Why you need therapy before you start a relationship

Before you get into a relationship
go get some therapy.
As black people we tend to avoid it,
look down on it, feel ashamed by it
or associate it with being ‘white’.
True and fact is its needed,
beneficial and probably the best
investment you can do for yourself..

Explore what, how and why you think the way you do and feeling behind it. The reason to explore it is to understand and see how it may show up in other areas of your life and our relationship.

Learn your triggers, responses, thoughts process, emotional process and associations.

Generally we have no idea of the impact unless and until we address it. Unpack it.
Views on sex, communication, affection, sexual self, partners etc are all impacted by children trauma and if it’s not actual trauma it’s just the basic impact of it all. Add culture, religion, country of birth etc. Its a lot.

Learn, see, know and understand these things about you so you can nelavigate yourself before placing that responsibility and expectation on someone else.

So does this mean you have to be ‘fixed’ or healed from your past. No, necessarily. But being on the path means you’ll have a better chance of being a better partner and better you.

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