#TasteHerTuesday: #3 – 5.5.15

Taste her.
With focus & intent
With authority
Taste her …

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#TasteHerTuesday: #2 – 5.5.15

I love when you straddle my mouth. Look down into my eyes. Slow whine & silently mouth the word ‘fuck!’

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#TasteHerTuesday: 5.5.15 #1

I will taste you
Taste you so good
The tongue of your delight swirls around the tip of your mind
Until you slurp on the wetness of your own moans
Feel the juices of your pleasure trickle over your lips
I will taste you so good you slide the tongue of your want inside yourself
Soft suck on the lips of your own spasms
Taste you so good you place the hands of your ascension on the head of your intensity
Pull it into the entrance of your transcendence
Rotate the mouth of your imminent eruption against the clit of your building tension
Feel it
Hold it
Be held by it
I will taste you so good you go down on your own orgasm

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bbe. Use my poems. Hold on to them. Place them on your clit, let them circle it. slide them deep inside. Feel the thickness of my creativity. Feel the thrust of my artistic passion. Ride them. Change your perspective position. Let them hit it from behind. Push back on them. Listen to the sound of the skin of our imagination and inspiration slap against each other. Moan bbe. Moan your literary pleasure. Feel the wetness of your knowledge drop down onto the hardness of my insight. Let’s mind fuck hard. Deep. With urgent lustful want for wisdom. let the words give you a mindgasm. .

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Eroticnoire book review & feature


Welcome to Mr Eroticnoire’s book review and recommendation. Here I highlight and review books which I feel are not just good reads but essential.
Why am I doing this? To inform, promote and hopefully add the the literary wealth of my peoples. Yeah, might sound a bit pompous but hey, if we all do a little that adds up to a great deal of a lot. Anyway … Here’s the biog for the book. If you haven’t already got it pls do.

BELL HOOKS: Salvation

Acclaimed visionary and intellectual bell hooks began her exploration of the meaning of love in American culture with the bestselling All About Love: New Visions. Here she continues her love song to the nation in the groundbreaking and soul-stirring Salvation: Black People and Love.

Whether talking about the legacy of slavery, relationships and marriage in Black life, the prose and poetry of our most revered artists and leaders, the liberation movements of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, or hip-hop and gangsta rap culture, hooks lets us know what love’s got to do with it.

Salvation is work that helps us heal — and shows us how to create beloved American communities.

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wishing you an orgasmic new year…

January 1, 2015 Leave a comment

new year

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Bedsheets …

November 11, 2014 5 comments

I love the way you grab the sheets when I taste you
It’s art
You create sculptures of cotton works
Mould them into creative expressions of pleasure
Convey the artistic imagination of my tongue strokes

I love the way you grab the sheets when I slide my tongue inside you
It’s colours
The red of passion
The aqua of tranquilly
Blues of openness
The green of organic delights
Purple hues of inner fulfilment
It’s a kaleidoscope of tingles

I love the way you grab the sheets whey tongue circles your nib
It is words
Eloquent dialogue spasms
Intelligent rhetoric shudders
Philosophical wondering of pulses
It is it’s own language
An accent
Prolific articulation of graceful profanity

I love the way you grab the sheets when my lips envelope you rose bud and gently pull it into bloom
It is emotion
Tornado rage
Joyful delight
Stunned surprise
Dizzy confusion
Pleading longing
It is a beautiful contradiction
Demanding surrender

I love when you grab the sheets when I taste you … It’s how you communicate to me


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