The E Lounge – the five word challenge pt1

Here is the first five word challenge poem form The E Lounge.


Sink beneath the surface
Become lost in the under current of passion
Hold our breathe
Tiny bubbles of fading restraint float to the surface
We watch them
Yet we dive deeper
Into this abyss of lust
10,000 leagues into the sea of desire
Discover the lost city of this erotic Atlantis
This is what we do when

Play with each other’s mind
Fondle it
Simulate the motions of mind sex
Cause your mind to become wet
Cause the hardness of my focus the pulse
Tease each other with whispered promises of possibilities
Slowly pull each other to the brink of ejaculating new thinking
But pause
We prolong this moment

Voluptuous is our sounds
Weighted with delight
Rounded with bliss
Our audio is curvy
Plump with the frequency of building intensity
Proud of its size
Refusing to go on a diet of muffled moans
It has binged on lust

We tickle each other’s want
Seduce it with nimble fingers
Offer playful hints with long gazes
nibble on the bottom lip of anticipation
Lick the lips of patience
Slowly undress our longing
Reveal naked intention
Yet we do not rush
There is no race to this finish line of release

You ride my want
Slow whine so you can feel the tip of my mentality
Touch the gspot of your intellect
Stroke it
Apply pressure
Slide against the walls of your compassion
Feel it fill the tightness of your aspiration
Your ride me slow
Then hard
Rise up on the slam down on the hardness of my determination
Cause me to shudder
Surrender to you
I retaliate
Push upwards
Deep into your past mistakes
Cause you to release them in octaves
Let your wetness carry them away
You straddle
I carry you
We travel to our freedom.

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