Wolf in sheep’s clothing

I feel this is something I ought to raise on this page. Adding to the conversations about #SaveOurChildren and young girls being protected I feel that young boys can get overlooked.

I can only speak from the perspective of my community when I talk about this issue.

Many, young black boys are conditioned and socialised to view sex as an achievement, a prize. The scene of innocence and vulnerability isn’t there when it comes to their first sexual encounter.

The whole sow your wild oats, boys will be boys etc starts young. And because of that many older women, not just girls a few years but significantly older women will sexualise boys. They’ll entertain their hormonal advances or even instigate sexual exchanges knowing they won’t be called out. And even if they are it won’t be taken as serious as if it were a man doing the same to a young girl.

There is a load to unpick about this issue. What’s your thoughts. Your experience.

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