Untitled: THT – 28.2.17

Taste her with slow tongue swirls. Unhurried flicks. Soft suck on her with patient focus. French kiss her yoni. 

Slow jam taste

Taste her like her favourite slow jam. Have her feel the melody of your tongue rotation. The soft baseline soft … More

Beyond physical 

I want to make your soul cum Your spirit shudder And your aura squirt


We are laces. Bound to each other. Our sex leaves us in knots. Tangled. We form loops. Crisscrosses. Dangling over … More


The moon gasps silent mouth open wide It longs to orbit the melanin plants of us Float in the space … More


I want to taste you the way ink tastes paper Sink into your very being Become permanent A script of … More


Our love is music It’s a rhythm. A vibration. A drum beat created in Africa It’s a dance. Communication through … More


Sex is so much more than physical It’s spiritual. It’s sacred. It’s cosmic. Sex is a manifestation of this universe. … More

h2o magic 

Her wetness It’s H2o magic Yields to my hardness, yet make me weak It is a silent prayer, meditation Whispers … More