Eroticnoire launches Red Room Pleasures – an online adult toy store

Welcome to my very own online adult toy store – Red Room Pleasures.

It’s a world of indulgence, exploration and pleasure. A place where you can fulfill fantasies or be inspired to discover new ones.
There is a wide selection of toys and accessories all carefully selected with one aim in mind … Your pleasure.

So, head over to and have a look.

I’m currently offering 10% to celebrate the launch. Use promo code: redroom10 at check out.

Oral Traditions – the new book by Eroticnoire

The first collection of poetry by Instagram writer and sex positive advocate Mr Eroticnoire.

Oral Traditions is a collection of poems that celebrate, explore and revel in the pleasure and reverence of giving oral pleasure and sexual indulgence.

Sometimes raw, wild and playful, but always unapologetic, Oral Traditions captures the anticipation, reflection and endless possibilities of this delicious pleasure.

The cover of this collection is proof that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Stepping away from conventional erotic book designs this book is designed to allow readers to enjoy in public, at work, leave on their coffee table and enjoy any time, anywhere.

Crafted with flair and dedication Oral Traditions will evoke flashbacks, desires and insight into this powerful yet delicate pleasure.

Available on Amazon
Search ‘Eric Noire’

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Order your copy today and indulge yourself.

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The Eroticnoire book club

Calling all lovers of erotic literature from black authors.

Join the Eroticnoire book club and indulge your literally desires.

It takes place on Wednesday 6 June

Held at Coffee Cake and Kisses

54 Warren Street, W1T 5NN

Tickets £5

The Eroticnoire book club is the perfect place to meet like-minded literary enthusiasts. Enjoy some herbal tea, coffee and delicious cakes.

Each month lovers of black erotic literature are invited to meet up and review a chosen book. Guests will have a chance to share and hear views on the highs and lows of the chosen book. They’ll also be discussions that explore erotic literature in general and all its pleasures.

Everyone will be able to offer a book for next meet up which will be voted on. All suggested books not selected will be added to a reading list for future consideration or for everyone to enjoy in their own time – no need to waste a good book.

The launch will be hosted by erotic author @megphilipauthor
Co-hosted by @yve_olution

Spaces are limited. Book your ticket here


A man’s tongue ought to be a tourist when tasting a woman.

It needs to be curious, explore,
discover, languish in the wonderment
of her wetness landscape.

Create fond memories with his tongue.

Capture pictures with his lips.
Over indulge, go deep into the history of her moans, relish culture of her spasms