Sexual Affirmations: experience deeper sexual connection with self

Set aside some time.
Create 2-3 intentions eg
I will own my pleasure,
I will not be shy,
I will allow my sexual self to connect
with my conscious self…

Then pleasure yourself slowly.
Being slow is the key.
Wear a blindfold if it helps.
Then as you play say out loud…
Those intentions or expand on them ie…
My pleasure is my pleasure
I honour my sexual self
I celebrate my desires
I am proud of my pleasure…

While doing this breathe deep,
slow and from your belly
Allow yourself to feel, moan,
be vocal, focus on your words
and breath…

But… don’t orgasm
(And don’t go “what?! Hell nah!
what’s the point?!”)

Do this for either minimum of 3 days,
but upto 2 weeks.
After that do it again
but this time
allow yourself to orgasm…

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