late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room
The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by our bed
Moonlight silently cascades through our window
All is tranquil
Wrapped in sleeping spoon shapes
Human origami
We fold into each other
My chest against your back
Knees folded onto the hollow of yours
you stir
press your back against me
Crumbled sheets
A sea of white linen waves
Skin soft flint sparks the midnight flame of half awake passion
Body to body contact generates heat Continue reading

In that moment

In that moment of release

The pinnacle of tension

That point of internal explosion

Time stands still

I become paralyzed


Suffocated by confusion

Smothered in a think layer of submission

I am reduced to the one sensation of feeling

My brain is coloured in a spectrum of urgently violent passive surrender

I expel an ocean of sound

A rainstorm of thunderous frequency

Reduced to four letter expletive

And blasphemous praise

I spin



And become static all in one


Move me

Staccato co-ordination

I endure this each time

You make me cum

back seat driver

Its late.

The world is asleep

Warm orange glow from the street lights blankets her car.

Its hue unfolds itself across the interior.

She parks.

Lights off, engine stopped.

Her heart beats bassline rhythm.

The music of anticipation has her inner goddess dancing

She smiles to herself

Bottom lip curls up under her teeth

She climbs into the back seat

Lays down and dials his number

His voice is Miles Davies jazz




Eyes closed she listens to him speak

Replies with wit, sharp sarcasm, playful banter

His response is consider, subtle, focused

She can hear him smile

Carbon dioxide builds in this small space

Blends with the woman mist that has formed across her garden

He can hear her want

Its audible silence is loud

It echoes between her words

Between the valley of her thighs

Her body revs

Hormones race

Inner goddess has become a racer

Speeds around corners of longing

Zips passed logic leaving it far behind


While fingers cruse across the track of her inner thighs

The fuel burns as her inner goddess welcomes

Nimble fingers that move slow but cause tingles to race up her spine

He speaks slowly

Navigates direction of finger tips

His voice dictates


Guides the vehicle of fingers







The engine of her body moans


Revs loud

Delicate speed of finger tips rush her towards the finish line

The chequered flag of release waves in front of her

Senses flash black and white

She rushes passed the finish line of pleasure

Back arches in sweet victory celebration

First place triumph …

Aug 9 2012 – 11:47pm

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This morning
I woke up
My dick
Than diamonds
U slipped
The golden ring of you
Round me
We make sex
That is precious

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your motion, i am a slave

I a slave to your motion


held captive

the roll and sway of your hips

they are magnetic

I am steel

your full




its magic

no, its a miracle

I thank God


watching you is visual heaven

but makes me wanna sin

legs sride



solid, yet light

your movement grabs me by the eyes


always new

I am a slave to your motion

my second poetic recording … I don’t kiss

I’ve been a bit naughty today (but not in the erotic sense) I’ve got other things to do but felt the need to post a second recording. Well, the feedback to the first one has been good so thought i might be on to something. Hope the sequel  is as good as the first :-$

click on the image below to have a listen or click here


my first poetic recording…

ok … its been a couple days since I posted and I feel bad for leaving it so long. As usual I was up at silly hours of the night and decided I’d do a DIY creative home job. The result a home recording made on my phone and set to images. To listen just click here or on the image below … lemme know your thoughts

LOS pt2

My LOS …

I wanna taste your music
Feel your melody
on the tip of my tongue
Listen to your operatic vocals
Reach vocal high notes
I wanna soft suck on your jazz
Slow lick the unhurried tempo
Of your rhythm
Slow time motion
Wrap the stereo surround of your legs around my ears
So I can hear your bassline moans
Wanna use my tongue to write a song between your grooves
Have the essence of your melody reside on lips
Its sweetness linger in my mouth
Cause I love the way you moan
Swirl my tongue across the wetness of your harmony
Slow suck until your release
A song of your pleasure
I wanna taste your music …

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Lyrical battle round 3: unofficial post: just so you know …

Ok, so admittedly i took longer than I should have to reply to that dudes poems. however, a night job and day hustle can make you kindda tired. Nonetheless, I offer … as usual an official and unofficial post. Enjoy will I go off to hustle…


Just so you know ….


This lyrical battle is like a circle


I got lyrics that can make a nun touch another nun’s breasts

And as for my words

Deaf people hear them

My poems are Braille people feel them

See images within their mind

Poetic brilliance that shine

Makes tropical sun look like its not trying

Turn women into my poetic-addicts

Inhale my words through their eyes is how they get their fix

It’s not magic but I can do tricks

No acting

No stun doubles

My tongue won an Oscar for its action flicks


Bang out poems like it’s a lyrical orgy

69 images

Give backshots to minds

Have 3sums with metaphors, similes and stanzas

Don’t stop until I make women squirt poetic orgasms

Graphically graphic poems

Make women cum in body and mind

Mr Erotic Noire is medicine for women’s erotic pains

Without my dosage

They’d most certainly go insane

So call me the Erotic Doctor

Better yet call me the pumpum pharmacist

Administer poetic drugs

For women’s frustrated aliments

Some poets say they can freestyle

I free styles

Got haikus, limericks, rhetorical dialogue, prose

My words suck on the clit of women’s minds

Make them curl their toes

Poetical rampant rabbit

My words are her best friend

Turns on the vibration of my lyrics

And she knows she’ll cum again

And again

And again and

Again ….

Lyrical Battle round 3: Motherland



This place is not for us

The climate of its emotions are grey

Its weather of satisfaction is cold

Harsh rains of discontent or far to frequent

So come baby

Lemme take you to the motherland

Grab your passport of African Queen identity

Welcome aboard flight EN-69

You’ll be travelling first class

Relax and enjoy in-flight foreplay entertainment

You shall be served generous helps of


Playful seduction

And carefully selected strokes

Sip on a chilled glass of our finest rhetoric

Layback in seats of hand crafted consideration

Come with you baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Set off to a land where sunshine kisses warm your skin

The soft breeze of seductive whispers offer refreshing winds to your neck

Where mango sweet kisses replenish your lips

Leave sweetness glazed on your tongue

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Explore the body of your continent

Have my tongue travel the wonders terrain of your curves

Discover your natural treasures

The minerals of your pleasures

Have my curious fingers

Walk over the mountains of your breasts

The tropical warmth of my mouth over the nipple peaks of them

Offer them rains of tongue swirls

Until the black pearls of your nipples shine hard and proud

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Where I trace down into the valley of your titties

Over the flat land of your stomach

Down towards the valley of your thighs

Where my tongue will

Make your juices running down your leg like the river Nile

Write history between your legs

Build pyramid wonders of tongue architect

Give your pussy its independence from the empire of dry pussy governance

Liberate it

Set it free

Break the shackles of past histories

Make ancestors praise the legacy my tongue will leave inside pages of your thighs

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Cause tropical rains of your juice to rain down on my tongue

Wet warmth

Humid moans fill your lungs

Suck on the diamond of your clit

It is precious

Lick it so it shines bright

Slide my tongue inside the walls of your tradition

Taste the seasoning of your pussy

Have it nourish me

Cover the form of your lips with traditional material kisses

Colourful patterns of embroidered tongue designs

Adorned your pussy

For she is a regal empress


I shall bow down to her majesty

This place is not for us

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland …