Fan mail: healing of her Yoni by MissBehaviour

So a fan read my Eva story and decided she’d do her own version based on yours truly (i’m very flattered). Her name is MissBehaviour and this is her story.

It was almost a blur, and I say that in the sense of my eyes rolling back into my head, where I was able to see an astral plane of immense pleasure, bright stars, masterful galaxies and acknowledgment of being at one with the grand universe.. centered through the pulsating walls of my moistened vagina. I sh*t you not. My loins seem to know the meaning of life! My waves of orgasmic pleasure, intrigue, heightened sense of adventure and sexual expression has not been invigorated so profusely until as of recent, and I am one to have experienced a number of adventures, but nothing quite like this… Continue reading


Your mouth opens.
Eyes close.
Volcanic cloud of sound explodes skywards.
Dark ash of sudden pending release fills the room.
Eruption imminent.
Beg for release.
My fingers move in slow motion against your walls.
Press against your spot.
You freeze.
Dumbstruck by shudders.
A statue.
Mahogany carved sculpture.
You are art.
Fingers still.
Push into delicate walls.
Push, yet hold you.
Imprisoned in full body spasms.
You plead.
Beg for release.
I stop.
Decline your request.
Remind you.
I control your orgasm.

Eva Okah’s story: submission pt3

It was 10:30 in the evening and Eva was working on her talk show. She was playing over her conversation with Bookie.
‘You’re fucking lying!? You serious? But you don’t know what he looks like; you don’t know who he is.’ Bookie blurted down the phone.
‘I know, I know! But it’s just so fucking sexy. It’s crazy I know but he just makes my pussy so wet; it’s not normal but so natural.’ Eva replied.
Bookie was silent for a moment and Eva could hear her brain ticking over down the phone line.
‘Well, you and I are the same so if true be told I’m fucking jealous; you need to find me one of my own. Having someone control me like that is making my pussy get wet just at the thought.’ Bookie said breaking the silence.
The two girls burst into laughter. Bookie asked Eva to make sure she filled her in on ALL the details after she met Marcus.
‘It’s been a little while since I’ve had me some outlandish fun so right now I’m living vicariously through you girlfriend.
Another eruption of laughter before the girls conversation drifted onto work, life, family and then back to Marcus. Continue reading

phone sex (why) – prelude/idea development

tell me why  you do that? why whenever we’re at home and my phone rings you decide that’s the time you want to give me head. That’s the time I’ll be watching TV while on the phone and you decide to kneel down in front of me with that glint in your eye. Why you slowly unzip me while you look into my eyes and say nothing. why you put me in your mouth while I’m soft and let me grow hard. Roll me expanding hardness around until its fully rigid. Why you smile with your eyes as I battle to maintain focus, close my eyes and struggle to keep my breath constant. Tell me why you wait until I’m about to speak the take me deep and long into your mouth, hold me between your plump lips. keep me there while my speech stumbles out my mouth. Explain to me you motivation for licking me long and slow to my round tip and sucking on it. Why you do this as I hold my phone to me ear and silently shudder during conversation. Please, tell me why you coil your fingers around shaft and slide your tender fingers down to the base and let your mouth trace swiftly behind it. Enlighten me as to what rewarding-punishment you feel I’ve earned for you to soft suck on the small gathering of skin under my penis head. Why you feel the need to flick your tongue across my head then suck me hard and fast until I release in your mouth. Provide me with a notion as to why you want me to cum with violently loud silent convulsions, the keep me in your mouth until I’m soft once more Please, please tell me why you like phone sex so much