Eroticnoire Shirabi Taster Session – FAQ

Eroticnoire presents the Shibari Taster Session. Come and learn about rope play, restraints, techniques, styles and morevisit Eventbrite for more details

Here’s a FAQ for attendees

Q: I’m single can I attend alone?

A: Yes, this event is for singles as well as couples and groups You can practice on yourself or be paired with another attendee

Q: Will I need to be nude/undressed?

A: No. Attendees will be clothed. We do advise fitted comfortable clothing eg leggings, fitted tops etc

Q: Will rope be provided?

A: Yes, there will be rope available. You can also purchase rope at the venue

Q: Will there be men and women?

A: Yes. We welcome everyone to attend and learn

Q: Do you welcome groups?

A: Yes, groups are welcome. Although we do not offer group tickets

Q: Can I wear lingerie or be nude?

A: Lingerie is ok and we welcome all individuals to be free and comfortable. However, we ask that you consider other guests.

Q: Will there be one-to-one coaching?

A: Due to the nature of the event coach will provide some one-to-one guidance but not a prolonged or exclusive one-to-one coaching

Q: Can I take photos or video?

A: Yes, you’re welcome to take photos and videos of yourself, partner or friends. We do ask you respect the privacy of other guests

Q: Is this event exclusively for people of African and Caribbean heritage

A: Yes. This event is strictly for those of African and Caribbean heritage to explore this area of BDSM and kink and breakdown the under representation of this group of people.

Q: Do I have to get involved or can i just watch and learn?

A: You’re welcome to attend and watch. however, it is a practical workshop. You can practice on yourself.

Q: is it only women who can be tied up?

A: No. men can be tied up too. Shibari is for all genders to explore and enjoy.

Q&A: Difficulty reaching orgasm

Hi Eroticnoire: I love sex but was wondering why is it so hard for me to orgasm? I can come when I masturbate or when I’m on top but that’s it. Can you help?

70% of wmn can only cum/cum better via clitoral orgams/stimulation with the remaining 30% split between gspot and penetration. Maybe you’re a gspot woman.

When a woman is on top she can control the movement, pace, depth and angle of the man’s penis. As most men when erect will curve upwards towards his belly it’ll be hitting the front wall of her vagina (where the gspot is) when he’s laying on his back – thus making it more likely for you to reach orgasm. Obviously, it’ll be boring if that’s the only position you could ever have sex in that’ll make you orgasm so here’s two more:

Position 1: Lay on your back and put a couple pillows under your bum so your hips are raised OR lay on the edge of the bed/sofa with your legs hanging off the end. The guy should be kneeling on the floor (if you’re on the edge of the sofa/bed) as he slides inside u he’s penis will be curved upwards and be hitting your gspot. If you’re on the bed and have pillows under your bum it’s more or less the same thing.

Position 2: Lay on your stomach and have him kneel next to and slide his thumb inside u from behind (like a thumb backshot) he should press his thumb downwards against your front wall. His fingers should be cupped under you so they are resting on your stomach and between you and the bed. He should slowly press against your gspot and let you rock your hips to control the motion.

Also, it maybe worth exploring oral sex more and incorporating toys not just into your sole indulgences but into your sex too.

I hope that helps.

Mr E

Ask Mr E – the Q&A session

Over the last few months I’ve been ask by followers of my blog and via my BB (pin:280f671C) for advice, tips and suggestions relating to their sex lives.

Some of the questions have ranged from what sex toy to recommend, to best position for orgasm and of course how to make a woman squirt. So, I’ve finally decided to open up a ‘surgery’ to offer whatever knowledge and insight I can impart.

How it’ll work is you’ll ask a question(s) and i’ll post it (minus personal details) and my response on the blog. The ‘surgery’ will be open 24/7, however responses will (unless totally urgent) be posted Wednesday-Friday.

I should say that first and foremost that all question will be kept totally anonymous and privacy totally respected. Secondly, and this is my little disclaimer, the advice I give is just that … advice. It’s not the gospel or testimony.

Now that i’ve got that out the way please feel free to ask me any quesitons you may have via
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here’s one question answered: