I want to use my tongue and flirt with your clit. Be playful with it using subtle gestures of tongue swirling humour. Use my tongue to engage it in witty banter that causes tingles to smile in its tip. Take a leisurely tongue swoop across your lips until your wetness relaxes and flows fluid. Circle your nib so you see the interest of my want. Take my time. Offer open invitations of pleasures. Continue reading

The great Rampant Rabbit debate – how do you use yours?

So i was having a convo with a lady friend and it seems there are various ways women use their rampant rabbits. Most women only use the ‘ears’ but many have a preference as to which direction their rabbit is pointing (either with the shaft pointing downwards/between their thighs or pointing upwards). It made me wonder … so the two questions are

1. how do you use yours
2. which direction does it point in


please answer the polls below





In that moment

In that moment of release

The pinnacle of tension

That point of internal explosion

Time stands still

I become paralyzed


Suffocated by confusion

Smothered in a think layer of submission

I am reduced to the one sensation of feeling

My brain is coloured in a spectrum of urgently violent passive surrender

I expel an ocean of sound

A rainstorm of thunderous frequency

Reduced to four letter expletive

And blasphemous praise

I spin



And become static all in one


Move me

Staccato co-ordination

I endure this each time

You make me cum

Duvet day

Not that England actually had a summer, but the ‘summer’ does seem to be over. We are now left facing the sad and depressing reality we have 6-8 months of even more rain, dark mornings, cold and possible snow. It’s on days like this (especially when we have to go to work) that we need a duvet day. So, I dedicate this poem to those that indulge in a duvet day …

Duvet day

The wind whistles pass our window
Howls as it twists branches strips. Dem of leaves
Twirls around huddled bodies making their way to work
Wraps them in harsh words of coldness
They taste the gray skies
It’s thick heavy flavour is bitter
Rain wipes skin with wet lashes
Soaks dreams of hope
Drowns them
Chill factor -2
Raucous icy laughter
Envelopes disgruntled commuters long faces
Crease brows
The faces that walk the streets

And we …

We lay still
Enclosed in a silent tornado of want
Blown away to our place of us
Kiss until we create tropical heat
Humidity of lust
The sunshine of our passion is hot
We perspire desire
Warm mouths commute
explore body landscapes
Moans as soft and light as summer breeze
Float in the air
We taste bountiful fruits
Sweet Juices
Colour our taste buds with each others goodness
Wear sunshine smiles
As we travel to the place of us
Our journey starts when we decide to have a duvet day …

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The best wake up call…

I exploded from deep silent slumber
Jolted awake by full body tensing
Your warm mouth around my hardness
Throw my head backwards into my pillow
Grit teeth
Heartbeat pounding in my chest
You lick me off slow
As I melt
Nerves sparkle with after shock sensations

…It wasn’t a dream after all

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My Lady of Soul

I tune in to her frequency
Audio indulgence
She slows it down
Cranks me up
Sits on my rhythm
Moves me
Her groove is a harmony
Slide into her tempo
Makes my senses sing
I Moan basslines
Soft suck on her sound
Kiss on her late night pleasures
taste the sweetness of her melody
Let its juices dribble down my chin
I can see her sounds
touch her music
Its wet
Sink in slow
Let her ride my rhythm
Until she orgasms
She is my Lady of Soul

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I see stars when …

when you straddle me

position yourself

so only your tight wetness

and my hardness


take in just the tip of my dick

slowly ease down on to it

slowly rise up

just on the tip

do if fast

then slow


rise up slowly to the tip

I see stars when you do that to me…

Sex education

I’m about to take it to school. Educate a fool …

Here’s a poem I wrote a while back. It’s one of those bragging poems that I think every poet (and dude) has up his sleeve.

Sex education

Have a PhD in taking you to ecstasy
A Masters in making you cum harder
A degree in being your fantasy
I wanna be an A+ student
Have a second doctorate in how to stimulate
Have another degree in makin u get h2o freaky
Have a diploma in makin u moan louder
Have double figure A levels in makin ur senses tingle
And untold O levels in oral levels
I have a masters in makin u cum harder …

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innocence lost …

So, I was sent a challenge by a fellow poet and tweeter. The aim of this challenge was to be less erotic, less sexual. I had to write a poem about the loss of innocence. I have to confess this was tough and not sure what that says about me :-$ Normally I can knock up a draft, if not full poem in a day or two. This challenge took a week!! I thank the beautiful woman that challenged me 😉
Anyway … Here it is.
The words were:
Purple, roof, divine, loss & expectations. Topic: The corruption innocence.

His expectations were as infinite as cloudless midnight sky
Her intentions were as pure as muddy water. She used her chest to play mental chess
Moved pawns of short skirts, her bishop of second skin fitting attire, her queen of sexual suggestions covered in chiffon thin subtly.
She wanted a mate
So her move won her check-mate
Sitting on the roof of forever it
gave him Panoramic views of possibilities.
The horizon was hope open and wide. He looked forward and it spanned out before him. She saw hopes of resurrecting apple of eden temptations. Asked him to take a bite of her apple bottom. Whispered summer breeze promises of purple haze intoxicating pleasures. He prayed to his divine father, she prayed on his divine focus. She wanted to moan the Lord’s name. To welcome him into her promised land.

She wrapped legs of seduction around him. Pressed up on him with hard nipples of allure. Licked on the neck of his faith with swoops of wet delights. He was man. Human. She was not of the world. Terrestrial vixen. A wanderer of the galaxy of integrity looking to invade it. Clam it as her own. Her long lost home of virtuous ways, left long ago, destroyed by lust she looked to do the same and now her loss will be his …

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Squirting 101 – part 2

before you get to reading …
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Ok … So some of y’all have come back asking what happens if you haven’t got a partner/you want to practice on your own first.  Fear not, Professor Erotic Noire is at hand (pardon the pun).

Firstly, and forgive me for stating the obvious to you ladies, but solo hand jobs can offer two initial problems. Nails and angles. For those of you ladies that like your long names performing the technique described in my previous lesson may prove ….. a tad uncomfortable shall we say. The other issue is getting your hand into the right angle to be able to touch your gspot. This is where my tag team partner comes into play …. toys!! Now before you run off and grab the ever popular rabbit take note. The rabbit isn’t the best toy to touch you gspot. You’ll need a dedicated gspot stimulator toy for this trick. These little underrated and under appreciated bad boys come in all shapes and sizes. My top two are pictured below. I call the first one ‘Question Mark’ not only because of its shape but also because it’ll leave your body asking WTF was that?!!! Its so good I had one ‘stolen’ from me (that’s another blog in itself). The other bad boy is a smaller, more slender offering called the Finger Gspot. So what’s the difference you ask? Simple ‘Vibration focus’. Question mark has a wider, deeper vibration and is easier to hold. It’s larger tip gives a sensation that covers a wider/larger area on and around your gspot. It also has more speed and pulsation variations. The slender curved Finger Gspot has a more focused and faster vibration rate (depending on the spec). Its vibration hits a specific spot of your spot (if that makes sense). As a result you’ll have to really know where you gspot is and how to control this toy. Some may find the finger to intense and thus uncomfortable and its slender shape harder to control.

So down to the business of technique…

With either toy the best position is to have you knees folded up into your chest slighting. I’m not talking any fancy yoga position or contortionist flexibility – just legs apart and your body curled up slightly. I feel I have to explain why this position is probably the best of any for of gspot stimulation. The reason is that the vaginal track, when in this positioned, become shorted and more condensed, thus everything becomes compacted – including your nerve ends and sensitive spots. So when you slide the toy inside already the sensation/pleasure spots will be closer together. This compacted area includes you gspot which ‘moves’ to an angle that is easier to find and stimulate. As with the previous blog the trick is to use slow, steady, small circular motions on your gspot. While doing this you can also use your other hand to stimulate you clit. The combined stimulation will create a similar sensation and orgasm to the one described in my previous blog. Again, remember, as you build up to orgasm try to keep the toys motion steady and slow. I know this is easier said than done but try. I’d also go as far as to suggest (for those that can handle the intensity) to keep the toy inside during and after orgasm. Another benefit to the using these toys is that if you do have a partner to hand they can provide oral please at the same time – how great is that?!? But I digress, the focus is solo pleasure.

When it comes to gspot toys I do sincerely think they are underrated and under utilised. These bad boys can give orgasms that are different from the infamous rabbit and if you get the right one are more portable 😉 My case in point is this magnificent piece of gspot stimulation engineering. It looks aren’t the greatest but trust me this baby, if used right, can make silent scream (for those that have experienced this, you know what i mean). What this magic wand does is provide two way stimulation. Due to its shape it curls up inside the woman and hits are gpost (the lower part of the toy in the image below) while the upper part goes to work on the clit (the rigged part) So it’s two for the price of one stimulation. The great thing about this particular toy is that get your body positioning right and you can use it ‘hands free’ and just rock back and forth. A good position would be to be on your knees with a pillow between your thighs to help hold the toy in place.  However, nothing beats the good old on your back/sitting on the edge of the sofa legs akimbo 😉

here are a small selection of toys that I’d recommend you try out if you want to go solo. The prices range from £15 – £50. If you have any question Professor Noire will be happy to answer them via email. Please note that smaller, pocket sized gspot stimulators may prove difficult to hold and position so I’d personally recommend a middle to larger size toy for easier control.

Class is dismissed …

Professor Noire

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