tingles ( her confessions pt2)

Her confession was a declaration
She confessed
Said she likes its
Likes when my tongue touches her nib
Makes jump
Shocks her body with 1000 volts of tingles
Sweet pins and needles between her thighs
Said she likes how her body becomes rigid
And relaxed at the same time
Said it offers no dick deep penetration
Said it skims the surface of her flower
Yet reaches deep inside her body Continue reading


Take me in your mouth
Use your tongue
Make me speak like you’re some kind of erotic ventriloquist
Turn me into your puppet
Command me
Give me life
Remain mute
Place your lips sealed around my form and make me speak
Throw my voice across the room
Don’t move your lips
Cause me to produce sounds from my stomach
Cast a spell on me
Tongue voodoo Continue reading