Diary of us – snippet: 20th April

Legs open wide. An invitation. My hardness accepted your wet welcome. Our eyes locked, pulling us closer together. Magnet and steel. The whispers of your eyes spoke to me. Spoke of pleasure. Spoke of want. Lowered myself between the valley of your thighs. Your hands around my neck, legs coiled around my waist. Loud silence when you told me
‘Slow baby, just the tip’
I smile, follow your instruction. Rest my head at your entrance, it crowns me. I am king of your queen-dom. Your wetness is my throne. I rest on it. Sit still and look into your eyes. You smile, bit your lip, mischief in your eyes. I sense your playfulness. Become curious. Curiosity blends with my desire, mixes with my longing to enter you. Your request echoes in my mind ‘slow baby, just the tip”
Your hands soft on my face. Strokes the curiosity away, makes it fade. Your gaze fixed on my face.
Then …you squeeze, flex you woman muscle. Tingles explode in my head … And in my head, tear through me. Cause me to roar. Curse out loud. Surprise shakes me. Evoke the moment before release, the intense build up. I grit my teeth. Try to pull away. Retreat from the onslaught on compounded sensations. You grip me with your legs, hold me prisoner and keep me captured in the bitter-sweet torment. I look at you. Playfulness in your eyes, mischief dances in them. You flex again. Unable to be freed I try to push inside you and charge past your fortress of wetness. You put your hand on my stomach. Hold me at bay. Refuse me entry, decline me pleading request to be set free from this cerebral anguish. I am a hostage, held captive in the beautiful prison of tightness. I growl. Explicit words spill out my mouth. I clench fist. Angry lust rumbles in me. Joyful vexation erupts. I punch the bed. Shudder with raging pleasure. You squeeze again. Hold. Grip hard. Maintain your hold. You’re knowingly pushing me to the edge. I curse you. Laugh with vexation in my voice as tingles stampede through me. You giggle with naughtiness in your sound. We laugh together. You hold me with your legs and pull me inside you …