The E Lounge introduces Ruth Bircham – erotic painter

The E Lounge introduces Ruth Bircham – erotic painter

It’s said that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. In many ways The E Lounge’s guest Ruth Birchman aims to do exactly that.

Through her work she wishes to challenge the negative perception of nudity that many people have and replace it with that of viewing of self as beautiful even with our ‘flaws’.

While today’s society is highly sexualized many still feel uncomfortable with its expression – both by others and more importantly their own. Media, society, culture and religion all have played their part in the deconstruction and distortion of how wonderful and beautiful we all are – not just in a sensual manner but simply as people.

From this Ruth created ‘Fragments’ and will tonight be discussing her work and the reasons behind it.

She will also be taking questions from the audience

You can follow ruth on twitter @ruthbircham or add her Ruth Bircham

So come to The E Lounge and celebrate, uplift and explore black sexuality and erotica in a positive way.

Apples & Pears Bar
26 Osborne Street (bottom of brick lane)
E1 6TD
(nearest station: Aldgate East – exit 3)

Show time: 7pm
Adm: Free

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