#FreestyleFriday: choices, sunshine, gravy, pineapple, brunch

Carol Porter: Choices, sunshine, gravy, pineapple, brunch

It bathes coco skin
Washes them in vitamin D nutrition
Recharges melanin
Cause their libido to become sun kissed
Summer breeze whispers
Their skin listens
Gazes deep
Yet gentle
They are alone in this crowed place

This is what they’ve met to eat
First meal of the day skipped
They are hungry
Ready to feast
Longing to dine on each other
Eyes speak silent words
Communicate unspoken want
While the engage is casual dialogue

The menu is full of them
Just so is the menu of lustful possibilities
Their minds wonder through the options
Foreplay starters
Decadent main course
Sweet afterplay of dessert
They discuss the menu
While thoughts ponder the menu of lust

Poured by the waiter over their meal
Smothers their food
Their want is gravy
Smothers their conversation
Coats their discourse
Adds flavour to their tête-à-tête
They soak it up

Pineapple is the dessert
A sorbet
It does not cool their heat
It amplifies it
They lick lips
Their meal complete
They leave
Return home
so they can indulge in the feast of each other

#FreestyleFriday: Conundrum, Rain, April, concentrate, Breakfast

#FreestyleFriday words: Conundrum, rain, April, concentrate, breakfast

Senses are perplexed
Clash against each other
A sensory brawl
Beautifully violent
Intellect battles with emotion
Sight conflicts with touch
Calm wars with passion
Hearing combats with smell
Rational become hostile towards illogical want
Tongue fights hardness
It is a beautiful frustration

Is what I try to do
To focus
Gain clarity
Yet I’m lost in this storm
Blown away by winds of lust
Knocked over by gusts of want
Thoughts bumble though my mind
Feelings stampede though my body
They tussle
Overpower me

It is the change of seasons
A time when clocks go forward
Daylight saving hours
Yet I’m trapped in this moment
Caught in time
Held captive
Feel the temperature rise
Humidity forms in the air of atmosphere

Morning showers
Water soldiers march on roof tops
Drums on the window
Slithers down
A fluid zig-zag dance
I can smell the moisture in the air
Inhale deep
I smell her moisture in the air
Hear the thunder
Realise it does not come from outside
It booms within our room
Lighting strikes
Eyes smile

Is what she offers me
She bites her lip
I lick mine
We are both hungry
Both needing sustenance
Bodies yearning to be fed
I slide down her body
Look up at her
Say Grace
And have breakfast in bed.

#FreestyleFriday: Now, present, promise, world, love

#FreestyleFriday words: Now, present, promise, world, love

This is how I want you
In this moment
Within the urgency of this instance
I want to slide inside the tights of your time
Slip into the fraction of your seconds
Go deep into the wet tautness of your interval

Is the constant state of this want
Never fading
As permanent as my melanin
It is my DNA
Forms my molecular make up
It is the nucleus of my desire
You are the nuclear of my desire
The organism of my passion

It is said to be a comfort to a fool
Then I am foolish
For although you give to me endlessly
It is the promise of pleasure that makes me giddy
Causes my hormones to dance with excitement
They are frenzied with intoxicated anticipation
Yet they know
Your promise of pleasure is guaranteed
My hormones always live for this promise

This world
It is simply a planet in a solar system
Within a galaxy
An endless space
Our sex
It has cause us to travel
Bend time
Disprove laws of physics
Make Einstein’s knowledge invalid
I am weighted with lust
Yet float
Pulse travels faster than light
Yet move in slow motion

A small word with infinite definition
We encompass it
Define it
Express it through our being
And though our being
We are limitless
We are black love …

#FreestyleFriday: shoes , summer , water , nails , perfume , trip

#FreestyleFriday words: shoes , summer , water , nails , perfume , trip

This is what I want to taste
Your waters
The ocean of your pleasures
Have my tongue sail on the waves of your folds
Become submerged
Explore the fluidity of your delights
Discover your pearl

Perfume of your essence
It fills the room
I inhale
Breathe deep
Have it gloss my lips
Let the mist of your spray coat my chin
Wear it proud
Lick my lips so I can taste it
Have your scent seduce my tongue

Trip across your nib
Have my tongue journey
Discover your tingles
Become an oral tourist
Take in the sights and sounds of your wetness
Capture the image on the camera of my taste buds

Summer is how I want to taste
With sunshine warm of my mouth
The gentle breeze of my breathe
Cause you to become heated
Have a picnic in your woman garden
Slide my tongue inside you
Slow and easy like summer Sundays

They transcribe a script of your pleasure
Sink into my shoulders
Etch the words you are unable to speak
Translate your shudders
Engrave your tingles
Your fingers nails write a manuscript
Hands clench
Fingers flare wide
Sign language of pleasures you receive

They are to blame for this moment
6 inches that make your hips to sway
Cause your ass to become elevated
As you stride past me
They cause your back to arch deeper
Create that valley down your spine
It’s your shoes that cause this
Your shoes are to blame

FreestyleFriday – 5 word erotic writing challenge

I haven’t done it in a while so it’s here once again … Freestyle Friday.

You know the rules. submit any 5 words of your choice (the more random and non-sex related the better) and i’ll create a poem from your words. leave them in the comments box below. Lets have some fun.

*NOTE: its only limited to the first 8 submissions.
Remember to click the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ box so you can see when I’ve posted up your poem.

