The great Rampant Rabbit debate – how do you use yours?

So i was having a convo with a lady friend and it seems there are various ways women use their rampant rabbits. Most women only use the ‘ears’ but many have a preference as to which direction their rabbit is pointing (either with the shaft pointing downwards/between their thighs or pointing upwards). It made me wonder … so the two questions are

1. how do you use yours
2. which direction does it point in


please answer the polls below





late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room
The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by our bed
Moonlight silently cascades through our window
All is tranquil
Wrapped in sleeping spoon shapes
Human origami
We fold into each other
My chest against your back
Knees folded onto the hollow of yours
you stir
press your back against me
Crumbled sheets
A sea of white linen waves
Skin soft flint sparks the midnight flame of half awake passion
Body to body contact generates heat Continue reading

In that moment

In that moment of release

The pinnacle of tension

That point of internal explosion

Time stands still

I become paralyzed


Suffocated by confusion

Smothered in a think layer of submission

I am reduced to the one sensation of feeling

My brain is coloured in a spectrum of urgently violent passive surrender

I expel an ocean of sound

A rainstorm of thunderous frequency

Reduced to four letter expletive

And blasphemous praise

I spin



And become static all in one


Move me

Staccato co-ordination

I endure this each time

You make me cum


You crawl onto the bed

Wearing nothing but desire

Look at me

Silent mouth

Vocal eyes

Place your head on the pillow

Hips still reaching for the ceiling Continue reading

she’s my number cum fan (voice notes)

so you can imagine my delight when i get a bbm from a fan today who says my work inspires her. i was cuffed and flattered as you can imagine. she said she was gonna send me a bbm voice note (vn) to show me how much she was inspired. I was smiling when i got her VM. I had to make it into a video clip … check the link below

confession 101

I love it when you’re riding my tongue

thighs either side of my head

and you rock back and forth

let your weight fall fully onto my tongue

grit your teeth

hiss with angry delight

back arched

head tilted backwards

cupping your own breasts

nipples gripped between finger and thumb

gentle twist

soft pull

your juices sliding down the side of my face

your warm, tight wetness

on my tongue

your moans fire exploding into the sky of our room

and you release you pleasure

into my mouth

i love it


this is my confession …

Irony (there is….)

There is a sweet irony to the way you bow down before me

On your knees

But when you put me in your mouth

You make me weak at the knees


There is a sweet irony to the way you look up to me

And I stand over you

Look down upon you


My strength crumbles to the floor

The fortress of power taken over by your oral armoury


There is a sweet irony to the way I become vocal

Aural expression of exhilaration

Dictate and convey with punctuated urgency

While you

You command me with a silent tongue

Exercise your authority over me

With soft lips and warm mouth

Command me with subtle swirls and swoops


There is a sweet irony to the way hard flesh

Is made to easily submit to supple mouth

The way your giving … takes


How my getting … gives


There is a sweet irony to know that being conquered by you

Is the means to my being set free

There is a sweet irony in knowing that this oral war

Will become a perpetual battle of pleasure

That continues endlessly between you and me …