late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by … More

In that moment

In that moment of release The pinnacle of tension That point of internal explosion Time stands still I become paralyzed … More

back seat driver

Its late. The world is asleep Warm orange glow from the street lights blankets her car. Its hue unfolds itself … More


This morning I woke up My dick Harder Than diamonds U slipped The golden ring of you Round me We … More

your motion, i am a slave

I a slave to your motion transfixed held captive the roll and sway of your hips they are magnetic I … More

my second poetic recording … I don’t kiss

I’ve been a bit naughty today (but not in the erotic sense) I’ve got other things to do but felt … More

my first poetic recording…

ok … its been a couple days since I posted and I feel bad for leaving it so long. As … More

LOS pt2

My LOS … I wanna taste your music Feel your melody on the tip of my tongue Listen to your … More

Lyrical battle round 3: unofficial post: just so you know …

Ok, so admittedly i took longer than I should have to reply to that dudes poems. however, a night job … More

Lyrical Battle round 3: Motherland

  Motherland This place is not for us The climate of its emotions are grey Its weather of satisfaction is … More