Nubian Superwoman

She wears an ankh on her chest.
She’s a Nubian superwoman.
Melanin is the source of her super powers.
Her third eye gazes into my penial gland.
Sapiosexual seductive allure.
Lips of African coco-mango-brown sugar.
And lips of black rose-ebony-honey-yoni goodness.
I want to kiss both.
Taste her and taste her.
Lord forgive me for I want to be baptised in the wetness of her intellect. Slide deep inside her chakras.
Cause her third eye to roll backwards. Give her a mindgasm.
She wears the eye of Horus on her arm. Inked.
Egyptian goddess wearing Egyptian Goddess symbol.
Her figure is pyramid architecture design.
A wonder of this world.
Not of this world.
She makes my mind erect.
Causes my body to think. 

orgasmic sounds compilation

here is a compilation of the many wonderful sounds and ways women reach orgasm. the sounds, the expression, the emotion is simply the sexist sound ever. enjoy

Sex tip pt5 – 1 Aug

Woody Allen said “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.” however, laughing during sex not only helps make sex more enjoyable and relaxed it can also be highly pleasurable for the man – or more to the point be a powerful weapon for the woman.

ladies, next time you’re having sex try to laugh while he’s inside you – and i mean really laugh. The science behind the laughter his that your stomach contracts and spasm. These spasms, these contractions travel down to and through your vagina. it creates a tight rippling grip around his shaft which can make his toes curl. If you find it difficult to laugh have him tickle you or have a sex play fight – just be silly, have fun and do whatever it takes to laugh while he’s inside you.

Another good time to laugh is just as/after he’s about to climax – position doens’t matter but riding him helps as he can’t move 😉