late night love pt1

Late night silence blankets our room The faint glow of our bedside lamp creates on warm halo of light by … More

In that moment

In that moment of release The pinnacle of tension That point of internal explosion Time stands still I become paralyzed … More

Let’s … (until)

Let’s fuck till we become motionless A blur of deep thrust frantic grinding of movement Let’s fuck til we moan … More


You give me creative hard-ons Make me want to give backshots to your intellect Want us 69 each others imagination … More

when you …

My diaphragm Staccato convulses Forces Breath to rumble up my windpipe explode out my mouth A chorus of smooth staggered … More

back seat driver

Its late. The world is asleep Warm orange glow from the street lights blankets her car. Its hue unfolds itself … More