Can I tell you a story?

Can I use my tongue and tell you a story?
Introduce the character of soft sucks
Create a setting of long, slow tongue swirls
Cause a conflict between your spasms and shudders
Build a plot of varied paced tongue rotations around your nib
Establish a theme of unhurried, focused pleasures
Can I use my tongue and tell you a story?


I want to use my tongue and flirt with your clit. Be playful with it using subtle gestures of tongue swirling humour. Use my tongue to engage it in witty banter that causes tingles to smile in its tip. Take a leisurely tongue swoop across your lips until your wetness relaxes and flows fluid. Circle your nib so you see the interest of my want. Take my time. Offer open invitations of pleasures. Continue reading

Tongue ring pt1 – prelude to International Tongue Ring Tuesday 13th Aug

You smile with your eyes
Lips plump
Black rose petals
Tongue appears
Slides from behind the curtain of your lips
Curls up
Tip touching your top lip
And I see it
The flash of silver steel
A metallic pearl
Hidden in the soft shell of your mouth
Perched on pink carpet
Floating on supple sponge
It glistens
Reflects the light
Smooth surface wet with mouth wetness
It’s a beautiful contrast
Hard steel on yielding flesh
Cold steel on warm oral tissue
You play with it
Curl you tongue
Tuck it into your mouth
Let the ball sick out between your teeth
Tape it against them gently
A tap dance against your white ivory
Your lips a stage on which it performs
Moves gracefully
A majestic dance
It is a star inside your mouth
Shines bright in the darkness
Dazzles me
You lick you lips again
And I feel my pulse
The weight of my blood drops
Falls to my centre
Gives you pearl a standing ovation

sex tip 101 aka freaky friday – friday 19th July

Here’s the first of my many sex tips and tricks.
Remember; with great power comes great responsibility *naughty smile*

Counting climax (0-100): Lay your partner down on the bed (put a towel under her bum – you’ll need it) Make her spread her legs then get an ice cube and circle her clit and make her count out loud each rotation around her clit (its vital she counts out loud). See how far she can go without cumming/make her count to 100. Each rotation should at least 1-2 seconds – ie should be as slow as possible. Have plenty ice cubes on hand as they might melt. To add to the tension ensure that she mustn’t stop – if she does you stop.This game can work very well over the phone. You can also add to this by including a blindfold or hand restraints so they can’t move.

Ladies: you can do the same for you fella just focus around the head/tip of his penis.

Eroticnoire’s sex survey

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