Eroticnoire’s new character – the diary of a male protagonist. who would you pick?

So, I’ve been thinking..

I’ve written a few stories now that are told from the female perspective – DeeDee Walker, Eva, Kemi, Tannisha etc. and I think its time to introduce a male protagonist; the question is which one?

This is where you can help create the next series or ‘diaries’ from Mr E. simply vote for your favorite male character and then sit back and watch their stories come to life. voting ends on 31st July.

you’ve got eight choices
Chinedu Ajuru – tongueologist
Dexter Clarke – Mr 3D
Glenmore Michaels – third leg
Bola Isaiah Green – Mr PDA
Adrian Adams – 4th emergency service/body party
Femi – coffee, cake and kink
Moses – kemi’s choices
Marcus – Eva’s submission

Fan mail – 27.2.13

I jus wrote this “Role play”:

I’m the fugitive. You are the cop. You don’t have to chase me, I’m turning myself into you. I love being a bad girl, so I want you to lock me up and give me the punishment I want. Sexual punishment. Tie me up! Handcuff me. Better yet, use a rope, no! Use my panties instead. I like it better that way. Mmmm. Can’t wait for you to start beating me with your baton. Laying all sorts of charges on me. Continue reading

Eroticnoire’s book – it is coming (and cumming)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been a little absent of late but I’ve been busy editing the forthcoming book. It’s been a long slog but fun reading over old poems and stories to include in my first ever book 🙂
The book’s title, which is yet to be revealed (i.e. I haven’t decided on it yet) will be an ebook so you can read on the go. It’ll include some of the best poems and stories that you’ve loved so far such as ‘Coffee, Cake and Kink’, ‘Opportunity Knocks’, ‘Bedroom Poet’, ‘Seven’ and ‘Wetness’. They’ll also be some new poems and stories that will only be included within the book and not posted on the blog.

So many of you asked about Tannisha and her antics in the coffee shop; even more asked about Nkechi and her first squiring session and what happened next. Well, you’ll be glad to know they’ll both be back!
The book will include stories based around both characters and their indulgences. The stories will be:
– Coffee, Cake and Kink: the prequel
– Coffee, Cake and Kink: next chapter
– Opportunity Knocks: the prequel – Nkechi and Moses
– Opportunity Knocks: the next chapter
– Opportunity Knocks: The party – Adenike’s adventures

So…if you haven’t already, sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about the launch of the book. For those with a blackberry, as ever feel free to add me.

Thanks for all the feedback, comments and posts on the blog; it’s real nice to know you’re enjoying my work. As always, if you know anyone that would appreciate my work please let them know about the blog – let’s spread the Eroticnoire gospel 😉

Class ‘A’ substance

Your kisses are speed
I see colours
A Kaleidoscope of pleasure
The spectrum of hues and tones swirl around on my tongue
Pupils dilate
The vision of you flood into my eyes

I sip on the martini of your breasts
Suck on the black olives of your nipples
My tongue is shaken and stirred
Your breasts are a refined beverage of flesh my mouth drinks in

Your body
It is narcotics
Illegally smuggled Class ‘A’ substance
Pure cut & undiluted
It’s that good ‘ish

I lick the rizla of your pussy lips
Light up with a wet spark lick of your clit
Let the aroma of your sex float into the air
Take a long pull on your clit
Puff, puff give
You head
You give me the munchies
Nibble on the sweet snack of your pussy

Your tightness causes me to become an alcoholic drunk
Under the influence of your over proof grip
Intoxicated on the cocktail of your wetness
I love the campaign of your orgasm
When I shake up the bottle of your gspot and let it spray on me

My ears do lines of your cocaine moans
Snort in the audio powder of your vocals
Inhale the residue of your acoustic expression
It’s got me buzzing wild

I’ve tried to go to rehab
Attended your pumpum anonymous classes
Gone cold turkey
Started to jerk and twitch at flashbacks of your tightness
It don’t work baby
Acted like some crack hoe bitch
My name is Mr E and I’m an addict
There! I admit it
I will always be your pussy fiend
Can I have a hit of your Class A drug sex?

late night love pt2

… My hand slides on to your hips
Cups their full curvature
Hungry mouth releases you curious tongue that glides across ur neck
Street lights stand tall
Crane their neck to look through our window
Golden orange light unfolds itself through our window gives away their voyeuristic vice
Their perversion is our encouragement; our bed is a stage
They have front row seats for our midnight performance.
The pupils of the lights dilate
Take in the vision of us as my fingers walk up your stomach to your breasts.
Cup they weighty handful size

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