Causalities in the battle of genders

Do you feel there is a gender war going on, especially in the black community?

If you’re like me you’ve noticed to plethora of podcasts, experts, social commentors. They’re offering their views and advise on relationships, the opposite sex and the problems with them. I’ll always endorse debate and discussion.

However (and at the risk of only adding to the buzz) I feel that there is a lot of finger pointing. “the problem with women is…” “Men are just…”. My gran once told me when you point at someone be mindful three fingers point back at you. Basically, look at, be accountable for, heal from, explore your rational.

In a time when it’s so blatant that the world doesn’t care for us, a world that continues to demonstrate its injustice towards us, a world were we continue to have to fight to protect ourselves that we ought to be also fighting each other? It’s all well and good pointing fingers but let’s talk about the solution. Not who’s right or wrong. Not turning tables. If we look at a lot for the rhetoric and narrative it would sound like we don’t wish to be with eachother. Yet, most of us will profess to only loving and wanting #blacklove.

There is no one route to creating and connecting as a ppl when it comes to black love but we sure can stop and reflect and work towards solutions cause in this battle of the sexes nobody wins.

Ok. Rant over. 🙏🏾🙌🏾🖤✊🏾
What’s your thoughts?

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