Duvet day

Not that England actually had a summer, but the ‘summer’ does seem to be over. We are now left facing … More

The best wake up call…

I exploded from deep silent slumber Jolted awake by full body tensing Orgasm Your warm mouth around my hardness Throw … More

My Lady of Soul

I tune in to her frequency Audio indulgence She slows it down Cranks me up Sits on my rhythm Moves … More

I see stars when …

when you straddle me position yourself so only your tight wetness and my hardness meet take in just the tip … More

Sex education

I’m about to take it to school. Educate a fool … Here’s a poem I wrote a while back. It’s … More

innocence lost …

So, I was sent a challenge by a fellow poet and tweeter. The aim of this challenge was to be … More