when you moan

When you moan
When you release your vocal expression of bliss
It compounds my pleasure
Causes me to soar higher
Sends me spinning
Makes me want to drive faster to the destination of your release Continue reading

sound effects

Feather soft murmurs
Gentle whispers
Short gasps
Deep moans
Staccato breathing
Coarse grunt
Anguished groans
Bed head knocking against the wall
The bed dragging against the floor
Muffled sound of mouth filled with pillow
Skin slapping against skin
Blasphemy profanities
Silent explosion of release
Loud silence of release
I love the sound effects of our sex


I kiss you
As gentle as moonlight kissing the ocean
Dance across the ocean waves of your skin
Float on the surface of you
Silver lining in the black velvet sky of your unfulfilled want
Kiss you until your tide rises
Creates undercurrents of want Continue reading

The oral gospel

I want to spread the oral gospel
Give my tongue a baptism in your holy waters
Part your legs like the red sea
make my tongue enter your promised land
Use my tongue and write the songs of Solomon on your clit
Whisper the 23 psalm to it
Eat you like I’ve fasted for 40 days and 40 nights
Make you call out for the father, the son and holy ghost
Cum like you catch the spirit
Can I get an amen?!


Your moans are frequency pressures of wetness spasms
Compressed atmospheric buried inside you pleasures
Tingles of disturbance that travels through spacetime
The sonic linguistics of gspot shudders
Decibels of stomach muscles acoustics
Clitoral hertz of throbbing reverberation
That is pushed out from the speaker box of your belly
Vibrates in your throat
Become amplified on your mouth
And explodes in Dolby surround sound of your orgasm


Your form is the canvas on which God created his masterpiece
Your legs are brush strokes of elegance
An image of refined motion
The paint of seduction covers them
Creates brush strokes artistry
Your kisses spark me to be enthused with lyrical brilliance
You make me hard with profound thought Continue reading