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So here we are again … another week, another creative challenge 🙂

I’ve always felt that erotica and sensuality can be found in any and everything. so … the creative challenge, with your help, is to demonstrate just that.

Name one item/object and or one location/place and i’ll try to create an erotic poem from them. As always the more random the better 🙂

The usual guidelines apply – leave words in the comment box below by Friday. Lets have some creative fun.

late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room
The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by our bed
Moonlight silently cascades through our window
All is tranquil
Wrapped in sleeping spoon shapes
Human origami
We fold into each other
My chest against your back
Knees folded onto the hollow of yours
you stir
press your back against me
Crumbled sheets
A sea of white linen waves
Skin soft flint sparks the midnight flame of half awake passion
Body to body contact generates heat Continue reading

In that moment

In that moment of release

The pinnacle of tension

That point of internal explosion

Time stands still

I become paralyzed


Suffocated by confusion

Smothered in a think layer of submission

I am reduced to the one sensation of feeling

My brain is coloured in a spectrum of urgently violent passive surrender

I expel an ocean of sound

A rainstorm of thunderous frequency

Reduced to four letter expletive

And blasphemous praise

I spin



And become static all in one


Move me

Staccato co-ordination

I endure this each time

You make me cum

Irony (there is….)

There is a sweet irony to the way you bow down before me

On your knees

But when you put me in your mouth

You make me weak at the knees


There is a sweet irony to the way you look up to me

And I stand over you

Look down upon you


My strength crumbles to the floor

The fortress of power taken over by your oral armoury


There is a sweet irony to the way I become vocal

Aural expression of exhilaration

Dictate and convey with punctuated urgency

While you

You command me with a silent tongue

Exercise your authority over me

With soft lips and warm mouth

Command me with subtle swirls and swoops


There is a sweet irony to the way hard flesh

Is made to easily submit to supple mouth

The way your giving … takes


How my getting … gives


There is a sweet irony to know that being conquered by you

Is the means to my being set free

There is a sweet irony in knowing that this oral war

Will become a perpetual battle of pleasure

That continues endlessly between you and me …



Let’s walk blindly into this world
Because some things are best enjoyed with closed eyes

Heighten our other senses
They will guide us
We hear the silence between words. As its often the silence that speaks volumes
Become attuned to the audio of unhurried pace
A frequency others are often deaf to
The surround sound of shared inner thoughts engulf us

Let’s walk blindly into this world
Because some things are best enjoyed with closed eyes

Take a deep breath of interest
Let the oxygen of wonderment fill the lungs of our awe
Inhale the aroma of laughter
It fills the air
We take it in fully
The nose of our potential
Is pleased with this fragrance

Let’s walk blindly into this world
Because some things are best enjoyed with closed eyes

This new-old familiarity dances on the palette of our ease
Its is sweet
The full-bodied fruit flavour of word play bursts in the mouth of our creativity
Unashamedly lick lips so not to waste a drop of lyrical juice.
Take small bites out of innuendo
Teasing sample of this treat keeps the want for more constant

Let’s walk blindly into this world
Because some things are best enjoyed with closed eyes

Fingers of vulnerability reach out into the darkness
Touch the feather softness of reassurance
We caress openness
Message it
Release tensions of reservation and guarded truths
Read the braille of past histories.
They tell the story of now existence
Hands of considered intent cup and hold
It is fragile

Let’s walk blindly into this world
Because some things are best enjoyed with closed eyes

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Miss Mango (the BBM convo)

A civilized BBM conversation that suddenly went into a different world …

Names have been changed to protect the innocent – 😉

Mr E – @eroticnoire: I wanna hear u cum too baby. Wanna hear ur breath become short and rugged. Hear ur moans rumble and ur voice raise several octaves

Miss Mango: Yes Yes Yes

Miss Mango: Hands grippin my thighs

Miss Mango: I feel like a burst pipe is impending

Miss Mango: Buildin up behind sweet walls of mango flesh Continue reading

Let’s … (until)

Let’s fuck till we become motionless
A blur of deep thrust
frantic grinding of movement
Let’s fuck til we moan so hard and loud our vocal cords forget how to create any other sound
Let’s fuck til we become addicted
Hooked on the endorphins of pussy meet dick spasms
Let’s fuck til we make time stand still.
Until we become contortionists
Let’s fuck until we sweat fatigue and leave a salty taste of musk, pussy juice and passion on our skin
Until our spines become intertwined
Let’s fuck vicious and hard til it becomes soft and tender
Until pleasurable profanities become the natural way we converse
Let’s fuck until we create mathematical angles
Become an equation of lust and passion
Until our senses merge and create neuron stimulation in the other 90% of our brain
Let’s fuck until we orgasm at the sight of each other
Let’s …


You give me creative hard-ons
Make me want to give backshots to your intellect
Want us 69 each others imagination
Suck on the nipples imagery
Make them hard
Slow trace around them with the tongue of my vision
Lick them long with tongue strokes of sight
The curvature of your words hold me in awe
The nape of your necks thoughts call me to soft kiss them
Soft suck on them
French kiss your memories
Kiss them deep and long
Want you to ride my subconscious
Take me deep
Reach the roof of your inner self
Ride me hard
Til I ejaculate my poems …

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when you …

My diaphragm
Staccato convulses
Breath to rumble up my windpipe explode out my mouth
A chorus of smooth staggered harmonies
Phonics sounds
stumble out my mouth
You make me moan
When you put me
In your mouth

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back seat driver

Its late.

The world is asleep

Warm orange glow from the street lights blankets her car.

Its hue unfolds itself across the interior.

She parks.

Lights off, engine stopped.

Her heart beats bassline rhythm.

The music of anticipation has her inner goddess dancing

She smiles to herself

Bottom lip curls up under her teeth

She climbs into the back seat

Lays down and dials his number

His voice is Miles Davies jazz




Eyes closed she listens to him speak

Replies with wit, sharp sarcasm, playful banter

His response is consider, subtle, focused

She can hear him smile

Carbon dioxide builds in this small space

Blends with the woman mist that has formed across her garden

He can hear her want

Its audible silence is loud

It echoes between her words

Between the valley of her thighs

Her body revs

Hormones race

Inner goddess has become a racer

Speeds around corners of longing

Zips passed logic leaving it far behind


While fingers cruse across the track of her inner thighs

The fuel burns as her inner goddess welcomes

Nimble fingers that move slow but cause tingles to race up her spine

He speaks slowly

Navigates direction of finger tips

His voice dictates


Guides the vehicle of fingers







The engine of her body moans


Revs loud

Delicate speed of finger tips rush her towards the finish line

The chequered flag of release waves in front of her

Senses flash black and white

She rushes passed the finish line of pleasure

Back arches in sweet victory celebration

First place triumph …

Aug 9 2012 – 11:47pm

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