Haiku – heaven

Slow slide inside you you moan the Lord’s name out loud Our sex is heaven Posted by eroticnoire

Haiku – Good morning

You rise from your sleep Put your warm mouth on soft dick I rise like the sun Posted by eroticnoire

Love when we slow grind

Love when we slow grind We feel movement Become sensitive to motions Take time to be still Pause Not concerned … More

Haiku – tag team combo

Tongue and toy tag team Soft pearl erupts in spasms You cum on my tongue Posted by eroticnoire

Hiaku – bed rock

wetness meets hard flesh Waistline motion makes you moan Bed rocks to our beat Posted by eroticnoire

Haiku – Origami

We are origami Art of folding into shapes One shape makes many things Posted by eroticnoire

I am bound

I am bound. held captive to this thing of you. I have been conquered Prisoner Incarcerated And only to sound … More

haiku – craving

Honey is bitter Sugar no more has sweetness You are my craving Posted by eroticnoire

late night conversations …

Me and your pussy had a conversation last night … We conversed in feather tongue strokes She whisper moist secrets … More

I’m done with the sweet talking

I’m done with the small talk Done with sweet lyrics Cause right now all I wanna do is … Lean … More