#FreestyleFriday #5 – 5.5.15

Black, love, forever, unity, peace.

BLACK is the colour we love in. Deep. Endless. Pure melanin.
FOREVER is inspired by our eternity. Infinity strives towards our boundless love.
LOVE is what we give, gift wrapped in kisses, presented with trust. Exchanged in future hopes.
UNITY is what we stand for, yet we sex like enemies. A cocktail of lustful vexation.
PEACE descends after we’ve released. Quite. Clam. Bedroom ceasefire… until we war again.

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#FreestyleFriday #4 – 5.5.15

June 5, 2015 1 comment

Slay, music, shade, hot, fan.

SLAY me with your wetness. This is what you do.
MUSIC sings to the octaves of your moans. We sex in skin-to-skin rhythm.
FAN in the corner tries to cool itself down, it perspires from heat.
HOT sun fire is afraid to touch us. Scared it might get burnt.
SHADE of post orgasm sleep is where we slumber. After our summer sex sessions.

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#FreestyleFriday #3 – 5.5.15

Car, egg, truck, watch, shoes.

TRUCK load of heavy breathing, articulated laden lorry of moans. Our pleasure is a shipment indulgence.
SHOES stay on, heels that reflect my length. Both cause your feet to curl and arch.
WATCH is what we do. Voyeur of us. The mirror reflects ebony-on-ebony images.
CAR at full speed is how you ride me. Accelerate. Swerve. Race. Reach the finish line of release.
EGG shell climax. You break open. Shatter. No nursery rhyme but I kiss you back together again.

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#FreestyleFriday #2 – 5.5.15

Sand, orchestra, God, ego, forever.

Sand grains of the desert do not compare to the number of tingles I wish to give you.
Orchestra sex is what we have, a crescendo of shudders, symphony of spasms, it’s classical.
Ego is displayed in your orgasms. Not before a fall, never before you cum.
Forever is the echo of flashbacks, reminiscent wetness, orgasm recollections.
God is who you call to, who I become, who we thank, who we create.

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#FreestyleFriday #1 – 5.5.15

Red, crush, chair, stay, light

Light is what our sex creates. Illuminates darkness of unfulfilled desires
Crush gravity with the weight of our body-to-body connections.
Red blushes when it witnesses our lust. Ebony is the colour of passion
Stay. We halt time. Cause it to watch us. As waists tick & tock
Chair is where we sleep. Limbs too limp to carry us to bed.

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TasteHerTuesday# : 19.5.15 – #3

May 19, 2015 2 comments

Taste her like soca
Use your tongue and get on bad
Make she wok up she waist
Taste her like J’ouvert
An oral celebration of her liberation
Taste her so her senses jump and wave
So her nerve endings tingle like steel pan
High frequency acoustic rhythms
Taste her so her vocals whistle
So she moans like horns
Make she whine on your tongue
Dollar whine
Hold up her foot and jump
Show her you have oral stamina
Taste her with fast tempo tongue flicks
Frantic movement
Taste her
Taste her like Bacchanal
Taste her like soca

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TasteHerTuesday# : 19.5.15 – #2

I will taste you so good.
Your wetness would protest if you denied it my tongue
Your shudders would demonstrate
Taste you so good
Your throbbing would rally
And your orgasm…
It would petition for its rights to explosion and freedom

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