What’s your sexual energy?


We all have our ‘base’ type of sexual energy but with all energy it is in a constant state of flux, it’s fluid.  It’s important to not only know one’s own energy but to explore it, expand it and most of all be comfortable in it. Equally important is our ability to express and communicate it to others – without shame or hesitation.

Below are five types of sexual energies which will hopefully help you get to know and understand yours (or your partner’s)

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Side effects

One of the reasons good sex can make people lose their mind and act all crazy and irrational is because of the side effects.

You see, good sex gives the recipient freedom, freedom from self, from life, from the limitations of the physical and mental self. It adds validity to one’s existence. It stirs the soul. Good sex empowers. Causes us to feel what it truly means to be human.

Good sex makes us feel protected yet vulnerable. It gives peace of mind, clarity and alleviates worry. releases stress. it takes away societal constraints. self imposed doubts. It connects us with another being – even if said connection is only one way.

Good sex answers questions. It presents itself as the thing we’ve been searching for all our adult lives. It is THE solution. It offers hope. Plus it feels amazing.

So when a person manages to secure good sex (and even if it doens’t come with the add-ons of looks, great body, conversation and laughter) and a mo’fo tries to give that same sex to someone else – or worse someone tries to take it from us, guess what …. that person will lose their mind.

This is the side effects of good sex. Enjoy it at your own risk.

DeeDee Walker – Church boy

The way he would do me from behind. Our skin slapping together. That bitter-sweet sensation of him going real deep. That feels good, with a subtle hit of pain. Our skin sounded like church tambourines. He would hold my hips, pull me backwards, pull me onto him as he thrusted hard, deep, long. I’d grip the bedsheet, clutch them. I could feel him tilt and dip his hips as he thrusted, pounded me. Moans would come from my mouth but not sound like me. I’m all kinds of shaking, toes scrunched up. Then he’d say “Say it!! Call out his name!!”
I’ve got to admit the first time he commanded me to do it I was like wtf! But now, it’s just…
Let me explain. He’s ‘thing’ was to have me call out the Lord’s name when we were fucking.
Yeah!! I know right, crazy huh!?! But when you think about it most people do it naturally without thinking about it. But… when you do it consciously, when you’re told to do it, it’s a whole new ball game.
So, as I was saying. I’d be on my knees, on the edge of the bed, face buried in bedsheets and he’d be going in… and going it.
‘Say it!! Call out his name!’
Sometimes I’d hold back, grit my teeth, clench my nukki and be obstinate. Of course this is to piss him off, get him vex. It always worked. He’d go harder, spread my ass cheeks so he could go deeper, hit my roof.
‘Fuck! Oh my God! Yes. Yes! Shit!
‘Say it!!’
He’d thrust in at an angle
‘Jesus! Oh God, oh God, oh God… yes! Oh God! Fuck! Oh fuck!…


If you’d like to have me finish the story let me know.