Mr E

#RandomLines: Coal

Our love, our sex is a piece of coal.
Often seen as harsh, devoid of beauty. When heated, when burnt, it causes pollution, clouds that cause society to choke. It is debated upon, discussed with vile detest. seen as no longer valid in this modern world.

I see it as coal too…
It is a symbol of blackness. It’s buried deep. It’s of this earth. Comes from its core. It is aged. Was here before man – will exist after mankind. It is nature’s fuel. Organic. A rock that is solid. Pure. A substance so unique when pressed down, when placed under the pressure of the world it transforms and becomes a diamond. becomes precious, priceless, sort after by all.

Our love
Our sex is a piece of coal …

Letters of pleasure – 14.3.14 – task: write & listen

I hope by now you’re becoming familiar with following my instructions and feel more at ease. Please remember that this journey is all about you and your pleasure. This is your space to be free so embrace it and allow yourself to revel in it.

I’ve asked you to make audio recordings of yourself and this is where they now come into play. This task is simple. I’d like you to listen back to your ‘ice’ or ‘bullet’ recording (I’ll let you decide which one) while you write your mantra on a piece of paper.
Your mantra is…
‘My pussy belongs to Mr E. My clit belongs to Mr E. My wetness belongs to Mr E. My orgasms belong to Mr E’
You’ll write the lines until the audio has ended.

Yes, I’m asking you to write lines like you’re in school. Firstly this is a sexual educational experience. Secondly your journey comprises of discipline and respect for authority as much as it comprises of trust and comfort.

I realise this task my be of a particular challenge as your mind may inhibit you and question, even reject, the logic of this task. However, I ask you open your mind and leave convention and normality behind. As you write I want you to focus on the words, feel them – don’t just scribble them on the page with the aim to just complete the task. As you write take in the sound of your audio. Listen to it – really listen to it. Again you may feel odd, funny or embarrassed by your own sounds, don’t be. Embrace them. Listen to the pleasure in your voice. Listen to how free and immersed in the moment you are, the pleasure you have become. Take note of how your breathing – how hard or soft it is, it’s pace, if you hold your breathe, the sound you make as you exhale. Listen to how you inhale – how quick or long and deep it is, the pitch and tone, is your mouth open or do you inhale through clenched teeth?Take note of the pleasure you express.

I realise that writing and actively listening to your record may clash and be a distraction. If you find this too much of a challenge I’d suggest doing the task twice. The first time around focus on the writing; the second time around focus on your sounds. Once you’ve completed your writing task take a picture of your writing. Again, this image will form part of a task in the future.

Mr E

Letters of pleasure – 11.3.14 – Task: the bullet

Since my last letter I’ve been thinking about our journey, thinking about the best way to enable you to focus more on your pleasure, on the sensations of your body. So, today I want you to exercise self control. I want you to practice restraint.

This task requires you to become aware of the feelings within your body, it’s reactions, responses, the build up and change in what you experience as you sink into your pleasure. You can only do this by restraint, by holding back your orgasm and truly feeling it grow and build from inside you. I want you to truly feel it. Learn it, become attuned to how, what, where, when and why your body feels the way it does. I understand that you might have reservations about this task. I understand that you might feel this task is more punishment than pleasure … You have to trust me. Every task set, every instruction I give (you) has just one simple and fundamental focus and that is expanding and exploring your pleasure. The only way you … We … Can go on this journey is through you trusting me and you’re willingness to go beyond your comfort zone – for you to let yourself go.

This is your task …

It requires you use your bullet on your clit. If you do not have one you shall need to get one in order to complete this task. Ensure your bullet has multiple speeds (at least 3 speeds)

Tonight when you’re in your bed I want you to lay naked with your pillow under your hips so they are elevated. Turn on your bullet on the lowest speed. Then I want you to gently pull back the skin covering your clit and gently touch the tip of your clit for 7 seconds then take it off. You’ll do this 7 times. Each time I want you to focus on a specific part of your body and how it feels and responds. The areas are:
And naturally your clit/pussy

I want you to focus on the sensation, movement, response, intensity. Feel it. Focus on it. Try to describe it to yourself. How it makes your feel? Embrace it. This task is for you to truly learn your body, learn and celebrate your sexuality.

If you’re unable to focus while you’re touching your clit I want you to repeat that section again. If it helps count the seconds. Remember you must not cum. This is a journey, not a race or destination.

As with the previous task I would like you to record yourself – again. Not to send to me (although you may do so if you so wish). The recording will form part of a future task.

As always I wish for you to enjoy and sink into your pleasure.

Mr E

p.s. you can read our letters here
letter of intent: http://wp.me/p1IvlS-Fk
Letter of instruction: http://wp.me/p1IvlS-Ff
and listen here: http://wp.me/p1IvlS-Fw

Letter of intentions – 7.3.14

I want you to know that I’m writing these letters for you. I’m writing them so that you … we, can go on a journey of your pleasure. When you read these letters understand it’s all about you and only you.

The focus is for you to let go, be free. No restrictions, no holding back, no judgements. I want you to explore and become lost in what we do. I want you to surrender, to submit. Succumb not just to me but to yourself and the sexuality that is within you. My asking you to submit isn’t to demonstrate your weakness; it’s not for me to abuse my authority. Your submission is the opposite; it’s so you can gain power in being guided to something new. Your submission is so you can become free to embrace all of yourself and your pleasure. Continue reading