples in your earth’s core Continue reading

Tongue Airways – the safety announcement

Ladies, this is your tongue flight Captain Eroticnoire speaking. On behalf of the entire crew of soft lips, long tongue and pleasuring mouth, we’d like to welcome aboard Tongue Airlines flight 696, non-stop service from airport of frustration to international airport of orgasmictopia.

Your flight time will be endless hours and nonstop minutes. You’ll be flying at an altitude of 8,000 clitoral screaming nerve endings – which is a ground speed of sonic boom moans per orgasm. Continue reading


When we sex the word becomes ambiguous
Stripped of intelligence
We are filled with disorder
Tranquil and stillness are erased
Rational crumbles
Our wisdom becomes bewildered
Clarity clouds over to become grey skies of vagueness
Insight becomes visually impaired
Blinded with haziness
Understanding knocked unconscious by brutish mystification
Composed logic is torn apart by confused lustful fury
Thoughts are shattered into 1,000 pieces of vexed passion
Simplicity of familiarity becomes complex restraint
When we sex the word loses all clarity

Valentine’s Day (I’ve never been one for …)

I’ve never been one for roses but tonight
Tonight I want to slowly suck on your rosebud
Kiss the rose petals of your flower
Gently rub my nose against your pollen
Slide my tongue into the folds of you
Taste your nectar Continue reading