Do black men seek intimacy via sex?

There is a clip by @trevornoah where he talks about society and the impact its had on men lacking intimacy and seeking/confusing it sex.

So let me add my perspective…
Caveat: I’m speaking generally and not saying ALL…
It’s long so I’ll do it in bullet points

– young black boys are told “big boys don’t cry”: this can create a sense and subconscious thought process that emotions must be hidden or worse bottled up

– black boys are socialised and conditioned to seek out, enjoy and are rewarded for having sex as early as possible… long before they’re and over emotional awareness and development. Many losing their virginity at an early age with an older girl/woman

– when young they are given affection but once they reach pre-teens that stops. Often with no or negative connotations of them becoming sexually aware

– during their teens (and due to hormones) sex becomes a primary focus and urge and connected to their masculinity. All while overlooking their emotional connection to sex

– black boys (and men) are generally limited to 2 emotional states: anger or lust
– black boys growing to men are socialised to only see women in a sexual context. This prevents them from connecting with then as actual people

– they then get to adult life thinking they can’t/lack the skills to express emotions or shamed for doing so, can only see women sexually and never having developed sexual intelligence

– they are then expected to be good, functional partners and husbands who see, know and cam connect on an emotionally intimate level…

Add in culture, history,  religion and patriarchal indoctrination and its a mess.

This is possibly one reason men seek sex when it’s actually intimacy they seek and need.

That’s my thoughts. Leave yours below.

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