Eroticnoire’s ‘ice’ challenge – level 2

Over the last few days I’ve had several followers send me their audio recordings of them attempting the ‘ice’ challenge. I have to say impressed by the determination and restraint. Call it stubbornness or simply having a submissive streak these fans do put in the effort to ‘follow’ my instructions.

It’s because of this I’ve decided to up the game and take the challenge to a new level. There are two challenges and both have time restrictions on them. The same overall instruction applies:
Grab a bowl of ice
Put a towel under you
Lay down with legs tucked up into your chest
And you’re not allowed to cum

The difference is …
Challenge 1: You have just 2 mins (120 seconds) to count to 100 using an ice cube to circle your nib. you are not allowed to pause, stop or take moments to catch your breath. If you fail this task you shall repeat it until you succeed.

Challenge 2: You’ll take an ice cube, pull back the skin covering your nib and write my name (in full … ‘Mr Eroticnoire’) on your nib. You’ll do this until the ice cube is half way melted. Once it gets to this stage you’ll slide it inside yourself and use your fingers to circle your nib 69 times. Again, you are not allowed to cum

This is your next level ‘ice’ challenge.

Mr E

Letters of pleasure – 21.3.14 – 4×4 task

I’ve said from the start that this journey would be one that pushes you beyond your boundaries. I’ve said from the start that this journey will be one that is solely about your pleasure and its exploration. It would be a journey that challenges your preconceptions of pleasure, power and submission. This task will push you; it will push you further than the previous tasks. It will carry you on a slow walk of spasms; offer you an unhurried stroll through the garden of shudders. With this task you’ll be required to focus on prolonging your pleasure. It will be rough, rugged and you’ll travel of a varied terrain of tingles, throbbing and intensity. This is why I’ve call this task 4×4

You’ll perform four ‘sessions’ with four varied strokes with these four implements and each session lasting four minutes. For each ‘session’ you’ll use each of the things below to indulge yourself and your pleasure and you’ll perform them in the order given.
Rabbit ears
Ice cube
remember: each item from the list will be used for four minutes and you’ll perform four varied strokes for each item.  Continue reading

Letters of pleasure – 14.3.14 – task: write & listen

I hope by now you’re becoming familiar with following my instructions and feel more at ease. Please remember that this journey is all about you and your pleasure. This is your space to be free so embrace it and allow yourself to revel in it.

I’ve asked you to make audio recordings of yourself and this is where they now come into play. This task is simple. I’d like you to listen back to your ‘ice’ or ‘bullet’ recording (I’ll let you decide which one) while you write your mantra on a piece of paper.
Your mantra is…
‘My pussy belongs to Mr E. My clit belongs to Mr E. My wetness belongs to Mr E. My orgasms belong to Mr E’
You’ll write the lines until the audio has ended.

Yes, I’m asking you to write lines like you’re in school. Firstly this is a sexual educational experience. Secondly your journey comprises of discipline and respect for authority as much as it comprises of trust and comfort.

I realise this task my be of a particular challenge as your mind may inhibit you and question, even reject, the logic of this task. However, I ask you open your mind and leave convention and normality behind. As you write I want you to focus on the words, feel them – don’t just scribble them on the page with the aim to just complete the task. As you write take in the sound of your audio. Listen to it – really listen to it. Again you may feel odd, funny or embarrassed by your own sounds, don’t be. Embrace them. Listen to the pleasure in your voice. Listen to how free and immersed in the moment you are, the pleasure you have become. Take note of how your breathing – how hard or soft it is, it’s pace, if you hold your breathe, the sound you make as you exhale. Listen to how you inhale – how quick or long and deep it is, the pitch and tone, is your mouth open or do you inhale through clenched teeth?Take note of the pleasure you express.

I realise that writing and actively listening to your record may clash and be a distraction. If you find this too much of a challenge I’d suggest doing the task twice. The first time around focus on the writing; the second time around focus on your sounds. Once you’ve completed your writing task take a picture of your writing. Again, this image will form part of a task in the future.

Mr E

Letters of pleasure – 11.3.14 – Task: the bullet

Since my last letter I’ve been thinking about our journey, thinking about the best way to enable you to focus more on your pleasure, on the sensations of your body. So, today I want you to exercise self control. I want you to practice restraint.

This task requires you to become aware of the feelings within your body, it’s reactions, responses, the build up and change in what you experience as you sink into your pleasure. You can only do this by restraint, by holding back your orgasm and truly feeling it grow and build from inside you. I want you to truly feel it. Learn it, become attuned to how, what, where, when and why your body feels the way it does. I understand that you might have reservations about this task. I understand that you might feel this task is more punishment than pleasure … You have to trust me. Every task set, every instruction I give (you) has just one simple and fundamental focus and that is expanding and exploring your pleasure. The only way you … We … Can go on this journey is through you trusting me and you’re willingness to go beyond your comfort zone – for you to let yourself go.

This is your task …

It requires you use your bullet on your clit. If you do not have one you shall need to get one in order to complete this task. Ensure your bullet has multiple speeds (at least 3 speeds)

Tonight when you’re in your bed I want you to lay naked with your pillow under your hips so they are elevated. Turn on your bullet on the lowest speed. Then I want you to gently pull back the skin covering your clit and gently touch the tip of your clit for 7 seconds then take it off. You’ll do this 7 times. Each time I want you to focus on a specific part of your body and how it feels and responds. The areas are:
And naturally your clit/pussy

I want you to focus on the sensation, movement, response, intensity. Feel it. Focus on it. Try to describe it to yourself. How it makes your feel? Embrace it. This task is for you to truly learn your body, learn and celebrate your sexuality.

If you’re unable to focus while you’re touching your clit I want you to repeat that section again. If it helps count the seconds. Remember you must not cum. This is a journey, not a race or destination.

As with the previous task I would like you to record yourself – again. Not to send to me (although you may do so if you so wish). The recording will form part of a future task.

As always I wish for you to enjoy and sink into your pleasure.

Mr E

p.s. you can read our letters here
letter of intent:
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and listen here:

Letter of intentions – 7.3.14

I want you to know that I’m writing these letters for you. I’m writing them so that you … we, can go on a journey of your pleasure. When you read these letters understand it’s all about you and only you.

The focus is for you to let go, be free. No restrictions, no holding back, no judgements. I want you to explore and become lost in what we do. I want you to surrender, to submit. Succumb not just to me but to yourself and the sexuality that is within you. My asking you to submit isn’t to demonstrate your weakness; it’s not for me to abuse my authority. Your submission is the opposite; it’s so you can gain power in being guided to something new. Your submission is so you can become free to embrace all of yourself and your pleasure. Continue reading

Letter of instruction – 6.3.14

This is for you. You’ve inspired me. This is for you, for your pleasure. I wrote this so that you can explore, learn, discover … push your boundaries. This is so you can sink into the pleasures of yourself. Sink into your submitting, having your body dictated to, governed. What I ask of you is not about me, it’s about and for you. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease, to feel free in your expression. This space is ours, it’s for you and I so please don’t be concerned with anything else – the focus is just one thing … your pleasure.

This task is called ‘ice’

Tonight you must not cum. You must hold onto it for me.

Tonight, when you’re alone I want you to get a bowl of ice from the freezer and lay yourself down. Place a towel under your ass and spread your legs wide, open the pages of your legs for me. Gently pull back the skin covering your nib. Feel it become vulnerable. Feel it pulse with anticipation. Then take an ice cube and hold it above your clit. Let 3 droplets fall onto your nib – count them out aloud.
Then begin your task… Continue reading