LOS pt2

My LOS …

I wanna taste your music
Feel your melody
on the tip of my tongue
Listen to your operatic vocals
Reach vocal high notes
I wanna soft suck on your jazz
Slow lick the unhurried tempo
Of your rhythm
Slow time motion
Wrap the stereo surround of your legs around my ears
So I can hear your bassline moans
Wanna use my tongue to write a song between your grooves
Have the essence of your melody reside on lips
Its sweetness linger in my mouth
Cause I love the way you moan
Swirl my tongue across the wetness of your harmony
Slow suck until your release
A song of your pleasure
I wanna taste your music …

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Lyrical battle round 3: unofficial post: just so you know …

Ok, so admittedly i took longer than I should have to reply to that dudes poems. however, a night job and day hustle can make you kindda tired. Nonetheless, I offer … as usual an official and unofficial post. Enjoy will I go off to hustle…


Just so you know ….


This lyrical battle is like a circle


I got lyrics that can make a nun touch another nun’s breasts

And as for my words

Deaf people hear them

My poems are Braille people feel them

See images within their mind

Poetic brilliance that shine

Makes tropical sun look like its not trying

Turn women into my poetic-addicts

Inhale my words through their eyes is how they get their fix

It’s not magic but I can do tricks

No acting

No stun doubles

My tongue won an Oscar for its action flicks


Bang out poems like it’s a lyrical orgy

69 images

Give backshots to minds

Have 3sums with metaphors, similes and stanzas

Don’t stop until I make women squirt poetic orgasms

Graphically graphic poems

Make women cum in body and mind

Mr Erotic Noire is medicine for women’s erotic pains

Without my dosage

They’d most certainly go insane

So call me the Erotic Doctor

Better yet call me the pumpum pharmacist

Administer poetic drugs

For women’s frustrated aliments

Some poets say they can freestyle

I free styles

Got haikus, limericks, rhetorical dialogue, prose

My words suck on the clit of women’s minds

Make them curl their toes

Poetical rampant rabbit

My words are her best friend

Turns on the vibration of my lyrics

And she knows she’ll cum again

And again

And again and

Again ….

Lyrical Battle round 3: Motherland



This place is not for us

The climate of its emotions are grey

Its weather of satisfaction is cold

Harsh rains of discontent or far to frequent

So come baby

Lemme take you to the motherland

Grab your passport of African Queen identity

Welcome aboard flight EN-69

You’ll be travelling first class

Relax and enjoy in-flight foreplay entertainment

You shall be served generous helps of


Playful seduction

And carefully selected strokes

Sip on a chilled glass of our finest rhetoric

Layback in seats of hand crafted consideration

Come with you baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Set off to a land where sunshine kisses warm your skin

The soft breeze of seductive whispers offer refreshing winds to your neck

Where mango sweet kisses replenish your lips

Leave sweetness glazed on your tongue

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Explore the body of your continent

Have my tongue travel the wonders terrain of your curves

Discover your natural treasures

The minerals of your pleasures

Have my curious fingers

Walk over the mountains of your breasts

The tropical warmth of my mouth over the nipple peaks of them

Offer them rains of tongue swirls

Until the black pearls of your nipples shine hard and proud

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Where I trace down into the valley of your titties

Over the flat land of your stomach

Down towards the valley of your thighs

Where my tongue will

Make your juices running down your leg like the river Nile

Write history between your legs

Build pyramid wonders of tongue architect

Give your pussy its independence from the empire of dry pussy governance

Liberate it

Set it free

Break the shackles of past histories

Make ancestors praise the legacy my tongue will leave inside pages of your thighs

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland

Cause tropical rains of your juice to rain down on my tongue

Wet warmth

Humid moans fill your lungs

Suck on the diamond of your clit

It is precious

Lick it so it shines bright

Slide my tongue inside the walls of your tradition

Taste the seasoning of your pussy

Have it nourish me

Cover the form of your lips with traditional material kisses

Colourful patterns of embroidered tongue designs

Adorned your pussy

For she is a regal empress


I shall bow down to her majesty

This place is not for us

Come with me baby lemme take you to the Motherland …

Lyrical battle round 2 – unofficial posting : You like to watch me when I play for you …

ok, ok … I promise this is the last one until this dude post a reply. It’s just that I got so bored and I started to play around … figuratively that is 😉

The way I see pleasuring a woman it doesn’t have to actually involve getting all up in her or using my mouth. Sometimes, it may just be allow her to see something new and different … something she can visually indulge in.


You like to watch me when I play for you …


You like to watch me when I play for you …

Hold myself in my hands

Look you in your eyes

Hold your gaze

You like to

See it


Become full with want

Tense with anticipation

Take in the vision as I

Stroke it

Caress it

Circle my own tip

So you can see

The silk smooth shine

Form on my tip

Watch me

Make like I’m pushing inside you

Slide hands down tense tissue erection

Standing tall




Inviting you to take it in

You like to watch

Varied pace

Swift motions

Slow swirls around circumference

Deep moan

Subwoofer frequency



Like to imagine my minds image

As I work hands

Hear the sound of

Increase breathing




The roar

Man beast release fill the room

You like to watch me when I play for you …

Lyrical battle round 2 – unofficial posting : I am …

I got kindda board waiting for that Mr Oh dude to post a response so I scribbled this …. Again, unofficial as rules state I have to wait for his response but if your board like me … hear you go:


I am …


I am …

The pout of your lips

Your long playful gazes

The warm smile that graces your mouth

The alluring aroma of your perfume

Shades of your make up

The elegance of hairstyle

The sexy architectural splendour of your heels

How you wear your most seductive outfit

The ballet stride that carries you

The ebony rainbow arch in your back

Length of your legs

Fullness of your breasts

Roundness of your booty

Circumference of your hips

Firmness of your thighs

Your most tempting lingerie set

The cup and lift of your bra

The narrowing of your waistline

Your motion when you walk

The way you lust

The depth of your desire

Your favourite toy

Your self-sexual discovery

Unaccompanied self-indulgence

The way you bit your bottom lip

Your moans

The tingles down your legs

Slow muscle tensing build up to release

The epileptic spasms of your orgasms


I am Mr Erotic Noire …

Lyrical battle round 2 – unofficial posting: So Good

Ok … so this is any unofficial posting for part of the lyrical battle between myself and that MrOhYes dude. I’ve already posted the official response which you can see here.

However, I on such a flow I just had to post this …. let the lyrical battle continue to the end


So Good …


Baby I wanna fuck you so good

it’ll leave a dictionary speechless

lost for words

no translation


Have oxygen breathless

Like my waistline is gyroscopic

Make your moans break the sound barrier

Hold on girl

Your pussy bout to go supersonic

Earthquake tremor your legs

10.9 on the pussy rictor scale

Quiver sensations

Cause holistic vibrations

Outer body experience

Clitoral self-actualisation

Make you flex in ways that extra ordinary

Touch places within places in places you never knew where places

Yeah, that’s right

Make you have to stop and repeat it over

Just clear you mind

New pussy dimensions

I’m about to make you discover

Fuck space

Inside you is my final frontier

I shall boldy go where no man has gone before

Leave you body confused

Cause it won’t be able to handle my sex

But yet will be begging for me

Lace you up with some tongue dance movements

Tongue zumba

Oral waltz

Clitoral salsa

Tongue tango

Make you be breakdancing on your bed

As my mouth hums a bassline beat

Take you to your point

The pause


Make you wait

Build it up time after time

So when you cum

It’ll be Armageddon strong

And don’t you dare think after that I’ll be done after that

No baby

I’ll a bedroom inventor

Create innovate new ways to make you cum

So I make no apology for what I’m about to do

But you might wanna pray to God for forgiveness

Cause I’m about to make you

Worship the new religion of what I can do ….

Lyrical battle round 2

Call yourself the Pied piper of pussy

Son you playing out of tune

I’m the new cat in town

Making woman howl at the moon


Become wild cats of the night

And believe me when I say they do like to bite

They become nature’s freaks

Freaks of nature

Ladies by day

I whisper in their ear at night …

And they turn into nympho freaks moments later

Carlsburg don’t make sex

But if they did it would be Mr Erotic Noire sex


Fuck it

I’m black heineken

Reach the parts other brears can’t reach

But don’t get it twisted

My ism is like fine wine




Gets better with time

Leaves them intoxicate

Tongue motion makes them move their waistline

Taste them like dinner

Call it wine and dine

I’m the tongue puppeteer

As I slide my tongue inside

Take control of your hips, waist, legs and spine

Tongue movement to the left

Gyrate your waistline

Lick her slow make them arch their spine

Tip of tongue flicks her clit

Legs open like wings and she starts to fly

A scholar in tongue science



I even got ancient Egyptians

Left in amazement at my tongue inside her architecture

But I don’t brag there is no need

To get confirmation of my skills

Look at her juice running down past her knees

My mouth is warm

But skills so cold

I make ice freeze

Women see me and their pussy starts to cream

Like they’re trying to make vaginal cheese

I play music on their clit

Ella, Coltrane, Dizzy, Miles




Jazz pussy blues resides between her knees

Leave eternally resonating tongue music memories

She begging for an encore of my musical tongue mastery

Say you’re the pied piper of pussy

Negro please …

Lyrical battle round 1, third strike – warning

So here is my final strike for this round … I look forward to round 2 – lets battle already!!!





