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Sex is so much more than physical
It’s spiritual. It’s sacred. It’s cosmic.
Sex is a manifestation of this universe.
This universe is made of melanin.
This universe is mirrored within us, in our
cells. We are made in the image of it/God.
Our orgasm is an internal Big Bang.
When we cum we give birth to galaxies.
We are the creator. We transform energy.
sex is so much more than physical
It’s spiritual. It’s sacred. It’s cosmic

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I simply desire
for the sex I give you
to be like the moon
cause your waters to rise
tilt your centre of gravity
resonate within your frequencies
bring forth you carnal lunar beast
have you howl your orgasms

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h2o magic 

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Her wetness
It’s H2o magic
Yields to my hardness, yet make me weak
It is a silent prayer, meditation
Whispers magnetic incantations
Pulls me into its spell
It causes Armageddon passion
Still waters that run deep
Holds me captive in a liquid prison
One where I’d gladly do time
It’s ignites, evoke Samson strength and yet
can cripple me
Her wetness is H2o magic

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She is…

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Black woman
You’re God
Cause when you ride me
Your waistline rotation
It makes me ejaculate galaxies
I see stars, I call out your name
You’re the word. The truth
Plants form when you push it back on me
Your wetness separates day and night
I growl landscapes because of your wetness
Your yoni grip creates heaven and
pushes me down to earth
Life is created within you
You are God

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I’ve seen…

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I’ve seen words gather amongst
themselves and discuss
ways to describe your beauty
I’ve seen colours fall into one another
hoping to match your skin tone
I’ve seen art pause, captured in awe
of the masterpiece of you
I’ve seen music
match itself to the rhythm
of you movement
I’ve seen …

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December 15, 2016 Leave a comment

8k nerve endings
The only organ dedicated to sexual pleasure
More concentrated nerve endings than the tongue
Twice as many as the penis

And y’all still think God is a man

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#TasteHerTuesday class

December 13, 2016 Leave a comment

The #TasteHerTuesday class

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