Didn’t your momma ever tell you play with fire

You will be burnt

I advise you to

Exercise caution

I’m so hot I make hell fire brimstone look like Antarctica






I will have your pussy juices whispering my name

Your nipples will become harder than this current recession

At the thought of tongue swirl movements

The nape of your neck will be haunted by ghosts of my soft kisses

Your full lips will feel hollow

Long for my mouth to press against them so the can be full again

They will thirst for the fluid movement of my tongue dance kisses

Your mouth will echo lonely

Departed oral slow dance music will resonate in your empty mouth

The firmness of your breast will fall

Become void of purpose

They will only long to feel the fulfilling pleasure of

Knowledgeable hands

Supple fingers

Yearn to be acknowledge by my mouth

And your pussy

It will be a tongue-cocaine addict

You’ve crave my Class A tongue drug that can give it its high

be hooked and won’t wanna go to rehab

And my dick

It’ll be the marijuana that calms you

Made you meditate


Reach spiritual levels

Your pussy will long to inhale the Grade A cannabis dick I have

Puff puff


Puff puff


You’ll try to speak but your vocal cords will forget how to make any other sound

except that of my name and your moans

you’ll dreams will be of dreams of my dick voodoo

wonder how I put a spell on you

But this isn’t no Harry Potter *ish

Be dumbfounded by how I got up inside

Worked you

Made your wonderment be amazed

Your disbelief develop faith

And your astonishment will be shocked


Didn’t your momma ever tell you play with fire

You will be burnt

I advise you to

Exercise caution

I’m so hot I make hell fire brimstone look like Antarctica






Lyrical battle round 1, second strike – name calling

Here is my second strike … I’m using his own name to show I can beat him down and demonstrate my erotic skills….

My miracle manhood manoeuvre makes moans multiply making memorised mouths mimic marvelled moulds

Raw raucous raptures resonate round rooms representing rapid ripples reaching rewarding results

Ogasms occur offering operatic overtures of overjoyed ovations

Hips harmonise hypnotic hourglass hula-hoop horny hunger

Ying yang yearnings yield yelped yeses

Ejaculation explodes erupting erratic evangelical expression

Satisfaction seduces senses slowly so sleep settles still sizzling souls


Third strike is here

Lyrical battle round 1, first strike – tongue religion

So … some random unknown dude fancies his luck and wants to challenge me to a erotic lyrical battle. His name: Mr Oh Yes … he’s on twitter @mrohyes and here on wordpress: http://mrohyes.wordpress.com. I have to say that I actually had a good old chuckle at the concept and idea when he laid down his ‘challenge’ as it was highly amusing. He thinks I’m a rookie and I have no skills or experience in erotic writing. Me!! Mr Erotic Noire, no skills …. that’s like saying fish can’t swim. So eager was he that he threw the first lyrical blow. Little does he know that I’m a master of poetic kung fu and I’m about to unleash a combo attack on him. Here is my first strike…

Tongue Religion

I don’t go down on you


I use my tongue to make you levitate

Align your shakas

My tongue works are spiritual

You will worship my tongue

Like it’s some new religion

And each night you’ll baptise

My tongue in your waters

Moan the name of



Holy Ghost

My tongue will be your saviour

Call out my name

I am the alpha


Make you cum in the beginning

Make you cum in the end

It is the truth

The way

And the light

Your pussy is my alter

And I shall worship

I am your high priest of pussy pleasure-ism

Give you tongue swirl sermons

Testimonies of slide deep inside you blessings

The slow long licks of my tongue

Will cause gospel choirs vocals

To erupt from between your thighs

Tambourine tingles

Catch the spirit

Dance on the tip of my tongue

Praise it

Scream hallelujah


Be sanctified in your juices

Let me slow slurp them up

So that the become

Your tithe and offerings

I shall write scriptures on your clit

My twelve disciples

Will be

Lick, Suck, Pull, Swirl, Slide, Slurp, Fuck, Tease, Kiss, Flick, Toys & fingers

The will know my tongue teachings

Share their knowledge & faith with your clit

Tease you for 40 days and 40 nights

Set the frustrations of your pussy free

I shall part your legs like the red sea

Enter your promised land

Whisper Solomon poems to your entrance

Words wisdom

You will know my tongue

As your savior

Glorify my name

With orgasms

Testify with moans

Sing of my glorious wonders

Proclaim it to thy neighbours

And as you transcend to the heaven of squirting

You solo will know that there is only one heaven

And it is on the tip of my tongue

You shall pray that I will be with your forever and ever


second strike is here: